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Chiron in the natal chart: What hurts?

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Chiron in the birth chart

Chiron in the birth chart represents a deep wound that finds its origins in childhood. Over time, I've found that Chiron represents our raw spots, our negative core beliefs, where we have a deep but perhaps unconscious wound. Chiron represents where we have been wounded and where can also experience healing.

Although the effects of Chiron are deeply amplified when in contact with personal planets, its position by zodiac sign and Astrology house is significant in itself and helps identify where you were wounded.

Once you start identifying what is your personal Chiron wound and spend some time healing it, you can become a positive force for others and help others heal their own traumas.

A strong Chiron in your birth chart can signify you have the ability to be a healer and urges you to study its effects in your life. Note that Chiron is slow moving, and therefore its position by house is more significant than its sign. This article is based on the great work of Eric Brown!

Chiron in Aries - Chiron in the 1st House

Chiron in the 1st House or Chiron in Aries talks about a wound regarding the self-image, the self-concept. Here there is a difficult relationship to the self-concept, the body or the image. When Chiron is close to the AS cusp, often we find people who were bullied in school, and therefore experience a strong wound in regards to their identity.

There often is difficulties in expressing anger in a healthy manner and we can experience, just like with Chiron - Mars, a tendency either suppress the masculine energy (yang), or over-compensate and inflate it. You can, as a consequence, be impatient, irritable, frustrated, tense, angry, and violent. On the other end, you can be extremely shy, anger can be repressed and turned inwards. Energy levels and sexual energies can be up and down; too much/inhibited. There can be a lot of torments in regards to give and take balance.

Physical symptoms: Headaches, insomnia, fevers, accidents, bruises and especially around the head.

Negative thoughts: Thinking you’re selfish, thinking you’re negative and/or useless, thinking you’re too aggressive, too assertive.

Healing: Exploring yourself, spending time by yourself, practicing honouring the self and discovering one self. Practice assertiveness and boundaries, through sports and relationship work.

Chiron in Taurus - Chiron in the 2nd House

When Chiron is located in Taurus in the birth chart, there can be difficulties in manifesting inner values and talents, in attracting and retaining material possessions and acquisitions, in manifesting your financial value. Here there is a deep wound to the self-esteem, and there can be a difficult relationship to the self, to the physical body, and to overall the self-esteem. The difficulty here is that the ingrained belief when it comes to the worthiness of the self are directly impacting various areas of your life.

One common manifestation i've noticed is a difficult relationship to food, compulsive - and a tendency to accumulate physical possessions.

Physical symptoms: Tensions and pain in neck and shoulders, throat, thyroid. Trouble with assimilation process and growth.

Negative thoughts: I’m not worth it, I’m no good, no one loves me, I don’t deserve it.

Healing: Build a healthy relationship to financial matters by securing savings and stay aware of potential greediness. Detach yourself emotionally from possessions and consciously practice generosity. Focus on building your self-worth and self-esteem.

Chiron in Gemini - Chiron in the 3rd House

Difficulties in communicating, learning, organizing thoughts and concepts. There is also a possibility to experience physical issues around communicating, just like with Chiron - Mercury, being misunderstood regarding your opinions and thoughts. Lots of mental anxiety, overthinking and/or being absent minded, struggle with argumentation, trying to be everything for everyone.

Physical symptoms: Asthma, lungs infections, ears infections, mental fatigue, speech impediment, hands and arms injuries.

Negative thoughts: I’m misunderstood, I’m stupid, no one cares what I have to say, no one listens, my opinion is worthless.

Healing: Working consciously on flexibility (being open to other’s ideas, new ideas, working on playing with concepts). NLP is a good option too, as well as practicing speaking and public speaking to challenge your fears and practice flexibility.

