Learn Astrology on your own through this self-directed masterclass package . You are given absolutely everything you need to learn Astrology with a powerful and solid foundation. This class is designed to immerse you methodically into the depth of Astrology, and each week builds on top of the other.

Learn Astrology with: Weekly content, weekly quizzes, weekly exercises, video trainings + an online community!

This class is broken down in 6 weeks so that each week you get content + exercises + are immersed into the interpretation of your chart. However, you are welcome to do this class at the pace you want!

At the end of this class,  you will have acquired enough foundation and knowledge to interpret not only your chart but the chart of 4 anonymous strangers as well! 


As well, you will have access to an online community where you can interact with other students, interpret each other's chart, and learn from each other. 



In this downloadable package, you get:  

- 6-week written content (188 pages) + video trainings 

- Weekly quizzes to challenge your knowledge + answers with explanations

- Flashcards to sum up and have quick, easy, visual summaries of what we learned + illustrate

- Weekly exercises to complete which are increasingly challenging and deep

- Guidance to interpret your own chart step by step (the class finishes with you interpreting your own chart fully)

- 4 anonymous charts to interpret + the video correction of these 4 charts!





Week 1: Learning how to pull a chart and identify all elements of a chart, in-depth interpretation of the zodiac signs archetypes, identifying zodiac signatures, 
+ quizz

+ flashcards

+ exercises


Week 2: Zodiac houses and cusps, interpretation of cusps, introduction to interpretation

+ video training
+ quizz

+ flashcards

+ exercises


Week 3: Planets archetypes and function, introduction to interpretation and beginning to interpret with a template. Introduction to intents and dignities

+ quiz

+ flashcards

+ exercises


Week 4: Introduction to aspects and how to identify and interpret them. More interpretation work on your chart and exercises

+ video training

+ quizz

+ flashcards

+ exercises


Week 5: More in-depth  interpretation rules and methods and interpretation of an example chart.

 More interpretation work on your chart

+ exercises


Week 6: More in-depth interpretation rules and methods. Additional content on North node, Chiron, and interpretation tricks and tips.  Interpretation of 4 anonymous charts guided with a template

+ video correction of the 4 charts 



LUTS SCHOOL Beginners Masterclass - Self-directed

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