Natal Chart: How to find out what your natal chart is?

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Sometimes I forget how confusing and difficult it can be to even get to the step where you have to pull up your natal chart and understand how to read it, so let's go back to the 101 of the 101 and figure this out.

First, you'll need your date, location, and time of birth. And when I say time, I don't mean "between 2pm and 4pm", I mean, the exact time. Rooky advice, don't rely on what your mother or father says, it's very often off (and off by like 2 hours). Get a birth certificate if you can, often you can request it for free or for a small fee. If you can't get it; then forget about the notion of: Houses, angles, ascendant, and the Moon. The Moon will be off by several degrees.

How to find my natal chart and my aspects?

To pull up your natal chart, I recommend two different websites. 1. Astrotheme: This website is amazing for a beginner because you can hover each planet and see what aspects they're receiving, and you can click on "Aspects and planets positions" once you pulled up your natal chart, to see what each planet is doing. Everything with a bigger orb than 7 degrees is merely an influence. Don't get fixated on it.

You can access the natal chart

2. This website is amazing if you're a little bit more advanced, because you can choose between a whole panel of House systems. There are also free interpretations of your chart that helps you figure out what the heck everything means. Click on "natal chart and ascendant" once you signed up or registered as a guest. does not give you a written list of your aspects.

How to find out what it all means?

Google is your friend! Books too! Check out my recommended list. Of course, if you want to learn how to read your chart seriously, and want to learn lifelong skills to not only read your chart but also anyone's chart, consider choosing me as your teacher! I do a 6 weeks online class that is entirely at your leisure.

Take each aspect of your chart (For example, Venus square Uranus) and read what it is about. Read each planet by sign, and by house.

However be cautious with it and discriminate what you read. Not everyone who writes about Astrology is delicate about it, not everyone who writes about Astrology has rocket science; and every single Astrologer who write about aspects has never seen your chart!

A chart is a whole and one thing can cancel out another, one thing can reinforce another, one thing can ponder another. Only experience can teach you that, be patient about it and if you feel like reading about your chart makes you feel anxious, either stop or ask a professional to read it for you!

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