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Mars in signs in the birth chart (Aries to Virgo)

Planet Mars

What is Mars in the birth chart?

The planet Mars in astrology is often associated with energy, action, and drive. It represents the way we assert ourselves and pursue our goals, and can also reveal our sexual nature and physical stamina. As one of the most powerful and dynamic planets in the solar system, Mars has a significant influence on our personalities and behaviours.

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at Mars in the birth chart for each zodiac sign, exploring how this planet manifests in different ways depending on your astrological sign. Whether you're an impulsive Aries, a determined Taurus, or a passionate Scorpio, the placement of Mars in your birth chart can reveal important insights about your strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies. So let's dive in and explore what Mars has to say about your astrological sign!

Expression of Mars for men versus for women in the birth chart

Mars in the chart of a man plays out differently than in the chart of a woman. Mars represents the masculine principle, and so for men, their Mars sign describes how they formed their ego as a man. A man will typically really embody his Mars and really behave like Mars describes (of course, certain aspects can modify the energy) while women are more subtle about their Mars expression. A woman typically only displays her Mars when angry, or in her everyday life but with much more subtle expressions. Mars for women tends to represent the type of partner she attracts.

This post is part 1 and describes Mars in Aries to Mars in Virgo. To see the interpretations for Mars in Libra to Mars in Pisces, head to part 2.

Mars in Aries


Someone with Mars in Aries gets things done - no questions asked. This is the type of person who says yes or no very honestly and bluntly, doesn't shy away from doing what is best for them, not necessarily in an overly self-centred away, more so, in the sense that they have a very healthy sense of what they need and want and will meet their own needs readily. With Mars in Aries there is a "me first" attitude, surely, but these are also people who will first meet their needs, and then gladly take care of yours. You can count on someone with Mars in Aries to do what they say and take initiative. You want to go somewhere? Done, booked. You don't know what you want? Done, they chose for you. There is a refreshingly assertive energy to Mars in Aries which transpires in both men and women.

Whether you are a woman or a man, with Mars in Aries there is a powerful masculine/yang energy available to you and that needs to be expressed. Typically you'll need some "explosions" and will find a way to find it. People with this placement will race cars, work out heavily, or find a way to spar with someone. There is a need for release, physically speaking.

Mars in Aries man

Men (or masculine-identified) with this placement tend to be very traditionally masculine, regardless of what else is going on in the birth chart. They're natural doers, protectors, providers. They take initiatives and they take the lead easily. They don't need to be pushed, you don't need to hold their hand. They naturally tackle their tasks and can even have a little air of "caveman" energy. They set their eyes on their target and launch the attack easily. They do have an impatient streak and can be a little rough around the edges if the rest of their chart doesn't bring more softness. A man with Mars in Aries needs to be in charge and won't do well with a partner who tries to do the same.

Mars in Aries woman

Women (or feminine-identified) with this placement tend to be attracted to partners who display the qualities described in the Mars in Aries man section. You can't really attract a woman with Mars in Aries with wishy-washy behaviour. She needs to know you want her and will pursue her actively. She is confident in taking action and she naturally takes the lead if no one else is doing it. In a relationship, she does best with someone who is proactive but doesn't butt-head with her. She addresses conflicts immediately and in a very straightforward manner.

Mars in Taurus


Mars in Taurus is slow and steady. Unlike Mars in Aries, it's typically quite hard to get a Mars in Taurus angry or moving, but once the energy is there, it is practically impossible to turn the wheel back around. Mars in Taurus is profoundly slow to move and will hold on to anger, desire, and decisions, for .... ever. The word I like to use when I describe Taurus energy and especially Mars in Taurus is inertia. Taurus Mars is very comfortable keeping things as is once something has been established., If Mars in Taurus becomes single, fine, once this new reality is accepted, they can work with it for a very long time. It expends much less efforts to keep going as is than to create change, and Mars in Taurus is essentially focused on preserving resources and keeping things steady and stable. That is the strategy of this Mars.

People with Mars in Taurus are first and foremost, incredibly sexual and sensual. This placement does tend to lend a very high libido - in both men and women. There is typically a very high sensuality and equally, a strong focus on creating financial wealth. People with Mars in Taurus can be incredibly hard-working, but again the strength of this Mars is the resiliency, the ability to keep doing things for a very long time, with a lot of consistency.

This placement can lend a lot of stubbornness and/or reluctance. Taurus' strategy is resistance and energy preservation, so people with this placement typically have NO problem saying NO, refusing to change their ways, and drawing boundaries. Although the energy is stubborn and reluctant, this placement does lend a lot of patience. Mars in Taurus will tolerate things for a very long time before it decides to expand energy saying no and leaving a situation, but once it's done, it's done.

Mars in Taurus man

Men with Mars in Taurus are often characterized by a strong and enduring drive to achieve their goals. They approach challenges with a steady and persistent mindset, tackling obstacles with a determination that may be perceived as unyielding. Mars in Taurus men are likely to have a measured and deliberate pace, preferring a step-by-step approach to reach their objectives.

