Guide to interpreting your transits

One of the biggest mistake when it comes to interpreting transits, is to take a one fit for all interpretation and sentence yourself or fool yourself into believing a specific event will happen. I’m sure if you look back, you probably over thought or over estimated the effects that a transit would have in your life. There is a common theme to each transit, and that is why Astrologers write about it. But how to make it fit to your own natal chart?

1. What’s the position and aspects of the planet transited? What house is concerned? If your Sun is being transited and is located in the 7th house, good chances are the transit will concern relationships in general and potentially your partner. If your Sun is located in the 2nd house, good chances are we’re looking at some financial, and self-worth values. What are the natal aspects to your Sun? Sure a transit chart is different than a natal chart, one cares about the current events, one cares about the “DNA”. But keep in mind that transits are applying to YOU, so you need to look at the natal aspects (you) to figure out how the transits are going to apply TO you. A transit to a natal planet reactivate whatever aspect is present in the natal chart.Now another common error is to believe that, because a planet is natally afflicted or challenged, a transit aspect will necessarily means catastrophes. Transits can come heal a natally challenged planet. Up to you to use the energies at its best!

2. What’s the position and aspects of the planet transiting?

Take a Pluto transiting the 1st House; although it carries the same theme as if it was located somewhere else, it won’t talk about the same kind of transformation (yourself) as if Pluto was transiting your 7th (your relationships). Look from what area the energy is coming from, and where it lands. What’s the condition of the natal planet transiting? Again, a Pluto in the 1st natally doesn’t carry the same DNA as a Pluto in the 11th. You can’t make wine out of oil.

3. What happened the last time a similar transit occurred?

Depending on the aspect, we sometimes have the chance to look back and take a close look at the last time the two planets involved had a contact with each other. What was the nature of the event? Do you feel you had the chance to get some closure regarding an aspect of your chart at that time? Or do you feel it was a nightmare you didn’t get any lesson from? If you answered this, chances are you’re in for a new roller coaster this time. It’s only your Soul trying to get some healing.

4. Remember that everything happens for a reason

I know it’s sometimes hard to actually believe in this, but keep in mind that whatever challenges come to you, it was somehow necessary for your own growth. Keep your awareness high and keep using astrology, not to soothe an anxiety, but to learn more about yourself. The more you become aware of yourself, the easier life gets. Why? Because challenges are only here to make you realize things that you’d rather not deal with. Over here for a natal chart reading, a transit reading, or both.

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