Level 1: Baby forecast 

If you'd like to support my work & receive a weekly general tarot read - this is your option! 

My tarot reads are always empowering, psychological, and supportive. The weekly reading will help you recognizing the lessons presenting themselves to you. You can read the reviews below for my tarot reads! 

Level 2: Weekly forecast 

If you'd like to support my work & receive a detailed and comprehensive prediction & explanation of the energies - this is your option. 

Here we have a very detailed work with a weekly email with:

- A detail of the Astro cycles we're in and key dates and facts

- New Moon & Full Moon Horoscopes with rituals 

- Exercises to predict how the New Moon / Full Moon will affect you personally

- A general tarot reading

Level 3: Monthly Tarot 

Here you get everything included in Level 2 + a personal tarot reading, every 1st Monday of the month! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is the price different upon check out?

Price is displayed in USD but charged in Canadian Dollars

How does it work?  


When signing up for either offer, you'll receive an email instantly which answers all questions. 

Baby Forecast & Weekly Forecast is sent every Sunday at 2pm PST

Tarot reads are sent every first Monday of the month (I can adjust if you signed up right after) 

Forecast and Tarot reads are communicated via email and are performed by me.

How can I cancel? 


By logging in on your Paypal account and cancelling the recurring payment. There is no commitment and can be cancelled any time. Note, unsubscribing from the Weekly Forecast email list will not stop the payments, to cancel, you need to log in on your Paypal account, web version, and cancel the recurring payments. It is your responsibility to make sure you cancel the payments if you wish to unsubscribe. 

I want to receive a past Forecast

Sorry but, due to multiple requests which are time consuming - I do not forward past forecasts. Upon signing up, you will automatically be added to the Forecast list and will automatically receive the next forecast, which is sent every Sunday at 2pm pst. 

Testimonials Weekly Forecast:

"Love love love this newsletter. I feel like I've learned enough on my own to get it as I read along. And I'm learning so much already from you. You rock, thank you for doing this" 



"I'm living for these weekly forecasts! Thank you, things make much more sense now and I'm glad I can deal with stuff a little more easily" 

"So happy I signed up for this forecast! Straight to the point!!"


"Hi Julia!

I'm new to your insta and website and I have learnt so much through subscribing to your newsletter as well as purchasing the Mercury retrograde guide! I have never felt so in control, thank you so much for that!"

"I wanted to reach out and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading and more specifically for the work you do (I subscribe to the weekly forecast, the astrological and energetic guidance has been incredibly helpful through this godforsaken year)




"The last forecast was so on point my day went exactly as you described it!!"

"This is an awesome forecast you put together. I think they're getting better and better. It's clean and simple and funny and straightforward, no wasting time. Great job!"

"If you're looking for a legit astrologer ... @lookupthestarsastro sends out weekly forecasts!!!!"

"I live for this newsletter!!!!!"

Testimonials Tarot:


"Thank you very much for the reading, it's very insightful and deep and it's been very helpful in a way I wasn't expecting."

"Once again, your readings were freakishly accurate"

"Your tarot reading last month was very accurate, as was your astrological transits reading?. I had some difficulties to come back from Rome but I was prepared thanks to you!"


"Oh Julia, it is always like you shine a spotlight right into my heart. You are as usual, correct about everything."

"This is amazing thank you so much!! Your readings are always so incredibly helpful and healing"


"Wow. Blown away. Thank you so much Julia! That was incredible!"


"Thank you for this reading, it really, really helped me think clearly about my current situation and I greatly appreciate your thoughtful interpretation and assistance. Much gratitude!"


"Thanks for the great reading. It's very helpful and enlightening."



"Wow! I have no words .. Thank you for your read! I just found out what time I was born so I will get my Astrology done!"


"As always spot on!!!"

"Wow, I'm actually shaking because you were SPOT ON"


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