Pluto in the 10th House : Power hungry

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Pluto in the 10th house is a hallmark of someone hungry for power, authority, and success. The main motivation here is to establish authority, and often - the hidden desire behind this quest for authority is to surpass the father's success, to outgrow the social condition from birth, and to leave a legacy behind.

The question of whether or not the 10th House represents the mother or father has been long-standing. In my observations, it most frequently represent the father, but if the roles distributions at home were "reversed" (with the father being the nurturing figure and the more the authority figure) then we do find the mother as the 10th House figure.

The end goal is to be “at the top” and of course this can also mean a tremendous ambition. Pluto is about fear and control, and achieving success is a way of obtaining control.

The thirst for power, authority, leadership, and social recognition can be quite strong, and often we find these people in positions of leadership and authority of some sort. There is a risk of abusing power with this position which one needs to be aware of, and/or becoming overly attached to the career, and to the social status this career brings. For someone with this position of Pluto, it's important to constantly go back to your core values and core reasons for chasing success - Often, there is a core desire to achieve something for society, and there can be high values and motivations. Always circling back on these values can guard against excessive abuse of power, which will without a fault, cause the downfall of the person.

Pluto in the 10th becomes determined, disciplined, and with little effort can achieve the social position and career they aim for. Their work and activity can be transformative for the society or for a part of it. Because of the standards they hold themselves to, because of their natural leadership, they can become a model and an inspiration for the society.

They hold themselves accountable for their actions, and they despise those who use devious means to obtain what they desire.

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