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Astrology School 

Astrology is an incredibly powerful tool, and, when taught and used properly, it can be an unbelievable fast-track to self-knowledge, self-actualization, and healing.

In fact, my clients have regularly reported either using their natal chart report with their therapist or finding eerily similar findings in their chart than in therapy.

But what if you could become self-reliant, and learn how to read your chart confidently and with evidently more capacity for insights and reflection than anyone else?

What if, instead of succumbing to the fatalistic interpretations you read online, you could learn how to develop your own interpretations and insights?


Would you rather order take-out food or would you rather learn how to cook ANY meal? There is no right or wrong answer - only the one that fits your needs.

Your teacher 

I'm Julia, owner and Astrologer at Look Up The Stars Astrology.

I've researched & studied Astrology for more than a decade, and have performed hundreds of charts professionally over the last 3 years.

I'm data-obsessed and have conducted a few informal studies, and evidently - I live and breathe Astrology. Passionate is an understatement, Astrology is my life work and I'm known for my extensive knowledge and capacity to translate difficult stuff into easy info.


I pride myself on being resourceful, self-reliant and curious. Naturally, I built my class aiming to promote the same qualities within you. I'm not here to be your guru, I'm here to give you all the tools to have the knowledge & vision necessary to trust yourself first and foremost when it comes to Astrology & reading the stars.

Who is this class for? 

  • You want to be self-reliant and autonomous and read yourself and others 

  • You want to learn Astrology with ease yet depth

  • You want to acquire mystical yet eerily accurate knowledge 

  • You want to build a strong and solid foundation in Astrology 

  • You want to learn Astrology without being overwhelmed or ever dependent on external sources

  • You have either zero or some knowledge of Astrology, but either find your knowledge fragmented, lacking depth, or lacking confidence in using it all efficiently

  • You want to be given confidence and skills in Astrology

Some data 

​I told you I liked data, so after wrapping up my first edition of this class, the first thing I did was surveying my students to find out what their experience was. Here are some key data on their experience.

9.1/10    is the overall rating my students gave to the Astrology class. 

8.7/10 is the level of confidence they reported having in reading their own chart after the class.

55%     of my students reported the class exceeded their expectations, while the rest found they found exactly what they expected in this class.

Astrology Class for beginners 

Closed for enrollment

  • 6 weeks online class

  • Drip written class sent to you online weekly

  • Learn at your own pace / own schedule

  • Weekly exercises 

  • Online group with other students & Julia with interactions, exercises, and questions starting week 2

  • Week 5 and 6 entirely dedicated to interpretation work  

  • Limited spots to foster good learning environment

  • Content overview: Natal chart elements, zodiac signs, houses, planets, aspects, interpreting it all

In their own words

Wow! Julia's class for beginners was exactly what I needed. I have always been interested in astrology and reading my own chart but never knew where to begin. The internet has so much information; it can be overwhelming. Julia made it easy to jump right in and her class provided the exact knowledge I was looking for. It was fun to chat back and forth with my other classmates, and I feel confident in my ability to read my own chart now! I would definitely sign up for another class Julia offers. -Rachel K.

Julia's course was perfect for beginners as well as people with previous knowledge. It was very well structured and I found I brushed up not only on basics but also on more in-depth matters. The exercises really helped me in applying my newfound knowledge and the link from one week to another was great in that it allowed me to review what I already learned. I would love to learn more with Julia and I recommend her class to anyone who's willing to learn about astrology



Julia's approach to astrology and in-depth feedback are so helpful in gaining greater insight. Even though it felt intense, I found her approach of getting students started on interpretation work right away incredibly effective at building knowledge and confidence! Taryn C.V.

The class was such a great experience! I found it really easy to follow the class yet the knowledge I acquired is much deeper than what I had expected. Julia encouraged us to interpret our own chart and, with her guidance and support, I feel so much more confident to interpret my chart and use it for self-actualization purposes. I'll be on the lookout for a Level 2 class - thank you so much for this!!

If you are looking for a comprehensive foundation to studying astrology, this class is perfect. As a beginner, slowly being introduced the information in Julia's class definitely helped me understand how to speak the language. It was a great gateway to my astrological future :)

Julia is a great teacher and I felt like she was able to teach in ways that were more accessible than other books or courses I have seen.

Before taking this class I had read a few things about astrology in general and much more things about my chart in particular, but my problem was that I did not feel I could "think" for myself, I always had to google what this and that meant. Julia provided the blocks of information in a very clear, simple and understandable manner and language and this really helped me understand in depth what the actual building blocks are (signs, houses, planets, aspects) and what each means. Although I had read quite a few interpretations of X and Y, I had never really understood these building blocks, and now I can say that I do. For sure combining all these different parameters is not easy and it takes a lot of practice to truly master it, but I feel confident that now I have the tools to do this by myself!(although it will definitely take a lot of thought, especially for every new combo I meet - Practice is key of course) Overall I found the class very helpful and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning to think for themselves, as opposed to always have to google for someone else's (questionable) answer. Argyro

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