Astrology Class



"I left with a deeper understanding of myself and those around me. Every week was filled with "a-ha" moments that opened my eyes into the inner workings of my soul"

Dive deeper into the interpretation of birth charts
+ Learn the art of predicting timelines & cycles

More than "fortune-telling", in this class we learn how to predict the types of events & 

energies that will present in your life, at any point in time, from a soul perspective. 

Did you ever feel like the Universe was conspiring? 

That recurring themes and events seemed to be present at certain points in your life? 


Did you ever wish you could make sense of certain challenges or at least know when it will end?


Did you ever want to know when would be a good time to meet someone, change career, focus on family? 

Welcome to Astrology transits!

In this class we will:


Dive deeper into the art of interpreting a birth chart 

Learn about your past, present, upcoming timelines

Master the art of predicting events & shifts in energy 

Gain a deeper understanding of your current & upcoming opportunities & challenges

Understand what you were learning, are learning, and will be learning, at any point in time

Make sense of past, present, future difficulties and opportunities

I took Julia’s beginner astrology class last year and have been waiting eagerly for the advanced class. It did not disappoint! Definitely a challenge, but so worth it! I feel so much more knowledgeable"

About the Advanced Astrology Class 


This class is designed to deepen and enrich your knowledge when it comes to birth chart reading, and it naturally builds up on the knowledge and exercises we practiced in the beginners class. The first weeks are focused on sharpening and enriching your birth chart reading skills while we work on more anonymous charts, while the last 3 weeks of the class are focused on discovering and learning about transits, the art of predicting.


Transits are absolutely stunning if you've never heard of them. With Astrology transits, we are able to look throughout our life and throughout time and understand the language of the Universe. We can pinpoint events, challenges, opportunities, directions, areas of focus, growth, challenges. Exactly like the knowledge we gather in the birth chart, we are able to see the "updates" in real-time. 


We learn transits and predictions exactly how we learned how to read a birth chart: With a slow, immersive, layer by layer technique. 

The structure and method of this Advanced Class is very similar to the one in the beginners class. We learn with weekly content, mostly videos and some written content as well, weekly exercises based on either anonymous charts, your chart, or theoretical exercises. The advanced class requires a lot of practice on your part and entails a lot of practical exercises to perform. 

Every week, you will be prompted to post your exercises in the online group, where you will get the correction of Julia and see what other students did. For each exercise, you will get a pre-recorded correction from Julia + a personal correction. 

After placing your purchase, you will immediately receive an email confirming your order + will receive login instructions. The class will be taught in an online group where you will be able to download the content week by week + post your exercises for Julia to correct and interact with other students. The class will begin at the date indicated below and spots are available for purchase as long as spots remain (there is a limited capacity as Julia is the only teacher).

"Julia, thank you very much for this great class! Your material is very dense, yet easy to understand. I definitely learned a lot about transits."

Who is this class for? 

The Advanced Astrology class is designed for students who are confident in their understanding of Astrology and their ability to read a birth chart, and now want to learn how to read transits and begin to learn predictive skills.

Ideally, this class is for students who took the beginners class, but students who are confident in their birth chart reading skills without having taken the beginners class are welcome. 

This class is perfect for students who are knowledgable and want to learn about forming predictions and understanding future timelines and cycles.

This course is right for you if: 

You want to learn how to predict cycles, timelines, future energies, events

You want to deepen your chart reading skills 

You took the beginners class and want to keep on building on what you learned

You loved the methodical approach of the beginners class and want to learn with the same concept and energy

"Learning about the transits and more about the planets actually helped me understand a lot more about aspects in the natal chart as well."

What benefits will I get after taking this class? 

Deeper Astrological knowledge

This class will solidy, deepen and enrich the Astrological knowledge you already acquired up until now. 

A whole new world

You will learn how to navigate throughout your life events and find how real life events matched Astrology energies. We will navigate your past, present and future, and see how what happened in your life was readable in Astrology.

Psychological knowledge

As we dive deeper in Astrology, we also deepen our understanding of psychological mechanisms, described by the Astrological archetypes.