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About me

I had been passionate about Astrology since my childhood, and actively learning since my teens. My mother was an Astrologer and was periodically giving me tidbits of information, but I had two growing concerns: 1) How to be sure this was something I could trust and not just an illusion of the mind and 2) How to become self-reliant and provide for myself all the answers I was looking for through Astrology, if it was to be true. 

From there followed a long period of probing and testing, quiet observation throughout the years. I had to be sure, before I'd allow myself to rely on it or even worse - let other people know what I had been up to. The experience evidently ended up being conclusive, and here I am now, sharing my findings, my passion, and providing answers, tools, and healing, with the most effective medium I have yet to encounter. 



My practice


My intent and goal is to help people heal and see patterns about themselves. I fully integrate psychology in my Astrology practice and focus quite a bit on what patterns in your chart say about your psyche and what patterns are holding you back or pushing you forward. 

My belief - and the feedbacks I regularly get from my clients - is that Astrology has the capacity to provide a shortcut within the practice of  psychological / spiritual analysis and growth. For someone seeking answers about themselves, their past, their present, their future, Astrology has the ability - just like intuition- to get right to the truth, cutting through the fog, and surely can save you time, energy, and money. 

Healing takes the time it takes, but Astrology has the capacity to provide tough truths, gentle confirmations, and the push you need to align yourself with your highest path. 

I use the words "in-depth, psychological, and empowering" to describe my practice - and it's with intent. If there are 3 words which describe my intent, my goals, and my track records - are these three words. I don't believe we are cursed to anything, and I do believe someone who is restored in the faith that they have the ability to accomplish whatever they want - given they have the knowledge and the willingness necessary to. By working with you, I intend on giving you the knowledge - the willingness is on your side. 


Julia Topaz

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