My 2019 reading list

Updated: 4 days ago

2019 has been a year of accepting to be vulnerable for me (refer to my Pluto-Moon transit experience), and so I will be sharing my FULL reading list of 2019. Some books have been more helpful than others, and most of them are actually psychological books more so than Astrological - but how possible is it to separate the two really?

All the links below are affiliated, which means if you purchase I get a tiny commission. I'm organizing them by order of how life-changing these books were for me - I hope they are for you too as well. I'm going to include a list of placements for who these books would likely be beneficial because why the hell not.

Before going on a shopping spree, check out if the free Amazon unlimited kindle has your favourite books available. You can get a 30 days trial and you can read as many books as you want during this time - pretty cool.

1. Non violent communication Good for fire signs, earth signs, Mercury-Mars, Moon-Mars, Moon-Pluto, Mercury-Pluto, but also: every single human being

I honestly believe this book is helpful to every single human. In this book, you learn how to resolve any conflict and how to limit the amount of conflict you experience by changing the way you express yourself and seeing every single criticism or judgement as an unmet need. I'm not going to lie - I've read the book once, and I instantly knew I'd need to read it at least 2 other times before I really embody it. Workshops would be helpful too. This book is pure gold.

2. Getting the love you want: Good for Libras, challenged Venus, or any human being really

Another book that totally blew my mind, where you learn why most long term relationships are stuck in a power struggle, why we pick the partners we pick, and how to get unstuck. I feel like every married or long term couple could use reading this. It also includes exercises you can do alone or with your partner

3. Attached - anyone really but also people who have Moon in contact with Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, or Saturn

Attachment theory is the new burning thing in psychology and it does explain a whole lot of "crazy" behaviours. It really helps with shedding shame we carry around our insecurities and behaviours and if you're single I'd say reading this book can save you an incredible amount of time and energy by identifying attachment styles in other people.

4. The art of Loving - Neptunians

This book is a little less practical than the others, although still very much grounded, but more on a spiritual and philosophical level. Here we explore what love means, how to be loving, how to maintain love. It was truly mind blowing to read.

5. 7 levels of intimacy - Scorpios, water signs, Pluto - Moon

In this book we explore what intimacy actually is, how to assess in what levels you are in your diverse relationships, and how to become more intimate with other people

6. Women who love too much - Neptunians

The title says it all - it's mostly a book with a whole lot of stories of women who love too much. It describes the unhealthy cycle some women (and I assume men) get stuck in, why is that so, and how to stop. Really enlightening.

7. Codependent no more and The new codependency - Neptunians

Codependent is a term thrown everywhere these days. Whether you are codependent or not, I still feel it's super helpful to get acquainted with its inner workings and how it looks like, so you avoid promoting this in yourself, in others, or letting the pattern in a future relationship

8. The subtle art of not giving a f*ck - Everyone and Plutonians

I absolutely adore Mark Manson. The main takeaway from this book is how your relationship with death affects your relationship with life - Plutonian / Scorpionic things. A great read

9. Inner planets - Astrology students

I absolutely loved this book. It's an extract from a conference and they use a mix of mythology and psychology to explain the inner planets. This book inspired so much.

10. The body keeps the score - Harsh outer planets aspects in the natal chart to personal planets

A book about mental health, PTSD and complex PTSD, mental illness labels and treatments. It's a really great book, a bit hard to read at times. but worth it.

11. Betrayal bonds: Breaking free from exploitative relationships - Plutonians & Neptunians

Here we explore what exactly is a toxic relationship, how to recognize it, and how to break free from it. It's both practical and psychological and a great read.

12. The self love experiment - Challenged Sun or Venus

Self-explanatory, it's the book of a woman on a journey to love herself. We follow her adventures and experiment.

13. Rethinking Narcissism

A book about what narcissism is, how to recognize it in others or in yourself (if you're willing to read about narcissism or even question if you are narcissistic - you are very likely to not have a disorder. Narcissism is a spectrum and there are unhealthy levels, like really low or really high, and healthy levels)

14. The 6 pillars of self-esteem

I found this book to be a tad long and repetitive hence why it's low on my list, BUT - I still gathered some really great takeaways from it. It breaks down in depth what is self esteem, how you acquire it and develop it.

15. The abandonment recovery workbook

It's a really deep workbook on how to work with an abandonment wound. I'm not going to lie, this book is not revolutionary in any ways, but, it does have a whole lot of information about this wound as well as a whole lot of guided exercises and prompts on how to work with it. If you already did a lot of work on this issue, you likely won't be mind blown, but if you've never heard of abandonment wound before or have but never really worked on it, this book could be helpful for you

16. The confidence game: Why we fall for it every time - Neptunians but also everyone

A book about con men and how we get s*cked in by false pretenses, con-artists, and deceptive personalities. It's at times an amazing read and at times a really long read. I would still recommend it as a book to read, knowing that at times you'll probably skip pages at a time when one of the stories get long.

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