Beginners Astrology Class: Learn the art of birth chart reading


6 weeks



✨✨ "I left with a deeper understanding of myself and those around me. Every week was filled with "a-ha" moments that opened my eyes into the inner workings of my soul" ✨✨

Learn how to read and understand yourself and anyone deeply,

just by looking at their birth chart by the end of the 6-week class!

Anonymous chart LUTS class

Did you know you can know everything about a person, just by glancing at a chart like this?

From their relationship patterns, their needs, their aspirations, their weaknesses, what they struggle with, their psychology and a whole lot more? 

By the end of the 6-week class, you will know how to do all of that + you'll have the undeniable proof it works!

You will interpret anonymous charts and guess everything about their life and personality + will receive the pre-recorded video correction detailing everything about them.


And there's more: All students succeed!

✨✨✨ "It was just an overall spectacular experience. The class is broken down in a way that is digestible, given the complexities of the topic at hand."  ✨✨✨

What benefits will I get after taking this class? 

Astrological knowledge

After taking this class you will understand:

- How to read a birth chart

- Everything you need to know to know about deep astrological concepts and all the 

- All the technical parts of Astrology

A solid foundation to build on

The beginners class is the best place to start to acquire foundational knowledge and build more knowledge on in the future. In the advanced class, we'll learn how to form predictions and how to time events. This technical knowledge cannot be taught efficiently without this primer. 

Psychological knowledge

Astrology is the study of humans and their psychology and behaviours through the study of their birth chart. Necessarily, to teach you Astrology we talk about psychology and go in-depth in certain psychological patterns. 
With this class you'll learn more about human psychology. 

Ability to read people

The class will give you invaluable skills: Understanding other people quickly. 

Because the class is equally focused on psychology and astrology, you'll be able to understand who people are and why they behave the way they do. 

Autonomy & self-trust


After taking this class, you'll have built the confidence to trust yourself and rely on yourself to build interpretations and understanding of astrological birth chart. Throughout the class, you're prompted and taught how to use your own logic and intuition to draw interpretations. 

Deeper empathy & compassion

When students were prompted to rate their level of empathy before and after the class, 100% of them indicated they had grew their ability to empathize after taking the class. 
The ability to see and understand how and why you and others struggle helps with developing more compassion and empathy, with yourself and others.

Who is this class for? 

The Beginners Astrology class is designed for students who have an interest in Astrology, both for those who know very little to nothing about Astrology and those who have researched it extensively but aren't able to interpret a chart in-depth and understand someone's personality, based on their deep understanding of the chart. 

This class is designed for those who seek to understand both Astrology and people, and are seeking deep knowledge and autonomy, and want to gain self-trust and self-authority. 

This class also serves as a "primer" for your astrological journey as it covers, in-depth and methodically, everything you need to understand deeply before you add on more complexity and knowledge. 

This course is right for you if: 


You want to be autonomous and know how to read any birth chart without any outside input

You find Astrology insightful and mysterious but you don't understand how to systemize its insights and rely on it consistently

You want to demystify yourself and others and understand why you are the way you are and validate things you've known about yourself/others for a long time

You want a strong foundation so that you can learn more complex knowledge later, such as forming predictions and timing events  

You want to learn deep and rich concepts but want it explained to you in a way that is simple, direct, and interactive.

✨✨✨ "It was everything that I expected and more. Thank you Julia for this wonderful experience, dedication and knowledge." ✨✨✨

What do you get when signing up for the beginners class?