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Chiron in aspect in the natal chart

Hurt me neon sign

What is Chiron?

Chiron in the natal chart is a sensitive point that represents where we have raw spots, wounds and negative core beliefs. Wherever Chiron is located in your chart, we can see by its sign and house as well as by aspect where you've been hurting and what may still be causing you pain.

Chiron in aspect to birth chart planets

Let's overview the effects of Chiron in aspect to birth chart planets.

Chiron - Moon

Core belief: I am alone

When Chiron and Moon are in aspects, whatever the sign of Chiron is it shows nurturance issues. Especially with the hard aspects but in some cases with the easy ones too, Chiron in aspect to the Moon shows some kind of emotional wounding. There is something in the relationship with the parents growing up that was deeply wounding for the child, and the person can grow in life feeling like they haven't been taken care of, that they haven't been fully supported emotionally. They can fear abandonment, rejection, and intimacy. Often, there is a sense of emotional hunger that nothing can soothe.

The relationship to the feminine, in general, can be impaired, and we find a lot of emotional trauma that hasn't necessarily been processed. There is a bottomless need for love and nurturance, and yet, there can be limiting beliefs in regards to it, a belief that love is painful, or that nurturance is painful, which can limit the capacity to give and receive love. I'd put more so the focus on receiving love as being limited here, as Chiron - Moon can actually be quite the endless giver.

Once the work on Chiron is initiated, we can find people who are particularly invested in healing. Whether it's psychological, emotional, or physical healing, we do find people who are involved with helping and caregiving. Positively, Chiron - Moon can show someone invested in some kind of support to the feminine and the women cause, someone involved in motherhood/nurturance matters, and can take on the role of a nurturer for the ones in need.

In love, Chiron - Moon can develop quite a magical sensitivity and become unconditionally loving and giving. However, in the first time, it's usually a lot of suffering in regard to a feeling of never being quite fulfilled. Here we need to mend the heart and heal the original wound found in childhood.

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Chiron - Sun

Core belief: Being me is wrong, I should hide

Chiron and Sun in aspect represent a deep wounding to the ego, possibly through the father. Sometimes the father was wounding, sometimes the father was mostly wounded, and gave an example or simple, a DNA. With Chiron in aspect to Sun, there is a difficulty in being oneself and it can reflect in the life of the person by mysterious diseases (especially with Chiron inconjunct Sun). What is going on with this Chiron - Sun is that the person for a reason or another, grew up feeling that there was something quite not right with them; made to feel that being themselves was painful, and therefore there is a natural tendency to withdraw, as being oneself is difficult.

The Sun represents our conscious identity and overall - how we see ourselves. With Chiron and Sun in contact, we see ourselves as wounded, and therefore we might project as well a wounded image. Positively, we can see ourselves as healers, and we might very well be. The wound and the gift lie in the solar plexus and the heart, work around these chakras and concept will help with mending the wound.

There are other scenarios possible, but the result is always the same: There is a difficulty in truly being yourself, expressing yourself, asserting yourself as an individual, and exploring your creative capacities.

Creativity can be blocked, ego issues can block some relationships and possible achievements. With Chiron - Sun contacts we can see people with fluctuating confidence -

and the reason is this one; the self-esteem and self-concept are wounded.

On the plus side, Chiron - Sun represents the capacity to build other people up, show them their own value, their own qualities. Someone with Chiron - Sun contacts in the natal chart can really bring warmth and joy in other people because that is what they really wanted for themselves.

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Chiron - Mercury

Core belief: I am not smart enough

Chiron and Mercury in contact in the birth chart often talk about mental difficulties. Whether it's actual mental disorders and illnesses or impairments, or just fears of.

Often the person feels somewhat impaired when it comes to their communication and mental function: Someone feels insecure because of their way of speaking, because of their accent, because of the way their brain learns, processes and memorizes. It doesn't have to be an actual impairment, sometimes the person is just made to feel that way.

