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Qualities & flaws of the zodiac signs: Deep dive


Interested to read the best qualities and worst flaws of the zodiac signs? Look no further. This post will help you understand yourself according to your birth chart placements. Don't just look at the zodiac sign of your Sun, but be sure to also check your Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars! If you're not sure where your planets are, you can pull your birth chart with a free report here.

Qualities and flaws of the zodiac signs


The Good: Aries doesn't have the time to sit down, ponder and worry. Aries is out there, living their best life. When they see something they like, they take it. Aries is energetic, confident, and assertive. They're born leaders and they are fiercely protective of other people.

The Bad: Aries can be short-sighted and impulsive. They can do things because it feels good in the moment, and realize later they did not act in their best interest. Aries also has a tendency to be self-centred and selfish. Although meeting your needs first is important, considering others also is essential.

The Ugly: Aries energy can be aggressive, physically and else. It's also an energy that is more immature by essence and can remain... eternally like this.


The Good: Taurus knows how to be present, calm and calming. This energy is secure, grounding and safe. Taurus is incredibly sensual and appreciates peace so they make steady partners and friends. They're also practical and have common sense that can be so simple and yet so refreshing.

The Bad: Taurus is notoriously stubborn and inflexible and relating can be challenging when Taurus is too fixated on drawing rigid boundaries. Greediness can sometimes be a problem too for Taurus and overall hoarding/possessiveness.

The Ugly: Taurus energy can be so obsessed with safety and security that it ends up truly not living but only coasting. It can completely destroy any potential growth.


The Good: Gemini is incredibly curious and communicative. They typically know everything that's going around and are typically jacks of all trades. They're really good at adapting to situations and are quite flexible. They also have no problem changing their mind if new information comes to light.

The Bad: Gemini typically struggles with restlessness, boredom and lack of focus. It's common to see Gemini energy starting a lot of fires and walking away before it has the time to truly burn. Inconsistency and inability to sustain efforts can cause a lot of wasted time and energy.

The Ugly: Gemini is able to rationalize and justify absolutely anything and at its worst, it can lose any type of truth or moral compass.


The Good: Cancer energy is incredibly nourishing, mothering, caring and giving. They make incredible partners and allies and are so good at making other people feel like they're part of a family. They foster connection and closeness.

The Bad: Cancer energy is typically fearful and anxious. Its main desire is to feel safe and protected and the threshold for what constitutes a threat can be pretty low.

The Ugly: Cancer can be incredibly subjective and believe that their feelings are a reflection of reality so it can be challenging to have a conflict with them. Because they believe in their emotions so much they can become manipulative.


The Good: Leo energy is so warm and inviting. They. feel like a ray of sunshine and can be incredibly giving and kind-hearted. They genuinely believe in loving, inspiring, cherishing and uplifting people around them. Born cheerleaders and incredibly loyal, their confidence inspires others.

The Bad: Leo energy can be a little dramatic sometimes. Although they're passionate, sometimes they make matters worse by adding too much theatrics. They can also be very attention-oriented and need lots of reassurance they are loved.

The Ugly: Leo energy can be domineering and quite frankly narcissistic, at its worst. This energy can feel like everything is about them and make things personal when they aren't. Entitlement can run deep as well.


The Good: Virgo energy is very attuned to the details and will not miss a spot. They're naturally humble, modest, hard-working and with good ethics. They are natural caretakers and love feeling helpful and needed.

The Bad: It's hard for Virgo to have high self-esteem because they are naturally wired to notice everything that is "wrong." Perfectionists, they can feel constantly dissatisfied. Sometimes they're so focused on looking at things closely, they miss out on the big picture.

The Ugly: Virgo energy can be extremely nitpicky, critical and condescending. Under the guise of helping, they can end up cutting you down in pieces. Virgo energy is also quite stingy sometimes.


The Good: Libra energy is peace-loving and would go to great lengths to avoid ugliness in any form. It's a very justice-oriented energy and being fair and just is at the top of their priority. They naturally prioritize relationships and being collaborative, compromising and kind. They're great at understanding where others are coming from.

