Pluto transit square Sun: Discovering your inner power

Updated: Apr 27

Challenging transits of Pluto are always extremely difficult, and the square to your Sun can, -and probably will- bring a lot of pain. But don’t run away yet, these transits are also one of the most rewarding.

Pluto square to the Sun talks about tearing apart the person you were. The ego is going to suffer greatly, and it probably needed it. Maybe you were somehow fragile and needed a boost to discover your inner strengths, or maybe you were too full of yourself and needed a reality check. Or maybe you were a little bit of both, and the transit of Pluto to your sun, although carries its share of pain, will give the strength, power, and wisdom to live up to the future challenges you will encounter. The personality needed some adjustments and once the transit is over, the person you were will have nothing in common with the person you became. And this is for the best.

The challenges that you will encounter will expose you and make you feel and be more vulnerable. Pluto’s challenges come in all forms and shapes. Depending on where your Sun is and what it rules, you’ll have more indication on what theme will be involved.

This transit always talks about a test of power and strength. Events and/or people are going to represent these tests; they could change significantly the direction of your life and goals. Someone could have conflicting goals with you and try to force your hand.

Deep conflicts with the father (and authority in general) could arise and change your relationship significantly. People could just want to control and undermine you, and you’ll have to fight back to protect yourself. Maybe it’s your career and your relationship with superiors and bosses. This could mean experiencing issues at work, leading towards a better professional attitude, whether it means working for yourself, changing field, or changing the way you approach your professional life.

If your Sun and Mercury are conjunct, good chances are you are or will experience the square of Pluto to Mercury. For a full Astro reading check out our services.

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