Mercury retrograde is always an amazing opportunity for healing; but this particular retrograde being in the sign of Scorpio during an intense Scorpio season is a marvellous opportunity for healing and growth. 

Mercury retrograde can be a confusing time during which you feel swallowed by the energies. Always in the spirit of empowerment, I have written a workbook dedicated to helping you understand, act, and heal, during this retrograde.


In this workbook you will find:

- A theory section which explains everything about retrograde in general

- A comprehensive list of do's and don't + a Q&A section

- A forecast of what this Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is about

- A week by a week forecast of the energy + the lessons we're learning 

- Weekly prompts based off the energy with fill-in space so you can work & heal every week guided by this workbook

- A description of how this Mercury retrograde will impact YOU during this retrograde based off your personal chart. 

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio 2019 - Healing Workbook

  • PDF

    52 pages

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