A guide to your personal blessings in 2020 


We all want growth, and we all want abundance and blessings. Jupiter in astrology shows us how we go about growth and abundance, and where we will find the most rewards during the year.

Jupiter retrograde is a period of time during the year where there is tremendous potential for attracting your wildest desires, but it requires work!

Enters, the Jupiter Retrograde Workbook. As usual, I concocted a very wholesome workbook where I cover how this is going to impact us collectively, but also how it will impact YOU personally. You'll need your time of birth for this, and I will guide you through your personal growth in 2020 including things you should work on, questions to ask yourself, areas of your life that needs your attention. 

The workbook includes: 


- 55 pages of PACKED information and guidance about Jupiter retrograde

- 7 pages of guided journaling prompt 

- Your personal growth style based on your birth chart

- Your personal growth guide for this year based on your birth chart

- Tools, prompts and actions to maximize your growth this year based on your birth chart

Jupiter Retrograde 2020: Your personal blessings

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