Often what we see with this aspect is simpler than that. It's often someone who was made to feel, for a reason or another, "less than" intellectually. Perhaps their ideas were mocked, invalidated, dismissed - but the belief growing up is that their intellectual capacities or communication capacities are impaired. Sometimes it's true and it is something to overcome, like a language impairment, sometimes it's purely psychological.

There is the possibility of trouble with siblings, here again, whether because the sibling was actually wounding or because the person feels in competition with the sibling. Sometimes it's simply that the relationship with a sibling created a wound: Perhaps they had to take care of their siblings in a way that was too taxing for their young self, perhaps a sibling is in danger, or ill - or they were favoured and it created wounding envy.

Overall there is a lack of confidence in one's intellectual capacities and it's really a work of building yourself up until you feel confident expressing yourself and communicating.

Chiron - Mercury can heal themselves often through communicating their pain, whether it's by writing, drawing, singing, or just speaking about it. Being vocal about the Chiron's wound is often seen and they show others the way to healing.

Recommended reading:

  • Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets

  • "Driven to distraction": A book on ADHD as I have found Mercury - Chiron to be a high occurrence in cases of ADHD / ADD

Chiron - Venus

Core belief: Love hurts

Chiron - Venus in the natal chart is almost always way more about the relationship to oneself than the relationship to others. With this aspect in the chart, until the person builds a healthy relationship with themselves and healthy self-esteem, healthy self-worth, they will repeatedly end up in relationships in which the partner ends up provoking some additional wounding. With Chiron and Venus, the person is really asked to love themselves because somewhere down the road they were made to feel like they didn't deserve to be loved unconditionally, that maybe they weren't lovable at all or weren't "good enough" to get the kind of love they want and deserve. These beliefs impair the capacity to build healthy relationships, but also the capacity to earn the income they would wish for. Our capacity to earn money is directly related to what we believe we deserve, and with Chiron in aspect to Venus, this belief can be quite distorted.

Often, relationships are painful - but not so much because of a mystical curse, more so because the person has such an ingrained expectation that love hurts, that they are subconsciously attracted to people who are wounding, and wounded. It also appeals to Chiron healing powers, as the person can end up dedicating their energy to healing someone else, instead of mending their own heart.

On the plus side, you'll find Chiron - Venus in the charts of love coaches, coaches in general, and relationship counsellors as often the person becomes quite skilled at the things for which they experienced pain.

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Chiron - Mars

Core belief: Expressing anger will get me in trouble

Chiron and Mars in the natal chart are always about difficulties in asserting yourself and expressing anger. Often what happens with Chiron Mars is that someone in the family or entourage growing up was particularly enraged or displaying excessive authority, making the child feel like expressing your anger was something absolutely terrifying.

Growing up there is an awkwardness, a difficulty with saying no, with having clear boundaries, and with asserting the desires and the will. The person is either overly shy or overly aggressive in situations that do not require such displays of assertions. The person can also explore both extremes in different contexts. Sexual blockages are possible too, as the person may not feel comfortable sharing and ask for what they truly want.

Here we have a classic case of the wounded masculine. If the person is a male / identify as a man, this is particularly potent. You'll find men who are either devoid of their masculine energy or men who overcompensate quite clearly their masculinity and can show signs of "toxic masculinity": Excessive machos, associating physical strengths and aggression with signs of masculinity, compulsive sexual conquests.

For women, there can be the same energy, but often it translates more so in people who find it difficult to assert themselves, be clear about their desires, and express themselves sexually.

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Chiron - Jupiter

Core belief: Believing hurts

Chiron and Jupiter in contact really show a wounding in the belief system. Especially so for the generation who has Jupiter and Chiron conjunct in Cancer, we very often have someone who inherited from the mother's beliefs AND wound and can feel stuck in a loop where they're repeating a family history, and often a painful one.

Sometimes, Chiron - Jupiter represents a deep wounding that occurred at school, or through teachers.