Chiron in Cancer / 4th House: I’m abandoned

When Chiron is in Cancer or in the 4th house in the birth chart, there are often difficulties regarding intimacy and nurturance. Childhood may have been wounding either if it was real or just felt as such - the point here is that what's supposed to feel safe, nurturing, loving, welcoming (family) is associated with pain and trauma. There is also a possibility to make the mother’s wound yours. Difficulties in nurturing and supporting others as there is a difficulty to do it for oneself. High needs for emotional security and comfort. Very high sensitivity, moodiness, emotional insecurity, deep unidentified fears, feelings of being rejected and abandoned often.

Negative thoughts: I’m too vulnerable, no one likes me, no one cares for me.

Healing: Spend energy in building an inner emotional security, building a healthy and positive self-image, develop what’s unique about oneself as opposed to identify as part of a family/group, practice openness.

Chiron in Leo - Chiron in the 5th House

People with Chiron in Leo or Chiron in the 5th house typically find it difficult to feel the right to shine and express themselbes. There's often as well with this placement of Chiron a father wound. Here we have someone who identified their inner child (the creative, playful, expressive part of yourself who wants to be seen and heard) as something which had to be repressed.

The ego is often the centre of the issue, problem with self-love, self-appreciation, the ego is inflated or suppressed. Arrogance, snobbishness, selfishness are possible.

Physical symptoms: Heart issues, blood circulation, back, back muscles.

Negative thoughts: I can’t be seen, I’m not authentic, I’m incomplete, I’m not creative.

Healing: Practice giving and receiving love and attention as much as possible. Focus on witnessing others, seeing them, hearing them, loving them. The more you can give this energy, the more you'll align yourself to receive it. Try expressive and creative activities.

Chiron in Virgo/ 6th House: I’m useless

Chiron in Virgo or Chiron in the 6th house tends to manifest as fears of not being up to the task, whatever task it is. Difficulties in developing capacities of analysis, judgment, critical self. Difficulties in being flexible in general; with life challenges and trivial events. People with Chiron in Virgo tend to be too fixated on technical details, unproductive critics, and possibility to be intolerant. Overall due to a lack of self-confidence and a difficulty to accept the self-flaws. Feeling inapt.

Physical symptoms: Bad health, whether it's real or feared. Health is where the wound express itself often - especially so mental health; but also intestine and liver issues (repressed anger).

Negative thoughts: I have to fit in, I’m inapt, I’m not competent.

Healing: Spending time in purifying and perfect oneself in order to feel more confident and competent. Having lots of care for the health and practicing being at the service of others, helping others. Reflect on what individuality / universal means to you, the goal is finding a way to form a clear perception of individuality, in order to be useful for the collective.

Chiron in Libra - Chiron in the 7th house

When Chiron is located in Libra or in the 7th house, there can be difficulties in the social life as there can be wounds connected with relating. Relationships, and romantic relationships in particular, can be a particular source of wounding. People with Chiron in Libra or Chiron in the 7th house typically have difficulties in getting others to know who they truly are and therefore difficulties establishing authentic relationships. Pain around love affairs as in being dependant to others or being hurt by others. The attitude is overall hesitant, uncertain. Fear of rejection can be particularly painful.

Physical symptoms: Metabolism issues, diabetes, blood circulation, bladder, liver, glands issues.

Negative thoughts: I’m not lovable, people don't like me, I don’t deserve to be loved.

Healing: Working on the balance, cooperation with others, communicating.

At the same time, working on being more decisive while staying fair.

Chiron in Scorpio - Chiron in the 8th House

When Chiron is in Scorpio or in the 8th house in the birth chart, the person hasdDifficulties in achieving real intimacy. There are strong wounds of abandonment and strong difficulties in letting go. This is a placement of Chiron that indicates trauma can cause from being emotionally dependent and/or manipulated, rejected, controlled by a partner - or displaying such qualities to be sure to keep the power (letting go of control is a particular source of concern). The thoughts can be negative and self-sabotaging, bitterness, pettiness, and jealousy. The negative feelings can be strong when triggered: hate, obsession, rage. Here the key factor is to learn how to welcome change & let go of control.

Physical symptoms: Uterus and genitals issues are possible. Anything related to procreation as well as anal region.