The Bad: It's very hard for Libra to make decisions because they are constantly considering things from all perspectives, making it hard to identify what must be prioritized. They also naturally tend to avoid conflict and feel uncomfortable with asserting themselves and having healthy conflict.

The Ugly: Libra can bend so much to fit other people's expectations they end up with no true authentic self. People-pleasing and submissive behaviours can lead to resentment.


The Good: Scorpio energy is incredibly deep, intimate, and able to understand others like no one else can. At its best, Scorpio is an energy of self-mastery, enlightenment, profound wisdom and emotional strength. Scorpio can hear anything, accept anything, and forgive a lot of things. Its loyalty is undying when it reaches a high level of bonding.

The Bad: Scorpio can be distrustful and suspicious, testing others and putting them through hoops. It can have a tendency to lash out, hurt before you get hurt type of vibe. It can also get stuck on the past, ruminating, finding it hard to release and face the unknown.

The Ugly: If Scorpio goes ugly, it goes REAL ugly. Because it represents the shadow, the dark, the "hidden", tucked in the subconscious, it can give rise to "dark triad traits": Predation, manipulation, control, the end justifies the means.


The Good: Sag energy is incredibly optimistic, inspiring and inspired. They're spontaneous, adventurous and philosophical, gathering experience and wisdom so they can teach it to others. They make a lot of mistakes as they have this foolish streak, but they also learn a lot from them + seem to be able to bounce back from just anything.

The Bad: Sagittarius energy can be quite complacent, favouring immediate gratification over long-term rewards. Sag energy is also known for its tendency to be insensitive, hurtfully blunt, and too quick to act to consider the consequences of their actions.

The Ugly: Sagittarius energy can be incredibly reckless, leaving a trail of chaos behind. Dumpster fire energy is truly a possibility with Sagittarius, as well as the tendency to take foolish risks and/or bend morality to fulfill impulses.


The Good: Cap energy is reliable, sturdy, disciplined, controlled and tangible. They're rather predictable because they value the nonsensical. Utterly practical, they want a life that is stable, prestigious and leaves them with a good reputation. They work hard at what they value.

The Bad: Capricorn tends to view emotions as secondary at best, weakness at worst. This lack of value for emotionality can be difficult for them + others and can hinder the growth of relationships.

The Ugly: The end justifies the means. Capricorn energy can be quite Machiavellian at times. Capricorn doesn't care for games or manipulation, but their outlook on life can be incredibly cold and practical. Business first, outcome first.


The Good: Aquarius energy is rebellious and idealistic, they have firm beliefs and will be unwavering in applying them. They're independent, intelligent, resourceful and need very little input or help. They're also very intuitive and innovative, not afraid to stand out.

The Bad: Aquarius is known to be rather cool & aloof, and that's because they tend to intellectualize everything. They also tend to be uncooperative, as they value their freedom & individuality way more than they value belonging. Since they're resourceful & don't need anyone, they have few reasons to cooperate.

The Ugly: Great ideologies sometimes lead to disatrous results, and that's often when the idea is disconnected from the emotional outcome. Aquarius can suffer from similar patterns, not considering the emotional outcome of what they want, think, believe in or do.


The Good: Pisces is the kind-hearted of the zodiac. Compassion, empathy, unconditional love, forgiveness, sensitivity and creativity. This softness and ability to love is rather unique and they need a lifestyle that can reward and accommodate their natural gifts.

The Bad: Pisces is a very emotional sign and they can let their feelings drown them. Favourite coping tool? Escapism. Sometimes, the escape is healthy, like art and spirituality. Sometimes, the choices are more destructive. Pisces can also be quite impractical and lose touch with reality. Pisces can also be gullible and led astray by others less scrupulous.

The Ugly: Pisces can be so committed to not taking responsibility that they can wreck havoc around them while being unable to see their part. Sometimes, the escape will go as far as taking the role of the victim when they were the perpetrator.


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