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Birth chart offers

Recorded videos

Straight-up     Impactful   

Short     Focused   


Birtch chart readings by LUTS Astrology

Mini birth chart

$123 USD (approx)

= $172 CAD 

Straight-up     Impactful   

Short     Focused   


This mini offer is a concentrated, straight to the point, cut-corners version of the birth chart offer. Here, we do not go over all parts of your chart and psyche and instead, we adopt a problem-solving attitude.

I go directly to the answer to your questions, without detailing the rest of your chart - I adopt a synthetic style.

Type of questions asked vary, typically, if you're having difficulties in one area of your life and want to know why / what you can do.

Recorded video of about 25+ min, sent along with a picture of your natal chart

Birth chart

$222 USD (approx)

= $322 CAD 

Holistic     Transformational   Lifelong   Psychological

Power-packed    Insightful   

A natal chart reading is one of the most profound exercises you can do.  In this reading, I go over the deepest psychological patterns at play within you and help you discover yourself, giving you all the knowledge and tools necessary to accelerate healing and self-actualization. In this report, the focus will depend on your personal goals and concerns, and your questions will be directly addressed at the end of the reading.

Recorded video of about 65+ minutes (length varies from 65 minutes to 90 minutes depending on how much there is to unpack) sent along with a PDF of your chart. 

Birth chart & 

transits combo

$369 USD (approx)

= $535 CAD 

           Timeless & Timed               

Present & Future

Soul work & consciousness updates

This offer includes a birth chart reading & a transit reading, saving you $32 on the separate offers.

Very wholesome, we first dive into your soul blueprint and then overview your current energies, challenges, soul lessons & upcoming timelines. The transit includes a mix of prediction and mostly aims to prepare you and guide you in the current energies you're working with.

Recorded video, about 1.5 to 2h, sent along with a PDF of your natal chart, & the peak dates of your upcoming transits.




After placing your order, you will receive an email prompting you to send the information needed for the reading you ordered. After receiving your reply, I will get in touch with you within 48h to confirm I have received your information and to schedule a date for your reading.

On the date of your scheduled reading, depending on the type of your reading you ordered and the information you provided, I might ask you further questions to deepen my understanding of your concerns, life, and personalize further your reading.

The readings are recorded by video and sent to you through email transfer, where you can download the video.


I get this question a lot, and the first thing you can do is look up the reviews of existing clients so you can get a better idea of what I do, and learn more about me. But in a few words, online reports look at your astrology placements separately and give general interpretations that often contradict each other and don't necessarily apply to you personally. In order to get a truly detailed and helpful reading, you need an experienced reader who looks at your chart holistically and is able to balance and synthesize it all. Starting by looking up your chart online is a great way to start, but automatic reports will never be able to provide the kind of service an experienced reader will. 



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If this error is occurring on your computer or mobile browser, contact me I will send you an invoice. 


Prices are displayed in USD but are charged in CAD, the difference you see when ordering is the difference of currency.  Paypal charges a small conversion fee depending on where you're located in the world. If you live in Canada, 5% tax is added.


No information given by you to me is disclosed to anyone. Our conversations are private & confidential, as well as the data you provide. Should you be concerned about your privacy, I do not need your real name to perform the reading, I only need the accurate date time and location of birth. 

If you have any concerns, please contact me


Currently, 4  weeks for Astrology readings. 4 days top for Tarot reads.

Transit readings by LUTS Astrology

Transits reading 


$189 USD (approx)

= $262 CAD

     1 year + overview

Long term and mid-term energies

Psychological & Predictive

In this transit reading, we overview the current and upcoming energies coming into your life, allowing us to understand what lessons, challenges, and consciousness updates you're undergoing. We study the long-term planetary energies at play, and we predict what the upcoming year will bring.

This is a recorded video which goes in-depth into your upcoming energies, soul lessons and upcoming experiences. About 30 ot 45 min depending on transits.


Includes: A natal overview, a peek at progressions, transits reading & solar return overview

Year ahead transits

in details

$299 USD (approx)

=$433 CAD

Detailed      Month by Month    

Long & short term energies

Psychological & Predictive

Just like in the transit reading, we overview your current and upcoming soul lessons and energies in your life, but in this reading we also overview the next 12 months in details.

After performing your transits & solar return, we will overview the energy of each upcoming month, with an overview of the Moon cycles, inner planets transits, as well as the Tarot card for each month's vibration.

This offer is best for those who want a month to month report they can refer to for guidance. 

Hybrid reading with a written report to refer to containing upcoming transits, peek dates, and a month to month summary + a recorded video for more in-depth explanations.

Family reading offers by LUTS Astrology

Parenting reading 

$111 USD (approx)

= $155 CAD

Soul updates     Predictive

Supportive & Guiding

Making sense of energies

Are you wondering how you can best support your child, better understand them, their personal challenges and hidden features? 

In a parenting reading, we go over your child's blueprint,  and we focus on delivering impactful yet gentle, guilt-free information about who your child is and how to best meet their needs and adapt to their energy.

Recorded video of 20+ minutes, along with a PDF of your child's chart.

Family reading 

$222 USD (approx)

= $311 CAD

Interpersonal dynamics

Relationships & energy work

Guiding & supportive

Are you curious about the similarities or differences between your child & you, or do you find some patterns that seem to be embedded in the family? Do you want more in-depth insights about how your child and you interact and how you can support them? 

This offers goes over the child's energy, as well as both parents', and how it all mixes and interacts. In this reading, I'll be able to spot family patterns, relationship patterns at play & offer help to best support your child's growth.

Recorded video of about 40+ min along with a PDF of each parent's chart, the child's chart, and the synastry.

Family reading 

two kids

$299 USD (approx)

= $419 CAD

Interpersonal dynamics

Relationships & energy work

Guiding & supportive

This is a family reading for 2 children. Here we'll look at each child's natal chart + how the dynamics with the parents are working out. 

For each additional child: + $77 USD

Send me an email if that is your case and I will send you a private link reflecting this price. 

Relationship reading offers by LUTS Astrology

Synastry reading 

$222 USD (approx)

= $291 CAD

Holistic relationship Analysis   Compatibility  

Karma & direction


Are you looking for clarity when it comes to your relationship? 

This reading offers a clear perspective on the patterns of each partner, what they bring to the relationship, and how the energies blend. We overview compatibility and what the relationship is made of.

Recorded video of about 45+ min. Includes a PDF of your individual charts, synastry, and composite.

Your relationship patterns & timelines

$269 USD (approx)

= $390 CAD

Self-discovery & tools for change

Present & future opportunities

Soul growth & updates

Are you looking to understand your relationship patterns and where you are going relationship-wise?

Here we'll overview your needs, emotional and relating style, what keeps you stuck, what your relationship blueprint is.

We'll also overview opportunities for change, best times to meet someone, free yourself, commit, change the way you do relationships.

Recorded video of about 40 min+ as well as a PDF of your chart and summary of your upcoming energies and peak dates.

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