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Astonomical Clock

Advanced Astrology Class: Learn the art of predicting timelines & events


7 weeks



Learn the art of predicting your own future

More than "fortune-telling", in this class we learn how to predict the types of events & 

energies that will present in your life, at any point in time, with a helpful and psychological perspective. 

🌙 Did you ever feel like clear cycles are at play? 

🌙 That recurring themes and events seemed to be present at certain points in your life? 


🌙 Did you ever wish you could make sense of certain challenges or at least, know when they will end?


🌙 Did you ever want to know when would be a good time to meet someone, change career, focus on family? 

Welcome to Astrology transits!

In this class we will:

  • Dive deeper into the art of interpreting a birth chart 

  • Learn about your past, present, upcoming timelines

  • Master the art of predicting events & shifts in energy

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your current & upcoming opportunities & challenges

  • Understand what you were learning, are learning, and will be learning, at any point in time

  • Make sense of past, present, future difficulties and opportunities

What benefits will I get after taking this class? 

Deeper Astrological knowledge

This class will solidy, deepen and enrich the Astrological knowledge you already acquired up until now. 

A whole new world

You will learn how to navigate throughout your life events and find how real life events matched Astrology energies. We will navigate your past, present and future, and see how what happened in your life was readable in Astrology.

Psychological knowledge

As we dive deeper in Astrology, we also deepen our understanding of psychological mechanisms, described by the Astrological archetypes.