How Astrology transits affected me IRL

In my last blog post about transits, in an attempt to help you learn on your own how to interpret your transits, I overviewed the diverse rules you must consider before coming to a conclusion about how a transit will affect you. I gave you a warning about how online interpretations of upcoming transits have their limits and attempted to give you some perspective when it comes to transits. If you haven't read this blog post yet, I suggest you do! If you want to learn how to properly read your chart and your transits, you will learn to acquire solid Astrology knowledge, and for that I do recommend you take my class for beginners. It's for "beginners" but unless you know how to successfully read anyone's chart, I recommend to consider it! I offer it in self-directed or grouped online learning. I had a few rough transits in the past years and read so many blog posts about them. Some reflected my experience, some didn't. So today I want to share how MY personal transits played out. It doesn't mean the same will apply to you, again, you do want to read my previous blog post about this, but it can give you some perspective!

Transit Pluto square Sun: Life-changing conflict with my father, beginning of lengthy shadow work. Completely changed who I was after this transit, simply because so much introspection lead me to see everything that needed to change. Completely reoriented my life goals and path. I also did have to deal with a few unsavoury male figures at the time.

Transit Pluto square Mercury: Got in a nasty habit of compulsive thinking, as much as this transit is passed now I'm still dealing with undoing this habit! Became a master at various subjects though, developed an incredible curiosity, completely changed how I communicate. I was incredibly suspicious and paranoid during this transit too.

Transit Pluto square Midheaven/IC: I did create a lot of trouble in my home life, and I did completely change my career path. Events that seemed out of control at the time caused a loss of my job and lead me to start my Astrology practice.

Transit Pluto square Moon: Oh boy this one was tough. Experienced a lot of emotional upheavals, with extremes emotional manifestations such as panic attacks and tons of attachment stuff coming up. Lead me to an extreme level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence in my attempt to cope!

I also did have to deal with one particular unsavoury female figure at the time.

Transit Pluto square Mars: Still undergoing this transit. So far I've noticed irrational ego desires (in particular for cars), as well as extreme driving (I have been guilty of excessive speeding woops), and I did notice a flare-up in Martial energy (jealousy for example in my relationships.) I'm still in the early stages of this transit but so far it feels quite normal.

Transit Neptune opposite Venus: Met someone with who I had a really romantic relationship. There wasn't any deception or anything of the sort, and the relationship eventually didn't work out but we were both young so it's not very relevant of the transit.

Transit Neptune opposite Jupiter: Was the beginning of my enlightenment/spiritual journey.

Transit Neptune square Ascendant: Became tired, confused, feeling ungrounded, temporarily depressed. I did let go of a relationship under this transit. I also started relationships under this transit, and they began with a deception. In two instances, they pretended to be someone they weren't and were wearing a mask. One had malicious intent and one didn't. Became super sensitive to everything both positively (empathy, sensitivity to moods and energies) and negatively (easily hurt, cry a lot, feeling drained easily.) Also became involved in volunteering and overall became less materialistic. Dreams became even more vivid with the feeling I'm going to watch Netflix every time I close my eyes! Did become sometimes "ill" for no reason, like falling asleep at 2 pm for no reason or sleeping 12h in a row.

Transit Uranus opposite Sun: Broke up with a male partner. Rebelled against a parental figure.

Transit Uranus opposite Midheaven: Moved to a different country, on the dot!

Transit Uranus opposite Moon: Was super unstable and moody, had a lot of instability in housing. All my childhood patterns were suddenly ALL OUT.

Transit Uranus opposite Mars: Was also unstable and erratic. Quit a job on the spot and started a brand new career path. Also had an on-and-off relationship, mostly on, but with a lot of upheavals.

Transit Uranus trine Venus: Ended a relationship. Started a new relationship very suddenly. It did not last as the person was deceptive but this was happening at the same time as Neptune square AS. Money matters were significantly improved, as well as my friendships and overall social life.

Transit Uranus trine Jupiter: Started online teaching. Did experience a lot of growth in my life. I played the lottery but did not win!

Transit Saturn square Ascendant: Was incredibly disciplined at a time where this was NOT embedded in my behaviour. I was my own parent, disciplining myself to work a little bit each day on my various tasks and commitments, allowing myself a super natural flow in my life. Was in a committed partnership.

Transit Saturn conjunct Ascendant: Beginning of a period of my life where I became a lot more grounded and disciplined. I did accumulate responsibilities and commitments but I did not experience it as something negative and was willingly taking these on. I started doing everything with a long-term vision.

Transit Saturn conjunct Venus: Started a long term relationship.

Transit Saturn conjunct Moon: Started a long term relationship (Moon in Libra.)

Transit Saturn square Sun: Broke up with a partner. Also felt particularly grounded, aware of my wants, needs, path. Remained single (Libra Sun, duh). In a mood to be committed and to build a life. I did feel like there were a lot of restrictions and delayed gratification on my path.

Transit Saturn square Mercury: Started seeing everything as a long-term plan. Did not indulge in any immediate gratification, all my actions were long-term vision.

Transit Saturn square Midheaven: Experienced a contraction in career. Did not want to be my jovial/humorous self, withdrew from the public space.

Transit Saturn square Moon: It actually helped me ground emotionally. I did not feel lonely or isolated like you often see online. I simply felt more grounded, mature.

Transit Saturn square Mars: That one was incredibly frustrating. I just felt a lack of motivation, it was hard to get up in the morning, hard to work, hard to have energy. Everything I wanted to achieve felt HARD and everything I wanted was out of reach for one reason or another. I did have to accept delayed gratification a lot.

Saturn return in the 2nd house: Bought a property. The main motivation for this purchase was to feel grounded, rooted, safe. These themes did show up a lot in my life in general.

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