Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

It's that time of the year again. Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio on October 13th and will remain retrograde until November 3rd 2020. What does it mean for us? Mercury is called retrograde when it looks like its motion is going backwards from an earth perspective. Mercury retrograde entails two periods: The actual retrograde period and the shadow period, before and after the retrograde period. The pre-shadow is a time of slow fading into the retrograde; it’s a progressive slowing down of our communication, progressive slow down of the intellectual and cognitive activities. The post-shadow is the most interesting and rewarding period. It’s a time during which we are integrating everything learned during Mercury retrograde. We walk the talk, more aware.

Before diving into Mercury retrograde, we need to understand what Mercury is all about and what it entails.

Mercury is the planet of communication & movement; it rules our intellect, how we process and receive information, from what point of view we’re perceiving, receiving, processing, and communicating. Mercury defines information, knowledge, and all forms of communication.

Mercury is the messenger, and as a result, it rules everything related to communication, including technologies as it is now our primary mode of communication: Messenger, phone calls, emails, social media, mail, but also everything accessory to communication: Printing, faxing, contracts, signatures.

In Greek Mythology, Mercury is Hermes, a god who loves pranking and playing tricks, lying to play tricks and see how people react. Mercury is by no means particularly evil spirited, but he is young, playful and curious. He's also fast and witty. Mercury is in charge of linking all worlds: Heaven, earth, and the underworld.

As Mercury represents so many things essential to our cognitive function, when Mercury goes retrograde, it does have quite a powerful impact on our life and can make us feel like Hermes is actually following us, tripping us.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is an interesting retrograde and, most certainly, not the most difficult. Mercury retrograde is about going inwards and backwards, while Mercury in Scorpio is very insightful, perceptive, focused on discovering truths about the self, others, the world. Mercury in Scorpio is investigative, piercing, probing, inquisitive, focused, psychological, analytical, intuitive.

Mercury in Scorpio is the placement for investigation and psychology, so now is the time to investigate your own psyche. Scorpio is the sign associated with the underworld, the dark, what needs to have light shunned upon it so we can integrate it.

The last time Mercury was retrograde in Scorpio was in November 2019, and so as much as you won’t be experiencing the exact same energies and lessons, you’re likely to be experiencing some similar themes with this period of your life.

Are you curious how Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will affect you personally? Check out my Mercury retrograde workbook! It includes:

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