I offer different types of services, catering to different needs. All my services have the same signature - I provide in depth, insightful,  psychological work. I try my best to empower people and break down complicated stuff into short but powerful explanations. To read more about how it is to work with me, click here



Do you need answers, insights, help with a situation? 

With an Astrology reading, we're going to look at your birth chart, and we're going to provide a reading / solution / prediction, depending on your goals and the type of reading you seek. A natal chart is a very deep exercise of self-knowledge and is a psychological exercise, while a transit reading for example serves to explain what lesson and upgrades you're going through.

For all readings, you'll be prompted to provide information, goals and concerns, and I will provide a written reading which you'll receive by pdf format. We'll talk before the reading and define your goals. 



Are you more of a Do It Yourself kind of person?

If you love astrology, or are curious, and want to understand for yourself how to reach your chart and read other people's chart, this is where you want to go. In this class I'll provide you with my knowledge, perception, and understanding of Astrology. This is a class for beginners and it will provide you with the proper foundations to build more and more knowledge. 
Class is all online, and the first edition will start on November 26th.



Do you want on-going guidance right in your inbox?

I offer several types of monthly subscriptions, which are all on a weekly-email basis. Here, you'll receive collective guidance every week, with an explanation of what's going on in the sky and for us as a collective. All of these subscriptions are self-care oriented, and provide accurate insights of what's going on for us. 


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