The overall energy though is that the person was made to feel along the way that their own opinions and their own beliefs were less than, or they were deprived from the capacity to form their own beliefs and opinions. As much as everyone suffers to some degree from distorted beliefs - someone with Chiron and Jupiter in aspect has specifically a lot of distorted and painful beliefs which prevents them from growing and experiencing joy.

We often find here as well someone who was wounded by some religion, dogma, or spiritual belief. Often it's within the family cell - but it sometimes happens through education.

With this Chiron, it's extremely important to learn how to slow down and breakdown every single thought you have and ask yourself - Is this a fact, or a belief? Do I know this to be absolutely true? If not - is this a belief? And is this belief rational, moderate, and supportive of my happiness and growth?

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Chiron - Saturn

Core belief: I am inadequate

Chiron opposite Saturn is usually quite typical of a very wounding relationship to the father and/or to authority figures in general. Often, the father was tyrannical, unfair, wounding, and/or simply absent or wounded himself.

With Chiron – Saturn, we find someone who can have extreme fears of being judged, overall, someone who experiences strong fear of inadequacy, imposter syndrome, constant feeling of not being enough, undeserving, imperfect. Often, we’ll find someone who can be extremely judgemental towards others as well, rejecting others, being harsh on others – this being simply a representation of how they were treated growing up, how they treat themselves

With this Chiron - Saturn (frequently we find Chiron opposite Saturn) there is a strong tendency to try to achieve and work hard, tirelessly, to mend the original wound of inadequacy. Fear of rejection is often a strong wound too, and even more so if we find Chiron in Libra or in the 7th House.

We can also find trouble with authority figures in general, government, bosses - as they are associated with the tyrannical energy, objective or subjective, which was experienced as a child.

Here we’re working on undoing all of the fears, all of the negative core beliefs (I’m not enough, I will be rejected, I will fail, I don’t deserve it, it won’t happen, people will judge me, etc).

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Chiron - Uranus

Core belief: I am different, I don't belong

Chiron Uranus has a tremendous fear of standing out, a fear of being too unique, too different, too eccentric. The core belief here is "I don't belong", and so despite unique gifts and eccentricities which make the person quite talented, there is a consistent reluctance in being oneself, in all of its individuality, as the core belief is that if the person truly shows who they are, they will be ostracized.

A Chiron - Uranus person is looking to heal this core belief and display their Uranian gifts, as it is truly by standing out and accepting to be "singled out", that they will experience a healing of their Chiron.

Recommended reading:

Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets

PS: if you want to know what are books I recommend to learn Astrology, you can find all my recommended books (Astrology & Psychology) on my Amazon store.


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Feb 14, 2022

I have Chiron - Moon and my husband has Chiron - Moon as well, we both have so much love to give but were never allowed to give it and we both felt alone but now we feel alone together and with all this information I think we can help each other


Roberto Feldmann
Roberto Feldmann
Oct 03, 2021

Am I wrong or are Chiron-Neptune and Chiron-Pluto missing here?


Sep 25, 2020

I have so many Chiron aspects and it all makes sense. It honestly feels like I'm never going to get over it and succeed in life. I have Chiron in Cancer 11H:

Moon inconjunct Chiron

Mercury square Chiron

Venus quintile Chiron

Mars square Chiron

Jupiter semisextile Chiron

Saturn opposite Chiron

Uranus opposite Chiron

Neptune opposite Chiron

Pluto trine Chiron

Asc sextile Chiron

Throw in Sun square Moon


Feb 08, 2020

Chiron conj. Saturn and Venus , in Pisces, tenth house. A healer, attracting wounded partners


Aljoša Gačnik S56FGP
Aljoša Gačnik S56FGP
Aug 22, 2019

Chiron exact conj. Moon in the house of security 2. both in Opposition to Uranus. Mercury conj. Jupiter in Pisces square Neptune. Sun oppo. Pluto. Stellarium in 1. house...

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