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Beginners Class: 
Learn how to read a birth chart

6-week powerful immersion into the depth of Astrology with a methodical & efficient technique. By the end of the class, you will be able to read completely anonymous charts!

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Advanced Class:

Learn how to predict timelines and cycles

Building on the previous class, we dive even deeper into the technicalities of birth chart reading & we learn the most incredible part of Astrology: How to predict your own timelines, cycles & events.

Julia Topaz

Julia is an Astrologer and Teacher, but more importantly, she believes in the power of self-trust.
Her entire work is dedicated to giving you her powerful knowledge in the most methodical and simplest ways possible, while always keeping her focus on pushing you to believe in your own perspective, wisdom, and intuition.  Julia's method is to give you a structured container within which you can build your confidence. 

Work 1 on 1

Julia's readings are in-depth, psychological and empowering.

No doom and gloom, she explains to you the energies at play in your life and gives you practical tools for navigating these energies.

During her readings, she will gently address your concerns and give you some perspective along with resources to help. 



In their own words

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I recently had my Natal and Transit Chart done by Look Up The Stars Astrology. Wow, was I ever impressed with Julia’s wisdom and in-depth knowledge. My chart delivered a wallop of information and helped me conceptualize my past live behaviors and current life patterns according to Julia’s incredible astrological talents. Quite simply, I was blown away. Julia is a master at what she does, and in a million years, I could not have expected this level of detail and astrological information. Thank you, Julia!

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I can't even begin to describe the impact that Julia's reading has had / is having on my life. Immediately I was able to identify negative, self-sabotaging patterns of behavior that have been holding me back. Julia was able to give me insight into how to break these patterns and essentially how to start living my best life. Her reading was so eerily accurate that I brought it to my therapist and we had an entire session devoted to going through it and figuring out how to incorporate its lessons into my life. I can't recommend enough getting a reading by Julia, if you're feeling stuck, feel like you relive the same situations and patterns or are just looking for general guidance her reading can help you. Love!!

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Working with Julia as she interpreted my birth chart and my transits was incredibly eye-opening and cathartic. Her interpretation was really personable, and delved deep into what I wanted to get out of my reading. I enjoyed our correspondence and I appreciate that communication was through e-mail, where I was able to really focus and gather my thoughts to answer Julia's insightful questions.

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I have never had a reading before and I was a bit skeptical. I have to say I am impressed by Julia' knowledge of astrology and how insightful she is. She responded to all my inquiries and took the time to clearly explain the different aspects of the my chart and how that applies to my daily life and goals going forward. I highly recommend Look Up The Stars!

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I've actually tried a few readings before, but none really made sense to me. This one was so personal and helpful, and Julia asked a lot of insightful questions so that her interpretations could be personalized and make sense. I would recommend her to anyone. I've been talking about this all week!

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I ordered two readings- one mini chart reading as a gift and one mini transit reading for myself. I can't explain how helpful my transit reading has been, I reference it constantly. As for the gift reading, they loved it, it was a really easy to follow. As an astrology novice I found everything so easy to digest and discuss when I did have a question. Thorough, on point, personable, wildly knowledgeable... I'll be back for more without a doubt.


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I highly recommend Julia to anyone wanting to take a real look at themselves and how they can grow. I have been an astrology enthusiast for years, and lightly studied my chart. I knew my major aspects, and which signs my planets were in, but I wasn't interested in predictive astrology so I didn't see the value in paying my hard-earned dollars for a reading. After receiving my reading from Julia, and going over it 10+ times, I can see where my assumptions were wrong. Julia's insights are well worth the price! 


I am in therapy and have been experiencing personal growth through that; I would say Julia provides a service very close to therapy. She is also like a life coach. She explained to me what specifically is holding me back from reaching my goals, and in a way that was easy for me to understand with advice on how I can take steps towards change. There are things I have been stuck on because despite my best intentions and desire for growth, I was repeating behaviors that felt unchangeable to me. Julia is great at breaking things down and making practical suggestions, actions to take immediately to start the process of transformation. I have already seen improvement in my relationships and daily life. 


I don't mean to act like this is some magic trick, because of course I still have to do the work myself. What Julia did was explain why I was acting the way I was, uncover blind spots I was unaware of, and help narrow down where to start making important changes. Her reading gives me so much to learn and work on, I have already read it over many times and get something new from it each time. 


Feeling unstuck and empowered to move past issues that have been dragging me down for years is an extremely hopeful feeling and I cannot recommend Julia enough! I was ready for some blunt and real advice, and the cost of the reading is beyond worth what I am getting out of it. Julia obviously was called for this type of work. I am a believer and will definitely use this amazing service moving forward when I am feeling stuck or need some help with transitions and self-growth. 

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Astrology is a lifelong love affair. I've been studying my chart for many years, and even with my training and knowledge, there are always new things to learn and discover. So I reached out to LUTS for a reading. Why Julia? Reading someone's chart is no joke and I know she takes this responsibility as seriously as I do. Not only that, she's extremely knowledgeable (legit knows her shit), skilled at synthesizing the placements and aspects -- not to mention, absolutely HILARIOUS. (Have you seen her memes? Go look at them RIGHT NOW)

This is why I was not surprised she shed light on a very important connection between some of my aspects, a connection that helped me make more sense of the challenges and gifts presented to me in this life. I trusted her to do amazing work and she delivered.

In a short time, she's become one of my favorite humans. I'm proud to support her and her work.

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I have never ever trusted any astrology readings before, but a couple of weeks back I found myself struggling and decided to give Julia’s website a try. Her approach was very personal and it made the entire process of opening up and addressing various aspects of my life a lot easier. Throughout our communication, Julia was very conscientious and was always able to provide a detailed explanation regarding all the sudden highs and lows which are an unshakeable part of my life. Furthermore, this wonderful Astrologer was constantly able to respond to the high volume of my inquiries in a courteous and timely manner. Would highly recommend Look Up The Stars to anyone seeking a little guidance in difficult times of their lives.

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I love and respect Julia's take on astrology. She lives and breathes it, is always doing her own research, and it shows in her readings. She did wonderful work on my chart and definitely recommend.

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Very insightful with a deep understanding of the psychological issues at work


"Having experienced the insights of Julia's work for both my client's as well as my own psycho-emotional-energetic healing work, I would consider her analysis to be an asset to anyone looking to find focus, clarity as well as validation in their evolutionary journeys.  I found Julia to be professional and courteous as well as warm, accessible and authentic.  I immediately felt her genuine concern.  The insights she provides through her analysis are both very affirming and illuminating and from the perspective of a therapist they provide great assistance in directing and focusing the therapeutic work. I will continue to recommend that my client's utilize her services as a compliment to the work I do with them and look forward to utilizing her guidance as I my move through my life's adventures.  Many thanks."