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"I left with a deeper understanding of myself and those around me. Every week was filled with "a-ha" moments that opened my eyes into the inner workings of my soul"

About the Beginners Astrology Class 


This class is designed to teach you how to read and understand any birth chart, by giving you a method and a deep knowledge that will allow you to develop the skills of an Astrologer. 

Birth chart reading is the art of reading a natal chart and drawing all types of information from it, including: One's personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, purpose, areas of focus, career needs and inclinations, relationships needs and inclinations, family history, and much more. 

The course is divided in 6 weeks, and each contains a written class, exercises to perform on your own birth chart, and quizzes. Some weeks also have additional video content and the last week is dedicated to exercising on anonymous charts. 

You will be introduced to all the knowledge necessary to learn birth chart reading, including: Zodiac signs, houses, planets, aspects, interpretation rules and templates, rulerships, and plenty content that is designed to help you understand how to pinpoint various things in the birth chart. 

In this beginners class, we introduce you to Astrology and the concept of birth chart reading. 
Within 6 weeks, you will learn all the knowledge necessary to understand Astrology, read a birth chart, and practice interpretation. Each week will have a written class, exercises to practice the knowledge you learned, quizzes to test yourself, visual flashcards to summarize and illustrate what is being taught and explained in the class. For difficult points, additional video classes will be provided. For the live class, you will have access to Julia for the entirety of the class and she will provide you with personal feedback and corrections on the exercises you'll be prompted to post in the group. For the self-directed version, you will be given access to an online group where you can ask for help if you require it. 


If you purchase the self-directed option, right after placing your order you will receive a link to download the class, where you will find all the content organized weekly (class, exercises, their corrections, quizzes, and flashcards) as well as a document which will lay out how to use the class. 

If you purchase the live class version, you will receive instructions by email. The class is taught in an online group where you are prompted every week to download all the weekly content and post your exercises for Julia to correct and other students to see and interact with. 

Learn how to read and understand anyone deeply,

just by looking at their birth chart!

By the end of the class, you'll be able to read completely anonymous charts,

and guess accurately their personality, life choices, and patterns. 

Never rely on someone else again, learn how to read ANY chart yourself!

Learn complex and deep knowledge and mechanisms through simple and direct words - This class makes hard things easy!

Learn Astrology with a methodical, systemic, intuitive, empowering approach


Acquire a deep, solid foundation of knowledge & skills, which you can build on


Get the ultimate test! We finish the class with 4 anonymous charts you will fully interpret!

"It was just an overall spectacular experience. The class is broken down in a way that is digestible, given the complexities of the topic at hand." 

Who is this class for? 

The Beginners Astrology class is designed for students who have an interest in Astrology, both for those who know very little to nothing about Astrology and those who have researched it extensively and consider themselves beginners and even intermediate, but aren't able to interpret a chart in-depth and understand someone's personality, based on their deep understanding of the chart. 

This class is designed for those who seek to understand both Astrology and people, and are seeking deep knowledge and autonomy, and want to gain self-trust and self-authority. 

This class also serves as a "primer" for your astrological journey as it covers, in-depth and methodically, everything you need to understand deeply before you add on more complexity and knowledge. 

This course is right for you if: 

You want to be autonomous and know how to read any birth chart without any outside input

You find Astrology insightful and mysterious but you don't understand how to systemize its insights and rely on it consistently

You want to demystify yourself and others and understand why you are the way you are and validate things you've known about yourself/others for a long time

You want a strong foundation so that you can learn more complex knowledge later, such as forming predictions and timing events  

You want to learn deep and rich concepts but want it explained to you in a way that is simple, direct, and interative.

"It was everything that I expected and more. Thank you Julia for this wonderful experience, dedication and knowledge" 

What do you get when signing up for the beginners class? 

6 weeks of written content 

+180 pages of written content divided in weekly lessons. We go over deep knowledge taught to you methodically and each week piles up upon the previous on. 

Quizzes to test yourself

Each week you get a quiz which will test you on the knowledge you acquired in the week. The correct answers are provided and explained.

Video content

Some points in the class are harder to teach just with written content. For these points, you receive additional video content and screen recordings to illustrate.

Visual flashcards to print

Some things are just better when visual. Each week you get visual flashcards to print or look on computer to summarize and represent what you learned.

Exercises to practice

Each week you are challenged to put your knowledge in practice. Every week will have exercises which will involve practicing on your birth chart. We end the class with the interpretation of completely anonymous charts, which you will receive the correction for

Access to an online forum

If you're doing the live class, you get access to Julia throughout the entire class and get personal feedback on your exercises + interact with other students.

If you're doing the self-directed, the class is designed so you learn on your own but you still get access to a forum in case you have questions

“Entered this class thinking I was only going to gain more knowledge of Astrology, but left with a deeper understanding of myself and those around me”

What benefits will I get after taking this class? 

Astrological knowledge

After taking this class you will understand:

- How to read a birth chart

- Everything you need to know to know about deep astrological concepts and all the 

- All the technical parts of Astrology

A solid foundation to build on

The beginners class is the best place to start to acquire foundational knowledge and build more knowledge on in the future. In the advanced class, we'll learn how to form predictions and how to time events. This technical knowledge cannot be taught efficiently without this primer. 

Psychological knowledge

Astrology is the study of humans and their psychology and behaviours through the study of their birth chart. Necessarily, to teach you Astrology we talk about psychology and go in-depth in certain psychological patterns. 
With this class you'll learn more about human psychology. 

Ability to read people

The class will give you invaluable skills: Understanding other people quickly. 

Because the class is equally focused on psychology and astrology, you'll be able to understand who people are and why they behave the way they do. 