Negative thoughts: I can’t trust anyone, I can’t be trusted, people are fundamentally bad.

Healing: Any therapy that allows working on letting go, deep psychology/astrology/therapy, practicing gratitude, meditation and getting to know the shadow self to release any unwanted negative feelings.

Chiron in Sagittarius - Chiron in the 9th House

People with Chiron in Sagittarius or in the 9th house in their birth chart can have difficulties with spiritual evolution. Typically this placement of Chiron in the birth chart can signify difficulties in remaining open minded and open to the world in general. There can be a fear of being judged for your beliefs or principles, feeling restricted in your freedom of thinking and faith, difficulties in higher studies or foreign countries.

Positivity can be blocked, lack of moderation, extremism in thoughts and beliefs, intolerance, preaching.

Physical symptoms: Hips, butt, legs injuries and pain, injuries from excess of something, breathing issues.

Negative thoughts: You can’t expect to get more from life than what you were born with, my truth is the truth, I’m overconfident.

Healing: Be more inclusive of people’s beliefs and opinions, practice openness in thoughts, force yourself to be disciplined and measured in actions and thought, traveling can be a good therapy to open the mind.

Chiron in Capricorn - Chiron in the 10th House

With Chiron in Capricorn or in the 10th house in the natal chart, there is often difficulties in “adulting” and achieving maturity, quite often, because of something that happened in connection with the father. With this placement of Chiron in Capricorn, there can be pain regarding social and professional image, as well as recognition. Authorities issues, the father may have been wounding or simply absent.

People with Chiron in the 10th house can have deep inner fears and total lack of flexibility. There is a constant need to prove yourself and there can be difficulties in reaching the goals and ambitions. The main issue revolves around too much rigidity, you tend to freeze and feel depressed and rejected, you feel there is a constant excess of pressure and responsibilities.

Physical symptoms: Arthritis, bone issues, any joints and in particular knees, muscle cramps, depression and melancholia.

Negative thoughts: It’s all my fault, overly criticizing yourself, I’m too controlling.

Healing: Humour!! Laugh at yourself with empathy, cut yourself some slack while emphasize a lot on organization and planning, give your life structure by any means, positive assertions are valid for all positions but especially for this one, any game or exercise that can help practice mental flexibility and body flexibility.

Chiron in Aquarius - Chiron in the 11th house

Chiron in Aquarius and Chiron in the 11th house often mean that there is pain regarding the creative self, and the intuitive self. There is a desire but also a difficulty to revolutionize what’s established. People with Chiron in the 11th house often have wounds and difficulties in feeling a part of society, community, feeling excluded. Often too, Chiron in Aquarius represents a fear of manifesting the innovative and forward-thinking ideas you have. Possibilities to be betrayed by friends and/or difficulties in developing a group spirit. You can be individualistic, erratic, unstable, changing, rebellious.

Physical symptoms: Weak ankles, nervous issues.

Negative thoughts: I should be different than who I am, I don’t fit in the mould, I’m too much.

Healing: Astrology is well indicated, as well as any group therapy. Practice a more inclusive attitude, share your ideas with people and cultivate your original and innovative side.

Chiron in Pisces - Chiron in the 12th house

People with Chiron in the 12th house or Chiron in Pisces often have difficulties in developing imagination and the comprehension of the universe. Struggle with developing the feeling of union with others and feeling lonely as a consequence. With this placement of Chiron in the 12th house there can be problems with escapist behaviors and substance abuse, as well as unrealistic dreams, boundaries issues, and savior-victim patterns. Ego can be hard to define, feeling rootless.

Physical symptoms: Problems with feet, oversensitivity to the environment and chemical products, personal negligence, addictions, digestive issues.

Negative thoughts: The world is hopeless, I’m not in this world.

Healing: Use and develop the imaginative self, practice empathy any chance you have. Meditation is greatly indicated for this position as well as Reiki with its connection to the collective. Any art can be a great way to develop the imagination.


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