Pluto in the 9th house: Believe

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

With Pluto located in the 9th House, there is quite a compulsive desire to make meaning of the world, of live, or the laws that rule and regulate the Universe.

This is quite the philosophical position of Pluto, and someone with Pluto located in this house absolutely feels compelled to not only make sense, understand, theorize and philosophize the world, but also has a compulsive need to share their vision and convince others of their beliefs.

The 9th House is the house of morality, laws, beliefs, meaning, and overall, this is where we build an umbrella belief system under which everything else falls into place. Here we decide of our intellectual vision of the world, under what dogma we operate - and if we have any dogma in the first place.

Someone with Pluto in their 9th House feels quite compelled to dig, discover, research, see, the clues and signs in the Universe of a presence of a divinity, an order, which would rule humanity. There can be quite a thirst for spiritual and religious knowledge - or, in good Pluto fashion - a repulsion for such themes. Whether we're in the compulsion or the repulsion phase, what's for sure is that there is no neutrality when it comes to it.

The 9th House rules spirituality and religion for sure, but also everything which helps making sense of the human experience: History in particular, but also archeology, or psychology. You'll find in particular people who are concerned with things like metaphysics, quantum physics, but also the Law of Attraction.

Pluto here is on a quest for meaning - if anyone is going to be keen on having spiritual concerns of: Why are we here, where do we come from, where are we going, what's the purpose of humanity? This is going to Pluto in the 9th House. And as these questions are going to be on the forefront of Pluto in the 9th House mind, you can be assured that, once adult, these people often has a strong opinion of their beliefs and of the answer to these questions.

There can be a tendency to become extremist in thought, as well as a tendency to believe that the truth they found is THE ultimate truth, superior to all, and have a tendency to impose it, wanting to indoctrinate others. It's a fairly common characteristic, but it can be overcome as the ultimate intent here is to discover the plurality of truths, and the question of perspective.

Another key feature of Pluto in the 9th house is a constant thirst for growth. The 9th House wants to grow - everything. And here Pluto can be particularly keen on getting extra education, extra training, extra knowledge. Here we have people keen on choosing a lifestyle or an occupation which allows them to always be learning and training. A student of life.

There is also a quite surprising effect to Pluto in the 9th House - and it is that they experience flashes of intuition, visions, that become true. Do they have some sort of intuitive power, allowing them to see the "future", or are they manifesting their vision through the sheer power of the Law of attraction? Not sure - but you can surely rely on their visions to know what is in the domain of the possible: pretty much anything.

With Pluto in the 9th house there is a compulsive attachment to making things mean something. Humans are meaning making machine, but someone with Pluto here is going to have a tendency to attach meaning to things, but also develop a whole philosophy, perspective, dogma in their life. It can be a very empowering and positive thing, it can also be much less positive if the meaning and dogma is distorted or negative.

Pluto in this house is learning the power of faith and belief, and how empowering or disempowering it can be.

Recommend reads on Pluto:

"Pluto: An evolutionary Journey of the Soul": By Jeff Greene

"The book of Pluto": By Steven Forrest

"Breaking the habit of being yourself": By Joe Dispenza, a book on manifesting / the law of attraction

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