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Do you wish people came with a manual? They do.

Learn how to read it.

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- 6-week written online class

- Additional video trainings

- Weekly Flashcards

- Weekly Quizzes

- Access to Julia every week-day for the duration of the class

- Personal corrections and support

- 4 anonymous charts to interpret + personal feedback from Julia + video correction by Julia

- 10% off Astrology readings

Cost: Varies based on options. Starting price $444

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- 6-week written online class (188 pages)

- Additional video trainings

- All the flashcards

- All the exercises 

- All the quizzes

+ their answers with explanations

- 4 anonymous charts to interpret + video correction by Julia


$149 usd


or 199 cad



Ever wondered:

What motivates you?

What fulfills you?

What you need to be happy?

Why you do what you do?

What kind of partner you are and need?

What you're really meant to do?

Why your relationships are the way they are?

What exactly are your struggles?

Why you meet the same people over and over?

Why you sabotage yourself?

Ever dreamt of:


Being able to read other people?

Understand them without probing?

People coming with a red flag?

People coming with waving green flags?

An exact roadmap of who you are?

Clear cut answers to your deepest questions?

The promise

This is a Beginner's class, but it's actually a very ambitious class.

In this self-directed Masterclass, I will teach you everything essential there is to know about Astrology, and everything you need to be able to interpret a chart, and therefore understand yourself and others. 

Even if you have some knowledge, if you are not able to understand a chart deeply, or read a stranger's chart, you will benefit from this class. Beginners and medium students are welcome, especially if you want to make sure that the foundation you're building knowledge upon is solid and sturdy.

This is a foundational class, meaning that what I teach you in this class is so essential, methodical and solid, you'll be able to rely on this throughout your studies.

Note: I do not recommend purchasing this class if you do not have your time of birth. If you do not have your time of birth and want to participate in the class, you will have to use someone's else chart to practice. 

Stellar School 

After the second edition of this class, I surveyed my students. Here's their results:

9.7/10    is the overall rating my students gave to the class. 

8.7/10   is the level of confidence they reported having in reading their own chart after completing the class.

7.9/10   is the level of confidence they reported having in reading a stranger's chart.

100%    reported the class exceeded their expectations

100%   found this class between very helpful and extremely helpful in selecting a mate

100%   reported the class helped them increase their understanding and empathy for other people

100%   would recommend this class to a friend

Your teacher 

I'm Julia Topaz, owner and Astrologer at Look Up The Stars Astrology.

I've researched & studied Astrology for more than a decade, and have performed hundreds of charts professionally over the last years.

I'm data-obsessed and have conducted a few informal studies, and evidently - I live and breathe Astrology. Passionate is an understatement, Astrology is my life work and I'm known for my extensive knowledge and capacity to translate difficult stuff into easy info. I'm not here to sound smart, I'm here to make sure you absorb the content easily.


I pride myself on being resourceful, self-reliant and curious. Naturally, I built my class aiming to promote the same qualities within you.

I'm not here to be your guru, I'm here to give you all the tools to have the knowledge & vision necessary to trust yourself first and foremost when it comes to Astrology & reading the stars.

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