Autonomy & self-trust


After taking this class, you'll have built the confidence to trust yourself and rely on yourself to build interpretations and understanding of astrological birth chart. Throughout the class, you're prompted and taught how to use your own logic and intuition to draw interpretations. 

Deeper empathy & compassion

When students were prompted to rate their level of empathy before and after the class, 100% of them indicated they had grew their ability to empathize after taking the class. 
The ability to see and understand how and why you and others struggle helps with developing more compassion and empathy, with yourself and others.

“Julia provided so much juicy information in a way that was easy to digest and understand. Her lessons are saturated with details and deeply engaging.”

Self-directed or Live class


The class exists in two modalities: Self-directed or live with Julia. 
The self-directed class and the live class have exactly the same content.

The self-directed class is available all year round and is accessible immediately at a cost-effective price. As soon as you place your order, you will receive a package to download with all the content (written class, videos, quizzes and their answers, exercises, flashcards, instructions on how to use the class and link to an online group) 


The live class has a waitlist (you can register here) and has an opening date indicated below. It is taught for 7 weeks, online, with Julia. As soon as you place your order (if the class is available for enrollment), you will receive an email confirming your enrollment and details for the upcoming class. It is taught online, and the content is dripped weekly. 


Accessing the class


If you purchased the self-directed class, you will get immediate access to the class and will retain access for a lifetime. 

If you purchased the live class, you will get immediate confirmation of your enrollment and will receive login information.

Julia breaks down each topic with clarity and ease. Suddenly, all the pieces came together for me!”


Week 1: Introduction to  Astrology 

In this first week, we go over all the elements of a birth chart, how to pull your chart and identify all its elements, and we learn about the archetypes and essence behind each zodiac sign. 
+ You will get intuitive exercises to perform (for which you'll get the correction Week 6!)
+ Flashcards
+ Quiz

Week 2:  Astrological  Houses & cusps

This week we learn about houses, house cusps, and we plunge directly into interpreting the meaning of houses, signs on cusps, planets in houses, and more. We'll go in-depth into technical knowledge and interpreting your chart. 
As this week gets technical fast, we have additional video content to illustrate.
+ Exercises

+ Flashcards

+ Quiz

Week 3:  Planets 

The 3rd week is focused on understanding deeply what each planet stands for, their scope, function, intent, energy, and how their placement by sign and house impacts the birth chart. 
We go deeper in the guided interpretation of your chart by introducing you to an interpretation template and exploring the meaning of the planets in your birth chart. 
+ Exercises
+ Flashcards
+ Quiz

Week 4:  Aspects 

We go in-depth into aspects, how to calculate them, identify them, their meaning. This is again a rather technical week, so we explore the subject through written and video content. 

Once we've explored how to calculate and interpret aspects, we are once again plunging into a deeper interpretation of your chart, building upon the knowledge accumulated in the previous weeks. 
+ Exercises 
+ Flashcards 
+ Quiz


Week 5:  Interpretation 

This week we go deeper into the planets' mechanisms and psychology, as well as interpretation guidelines. We go over theoretical interpretation rules, we take an example chart which I fully interpret for you, and give you a deeper and more complex template for interpreting charts. 
+ You're invited to fully interpret your chart, with a guided template. 

Week 6:  Interpretation of the 4 anonymous charts 

Exactly like you interpreted your chart in the week prior, you're now invited to interpret 4 anonymous charts. You will be guided once again to interpret these charts with guided questions. Once you've interpreted these charts, you get the video correction of who they are, how they're like, and my guided explanations of what you needed to focus on and interpret. 

As well, you get the correction of the intuitive exercise of week 1 + tidbit of advanced knowledge for those who feel up for it. 


Week 7: Bonus time to complete 4 anonymous charts

If you chose the live version, you get 1 additional week to post your anonymous charts exercises.

The pre-recorded correction of these charts is available at the end of the class. 

“I loved that the class was really challenging at times and it definitely made me feel I was learning and facing interpretations with my own intuition and knowledge”

Your  teacher 

Julia is an Astrologer and Teacher, but more importantly, she believes in the power of self-trust. 

Her entire work is dedicated to giving you her powerful knowledge in the most methodical and simplest ways possible, while always keeping her focus on pushing you to believe in your own perspective, wisdom, and intuition.  Julia's method is to give you a structured container within which you can build your confidence. 

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(Beginners class starts August 28th, immediately followed by Advanced class Oct 23rd)

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Wow! Julia's class for beginners was exactly what I needed. Julia made it easy to jump right in and her class provided the exact knowledge I was looking for. It was fun to chat back and forth with my other classmates and I feel confident in my ability to read my own chart now! I would definitely sign up for another class Julia offers - Rachel K

Radiant 4.jpg

As someone with limited background in Astrology, I didn't really know what to expect when I signed up for this class but it felt like an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I am so glad I did! Julia provided so much juicy information in a way that was easy to digest and understand. Her lessons her saturated with detail and deeply engaging. Each week builds up on top of the next, unveiling layers of understanding and a more complete picture of how it all ties together. I am leaving with so much previous information, I learn something new every time I reread a lesson! If anyone has curiosity for Astrology or learning about themselves as well as others, I would highly recommend taking this course. - A. Mc Guire 

Radiant 3.jpg

It was everything that I expected and more. I joined the class to know a little bit about a passion that I had since I was little and ended up knowing a manual, understanding myself as if I was reading a book and enjoying it a lot. Understanding a little bit more about the people that surround me and wanting to follow my purpose in life. Thank you Julia for this wonderful experience, dedication and knowledge. Looking forward to level 2. - Rossana C. T. L

Radiant 1.jpg

I absolutely loved the class. You can tell that Julia is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Astrology. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher and class. Julia is very supportive and really wants to see you succeed. The class is broken down in a way that is easily digestable given the complexities of the topic at hand. It was just an overall spectacular experience. - Cathy V.