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Astrology compatibility
made simple (ish)



5 weeks



1. Have taken our beginners course or be at an advanced level. (you can read a birth chart)
2. Best if you have the birth chart with time of a past, present or future partner (for practice)

Understand your relationships 

deeply with compatibility Astrology

Relationships are the most important aspect of our life, and yet we often struggle with them. 


What if you could actually understand why it works, why it doesn't, and what are the hidden dynamics between you? 

Understand who's there for a reason, a season or a lifetime.


Understand who to make it work with and who to let go.  


I'm back again with my special brand of teaching: Never compromising on depth and yet teaching in the simplest way possible.

And this time, on my favourite subject ever: Relationships! Count on a quadruple Libra to know a thing or two about it. 

Finally understand why relationships didn't work out (was it you, as it them, was it bad timing, bad behaviour or bad match?) and why other relationships do work!

We'll dive into what you need and what makes for harmonious relating. 


Understand the dynamics at play between you and a special someone.

Make sense of your struggles, strengths and dynamics together.

Learn the recipe to assess astrological compatibility, the smart in-depth way.

Become a master at understanding yourself + anyone else.


IMG_7346 2.jpg

Julia's course is so in-depth and informative and yet she manages to not overload you. What I learned in this class is just mind-blowing. I would highly recommend this course, the practice on the sample charts to interpret with the answers was truly the cherry on top for me. 

Nicole I.

Marketing Manager

Learn Birth chart reading Course

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I loved that the class was really challenging at times and it definitely made me feel I was learning and facing interpretations with my own intuition and knowledge.


Julia is a kind, clear and witty guide in this journey. She's an amazing teacher, no doubt about that.

Jorge Mestre


Learn Birth chart reading Course


I have to say that no one explains and teaches the way you do, including my favourite Astrology legends. I have never seen astrology taught with so much depth and accuracy by anyone but you. I'm such a better astrologer because of you! 

Corey Barsic Tielman


Learn Birth chart reading Course

How you learn

5 weeks of course content 

Weekly written + video course dripped every 7 days for slow & strong learning.

Video content

Detailed video correction for all exercises.

Exercises to practice

Increasingly challenging weekly exercises to practice + video correction.

Visual flashcards to print

Flashcards for easy visual learning

Online community

Get support, corrections & teammates.

"Julia provided so much juicy information in a way that was easy to digest and understand. Her lessons are saturated with details and deeply engaging"

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Your teacher 

Julia is dedicated to translating deep, complex and rich knowledge, in the simplest ways she can, while always keeping her focus on pushing you to believe in your own perspective, wisdom, and intuition. 

Julia has been learning Astrology ever since she was a child, and she has been
a full-time Astrologer for 6 years. Her work has been featured in international publications such as Vogue, HelloGiggles, Dazed, Cosmopolitan and more.  

Astrology compatibility made simple (ish)



5 weeks

1. Have taken our beginners course or be at an advanced level. (you can read a birth chart)

2. Best if you have the birth chart with time of a past, present or future partner (for practice)




  • 5-week course (written and video)

  • Weekly exercises

  • Flashcards

  • Online community to post + exercise

  • 10% off on Julia's Astrology reading

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