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Light and shadow of the zodiac signs

Let's imagine that each sign is a tool you were given at birth, the signs in which you have planets (click here to find out where your planets are) are the tools you were given to live and experience life, but you weren't given a manual or told how to use the tool, you just have to experiment and figure it out on your own, and depending on many factors such as who's advising you on how to use the tool, the choices you made with your tool, and for what you're trying to use the tool, you may succeed more or less on using it at its best capacities!

Below I describe the shadow of each sign. You may recognize yourself in the light only, in the shadow only, in a little bit of both. For some signs you may display more of the light, more of the shadow. Use it a self-assessment tool, and look at the light energy to see how you can reach higher grounds!

The shadow of each sign which I describe below is a lower expression and suffocated energy, somewhere along the way the tool was misused and doesn't function really well. You still have the tool, it works really well in itself, but you either use it wrong or aren't using it at its fullest capacities.

In this case, you may need to learn how to use the energy (the tool) better and what to do to get better results with it.

The light is the highest and fullest expression of the energy, you're using the tool like a champion and therefore you get great results with it.

Illustrations from O2re

Capricorn's light: Responsible, disciplined, successful, honorable, respectful and respected, grounded, realistic, persistent, seize and create opportunities, lead by example.

"I know what it takes"

Capricorn's shadow: Rigid attitudes, narrowed point of view, scarcity mindset, governed by fears, inconsistent, opportunistic, greedy, lack of morals, depressed.

"I don't have what it takes"

Aquarius' light: Open minded, innovative, outside the box thinker, original, questioning, intuitive, progressive, independent, humanitarian, idealistic, intellectual, creative.

"What if we looked at it differently"

Aquarius's shadow: Closed-minded, condescending, know-it-all, uncooperative, disruptive rebellion, constant opposition, inflexible, unreliable.

"It's how it is and it's not going to change"

Pisces' light: Compassionate, kind, idealistic, universal, collective, imaginative, artistic, psychic, savior, selfless, activist, empathetic.

"If it doesn't benefit the collective then it doesn't benefit me"

Pisces' shadow: Lethargy, confusion, boundaries issues, crushed by negative energies and feelings of hopelessness, lack of personal responsibility, escapist behaviors, victim mindset, feelings of rootlessness

"Nothing matters because the world is hopeless"

Aries' light: Go getter, straightforward, assertive, energetic, passionate, activist, warrior, protector, lead by actions.

"Fake it until you make it"

Aries' shadow: Selfish, uncaring, competitive, opportunistic, hurtful, aggressive, unthoughtful, rude, violent.

"Sounds like a you problem"

Taurus' light: Loyal, grounded, calm, focused, peaceful, artistic, nurturing, abundant, harmonious, stable.

"Life is full of pleasures and beauty and I am here to create it and enjoy it"

Taurus' shadow: Stubborn, inflexible, guilty, lack of self-worth, materialistic, greedy, unpleasant, survival mindset.

"Money is all that matters"

Gemini's light and vibrant energy: Curious, sharp, witty, thirsty for knowledge, flexible, fun, communicative, quick, creative, energetic.

"I want to know everything and share it with the world"

Gemini's shadow: Empty words and knowledge, inconsistent, restlessness, nervousness, unfocused, ungrounded, undiscriminating, unreliable.

"Words are there to serve me"

Cancer's light: Nurturing, caring, protective, empathetic, kind, fierce, emotional, understanding, loving, loyal, imaginative, intuitive, lead through vulnerability.

"Life isn't worth living without people to care for"

Cancer's shadow: Lack of objectivity, moodiness, inadequate emotional responses, brooding, emotionally closed off, codependency, anxious, addictions.

"No one want or can understand me so I don't care for anyone"

Leo's light: Generous, cheering, humble, optimistic, kind, loyal, supportive, strong ego, goal oriented, build people up, creative, warm, inspiring and inspired, charismatic.

"Your light inspires mine" Leo's shadow: Self-centered, arrogant, dominant, inflated/suppressed ego, crush people down, purposeless, tyrant, cut off from the creative source, narcissistic.

"Others need to fail so I can succeed"

Virgo's light: Caring, attentive, perfectionist, intellectual, humble, helpful, analytic, savior, practical, organized, disciplined, productive, hard-working, supportive.

"Helping others with what I know how to do best gives me a sense of fullfilment"

Virgo's shadow: Compulsive and obsessive behaviors, disorganized, overthinking, anxiety, nervousness, intellectualize emotions, shameful, rationalization, unproductive, patronizing, judging.

"Everyone and everything is flawed and not worth bothering"

Libra's light: Kind, polite, creates beauty, mediator, intellectual, interpersonal skills, fair, socially intelligent, artistic, composed, charming, gracious, objective, lead with kindness

"I need others and others need me to create and strive"

Libra's shadow: Boundaries issues, codependency, blurry sense of self, gossiping, procrastination, unfair, manipulative, indecisive, lack of energy.

"I'll do whatever it takes for them to like me so I can like myself"

Scorpio's light: Intuitive, deep, committed, passionate, discriminating, artistic / creative, knows how to surrender, vulnerable, self-transformative, self-awareness, powerful, in control, patient, leader, spiritual.

"By letting go of the things I can't control I empower myself and empower the world"

Scorpio's shadow: Brooding, vengeful, hateful, controlling, can't let go, crippling fears, guilty, addictions, obsessions, abusive, cut off from intuition, paranoid, mistrustful.

"I don't trust myself because I'm inherently bad and I don't trust anyone"

Sagittarius' light: Philosopher, optimistic, intellectual, explorer, adventurer, integrative of other people truths and opinions, fun, broad vision, abstract mind, generous, straightforward, honest, ethical, knowledgable, supportive, friendly

"How you perceive life is how you experience life"

Sagittarius' shadow: Dominating, impulsive, hurtful, lack of perspective, self-indulging, procrastinating, dishonest, arrogant, opinionated, inflated sense of self, changeable.

"My way or the high way"

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