Astrology School 

currently closed. Relaunch soon

Do you want to learn how to read yourself, and others? 

Do you wonder how much can Astrology teach you about yourself? (Cue: A lot more than what you'd expect)

Do you want better self-awareness, better self-knowledge? 

Do you want to acquire the foundations to grow into mastery of Astrology? 

Do you want to learn with a simple, yet deep, approach to Astrology? 

This class is currently closed for admission. I will reopen it in 2020. To be the first to know when this class is open again, sign up to the list. 


What can you expect to learn and know by the end of the class? 

- You will understand what's a chart, and how to read it

- You will understand every element contained in a chart 

- You will have a deep awareness of yourself and will be able to gain incredible insights about yourself from your chart

- You will have a strong knowledge of the archetypes, essences, and mechanisms of Astrology 

- You will not only know how to read your chart, you'll also have strong foundations to read ANY chart 

How do we learn? 


The class is written and will be available at any time on an online platform. You will keep access to it after the class is over. 

You will have a week to read the content, and you'll also receive flashcards which sum up some of the content to make it visually easy for you to memorize what's in the class.

You can read the class at your leisure, no schedule/appointment restriction.


You will have a list of exercises to do on your own for each week.

We'll also have a private group where I'll be answering questions and where we'll be practicing the exercises which I give in the written class. The first weeks should be fairly mellow, but the end of the class will be heavily practice-oriented and so we'll be using the group a lot. There is no participation requirement but of course, the more you interact in the group the more you'll be able to practice and have feedbacks/corrections. 

The 5th week of the class is optional - we'll have no written class on the 5th week but we'll be practicing in the group what we learned and doing interpretation work. 

What will we learn? 

Written class: The class will be released week by week and will be accessible at any time on an online platform. 

Flashcards: You'll also receive PDF flashcards which sum up some of the content I teach

Daily group interactions: We'll have a separate group where we'll all be able to communicate about any questions you have, and we'll be practicing the exercises I give you in the class + we'll interpret our charts! 


Week 1: How to read your chart, modalities, elements, zodiac signs       

+ exercises     


Week 2: Astrological houses + how to interpret them                               

+ exercises       + flashcards


Week 3: Planets + rulership system                                                             

+ exercises 


Week 4: Aspects + interpretation rules                                                       

+ exercises      + flashcards


Week 5: Interpretation exercises only 


Class requirements: 



1/ Knowing your time of birth / or being ok knowing you won't be able to interpret YOUR chart fully, you'll need another chart to practice


2/ No other requirements. This class is for beginners. Even if you do have some knowledge in Astrology, as long as you're not able to read your chart on your own or read other people's chart, you'll benefit greatly from this class and will acquire strong knowledge.  


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