Moon in Scorpio : I hate that I love you

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

When the Sun is your conscious identity, the Moon is your subconscious identity. It's how you feel, what you need, how you process things on an emotional level, yet you're not necessarily very aware of your Moon. Moon represents your automatic and subconscious mechanisms, your coping mechanisms. Moon in Scorpio is most often than not considered to be someone cold and cool by the people who don't know them enough - and only a few are granted such access.

Cool and collected on the surface, appearing often unbothered, almost emotionless - there are so many things happening internally that Scorpio Moon won't show you: Hurt, pain, anger, rage, sadness. Scorpio Moon feels a lot, almost everything, and no matter how much they care - or not- about psychology, in every Scorpio Moon there is a fine psychologist waiting to blossom.

Scorpio Moon needs a very high level of intimacy, and so here we find people who hold the potential of holding space for others emotionally, people who can show tremendous patience and forgiveness, because they experience the most violent, intense, and dark emotions - they know what pain and suffering other people go through. Not everyone will blossom into the highest expressions of this Moon, but the potential for being endlessly compassionate forgiving, empathetic, and understanding of other people's psyche is very much present.

Scorpio Moon is often described as dangerous, vengeful, bitter - and the potential is most definitely there. Someone with Scorpio Moon experiences such raw emotions and pain that it's easy to see how some people behave like wounded animals - they are. But give them empathy and patience and you might find in them the best ally you ever asked for.

Scorpio energy wants the highest level of intimacy, but because once they open up you will be flooded with everything they keep so tight and close to their heart - they are very wary of opening to someone and ending up being betrayed, scaring people away, or being judged.

Fear of betrayal is very high for this Moon, and part of the reason why is that they have such a high sensitivity to betrayal, they tend to see it in the smallest acts. For example, if a Scorpio Moon shares something private with you, and you laugh it out, not realizing the importance of what they just said, they're likely to feel so deeply hurt, they will struggle to trust you again. On your end, you probably did not realize what just happened and will be iced out perhaps by the Scorpio Moon, and will always wonder what happened.

Scorpio Moon people are extremely guarded, and they are because they need to feel safe - They need to know you will treat their inner world with care, empathy, love and acceptance.

As a result, Scorpio Moon tend to seek control: of what people know, of the possible bullets that could be turned against them, of the "breaches of security" that other people could use when they're at a weak point. There is most definitely a tendency to be paranoid as Scorpio is very much aware of the darkness of each one of us and therefore always thinks of the worst that could happen. It is very much a "guilty until proven innocent" type of energy, and of course, depending on the rest of the chart this energy is either magnified or lessened.

Hence there is an urge for protecting intimacy, and what is considered intimate can be a very extensive list for Scorpio Moon. Again, in the very black and white emotional mind of Scorpio, "anything that you say may and will be held against you". In this mindset, would you share things about yourself?

The reality is that Scorpio Moon is so, so vulnerable. There is a great need for emotional nurturing and often there is a wound in the nurturance. Not necessarily because the mother was particularly wounding, I read often people worrying "my child has a Scorpio Moon does it mean they will hate me" - No, not one bit. Many mothers are amazing at raising their Scorpio Moon child, many Scorpio Moon children love their mother. There might be some resentment towards the mother, that is possible given Scorpio Moon is very tormented by nature and the mother is the first experience of nurturance, it is a possibility - but not much more than any other Moon sign.

Scorpio Moons want the truth above all. This Moon sign typically shows people willing to have very hard conversations, very hard rites of passage - but they would rather suffer in truth than know bliss in ignorance. You often find these people in therapy sessions - either as a client or as a therapist. Not to say Scorpio Moon needs more therapy than others, simply that if anyone is willing to look inwards and look at what is scary and painful - it's them. In my last Astrology class, most students had Scorpio Moon - Does it surprise you, a bunch of people wanting to learn the truth of the cosmos? Didn't surprise me one bit!

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Often you can hear Scorpio Moons say "I love you more", or "how much do you love me?", there is an anxiety of not having enough, not being loved and nurtured enough that always comes with this placement. There are most definitely covert needs with a Scorpio Moon, and the rest of the chart is going to tell us whether this Scorpio Moon has the ability to communicate the needs or if it remains bottled up and pent up.

When a Moon in Scorpio is hurt, the first reaction is to seek revenge. "An eye for an eye", they're looking to put you in the same position as the one they felt they were in so that you can understand what they felt. There is a need to seek justice, to inflict, to punish. The sign of Scorpio is about control and power, and the Moon is so uncomfortable in this sign because their nature is so different. Yet Scorpio Moons often learn and grow, they learn that they do not gain compassion nor a feeling of peace by seeking punishments, they learn that there is a need to control and transform their pain into something more meaningful, sometimes leading to artistic characters because art is such a great way to sublime the pain.

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