About me

I guess as an Astrologer you already qualify as an "atypical person", but I do perceive myself as someone fairly atypical by the choices I made. I was born and raised in Europe and pursued a Master in international law. I grew restless and as much as law is fascinating, I didn't see myself working in this environment,  and decided to leave everything behind to move to Canada, where I'm now. 

I had been passionate about Astrology since my childhood, and actively learning since my teens. My own mother was an Astrologer and was periodically giving me tidbits of information, but as I was always single-minded and keen on making my own experiments and trusting my own experience, I relentlessly started researching and comparing my knowledge with my real life experience.

I have always been one to be very intellectually curious but also rational, logical, and using Astrology without being able to understand why or how it would work made me uneasy. For years, I conducted my research and experiments with a fair dash of suspicion, fully aware of what we call the "Barnum effect", a cognitive bias leading us to intellectual mistakes and one theory which is often used to disqualify astrology. I don't think it's necessary to clarify this but - after years of healthy doubt and suspicion, the answer was for me that without a doubt, Astrology is absolutely efficient and reliable, as mind wobbling as it is.

My belief is that - this relentless suspicion yet desire to get to the bottom of the truth is what lead me to become the Astrologer I am today. I do believe this is a truth which I can delineate as a pattern about me - I am relentless with getting to the bottom of things and testing, experimenting, until I get a clear answer on where the truth lies. 


I am entirely self taught as - as I mentioned, my personality and background is of someone entirely focused on endless research and experimentation. Sometimes, I like to call myself a crazy scientist: I don't place blind faith or trust in any kind of teacher, and as much as I'm so grateful for the knowledge and work of many Astrologers before me, I always fall back on what I see and what I experience. Astrology being this odd field unrecognized by science (yet), it does force one to be humble but also curious and open to new perspectives. 

 I studied Astrologer for 12 years and have been practicing full time as a professional for 2 years. 


My practice


My intent and goal is to help people heal and see patterns about themselves. I fully integrate psychology in my Astrology practice and focus quite a bit on what patterns in your chart say about your psyche and what patterns are holding you back or pushing you forward. 

My belief - and the feedbacks I regularly get from my clients - is that Astrology has the capacity to provide a shortcut within the practice of  psychological / spiritual analysis and growth. For someone seeking answers about themselves, their past, their present, their future, Astrology has the ability - just like intuition- to get right to the truth, cutting through the fog, and surely can save you time, energy, and money. 

Healing takes the time it takes, but Astrology has the capacity to provide tough truths, gentle confirmations, and the push you need to align yourself with your highest path. 

I use the words "in-depth, psychological, and empowering" to describe my practice - and it's with intent. If there are 3 words which describe my intent, my goals, and my track records - are these three words. I don't believe we are cursed to anything, and I do believe someone who is restored in the faith that they have the ability to accomplish whatever they want - given they have the knowledge and the willingness necessary to. By working with you, I intend on giving you the knowledge - the willingness is on your side. 



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