In relationships, Mars in Taurus suggests a sensual and grounded approach to love and desire. These men appreciate the finer things in life and may express their affections through tangible gestures. While they may not be as overtly assertive as some other Mars placements, their loyalty and commitment to their partners are notable.

On the flip side, a potential challenge for those with Mars in Taurus is a resistance to change or a reluctance to step out of their comfort zones. They may need to balance their steadfast nature with an openness to new experiences and adaptability to different situations.

Mars in Taurus woman

Women with Mars in Taurus might just have even more libido and interest for sex than men with this placement. They can also sometimes be particularly passive, expecting a man to do all of the efforts to pursue them and convince them to open up to them. Women with this placement can be quite artistic and focused on creating beauty and sensuality around them. They value comfort and safety above everything else.

Mars in Gemini


When Mars in Taurus' strategy is to keep things as is for as long as possible and exert the least energy possible, Gemini is a very different story. Mars in Gemini essentially is someone who thrives when they are constantly stimulated, presented with diversity, and tasks that require flexibility and adaptation. With Mars in Gemini, it's actually really hard to keep doing the same thing, consistently, for a long time. People with this placement typically have more than one job, have difficulties staying at the same job/in the same field, and have difficulties finishing what they start. What's motivating for this Mars placement is novelty. When something is new, it's exciting, it requires learning, adapting, maybe acquiring new skills, and that really motivates this placement.

But once the thrill is passed, once what is required is to persist, to keep going, to be consistent, now this Mars loses its motivation. Of course, if this is someone with Taurus placements, for example, it will largely temper this tendency to drop things halfway through and will provide more ability to see things through. But if the rest of the chart is airy or mutable (Pisces, Virgo) you will find someone who struggles with finishing tasks and staying motivated.

Mars in Gemini is for sure a "jack of all trades". There is an excellent ability to learn new things, switch gears, adapt, and typically these people are students for life. Mars in Gemini can reinvent itself over and over, switching careers, freelancing and handling different jobs or activities at the same time. Gemini is dual by nature and it's quite common to see people with this placement "juggle" jobs or hobbies.

People with Mars in Gemini are driven by curiosity, and they to tend to live a lifestyle that allows them to have constant new experiences, novelty, adventures, and laughter. It is a Mars that enjoys banter and gets easily bored - things must remain exciting at all times!

Regardless of gender, this is not a very sexual Mars by any means. These people are more so "sapiosexual" and have usually no particular type in terms of attraction, they tend to get attracted by someone's personality and mind more than anything else.

Mars in Gemini man

Men with Mars in Gemini are often intellectually driven and possess a strong desire for variety and mental stimulation. They thrive on the exchange of ideas and enjoy engaging in witty and dynamic conversations. This placement suggests a restlessness and a need for variety in their pursuits, as they are inclined to be multi-talented and adaptable.

In relationships, Mars in Gemini individuals may express their desires through communication and mental connection. They appreciate partners who can keep up with their mental agility and share their love for lively discussions. However, their romantic interests may be varied, and they may seek diversity in their relationships. They're not particularly tradition in their expression of masculinity, unless the rest of the birth chart tells a different story.

Mars in Gemini woman

Women with Mars in Gemini find it difficult to do one thing, often being scattered between multiple tasks. They tend to express their anger through words and try to resolve conflict through communication. A woman with Mars in Gemini needs a partner who can be communicative and open to hashing everything out through conversation. She tends to be attracted to men who aren't particularly traditionally masculine, and often don't mind the more androgynous type.

Mars in Cancer


Mars in Cancer is a placement that is quite distinctive, energetically speaking and one that can play very differently based on your gender, but let's begin with the commonalities.

People with Mars in Cancer are highly driven by their emotions, by a sense of security, and by a desire to build a family. These people are very nurturing, they care for the people they love with visible actions, they tend to nurture and mother the people around them, and they seek to build emotional bonds with others. No matter what else is going on in the birth chart, with Mars in Cancer we have someone driven by a desire to build and maintain emotional relationships. No matter the gender, there is a strong nurturing energy to these people. They will cook for you, lend you their car, come pick you up at the airport - whatever is needed. It's a super cute and nurturing placement to have ... but.

People with Mars in Cancer are driven and ... angered by their emotions. It is a placement that tends to give a rather volatile disposition because what angers this placement is typically related to how they perceive a situation. By essence, Mars in Cancer is very subjective when it comes to what angers them and it leads to conflict with other people where the other person is quite unsure of why there is a conflict.

With Mars in Cancer, the world is interpreted based on how they feel and what makes them feel unsafe. For example, Mars in Cancer would see something rather trivial going on, but for a very personal reason, this trivial event feels threatening or triggering. Mars in Cancer is likely to become reactive and angry because the arousal is very emotion-based.

Mars in Cancer man

Men with Mars in Cancer, there's no other way to say it, they're the ultimate mama's boy.

They typically are somewhat feminine in their essence and they tend to seek a mother as a partner. They're typically not super assertive, or if they are, then it can be quite subtle or even manipulative (a lot of Cancer Mars have it in aspect to Pluto as Pluto was in Scorpio for a very long time.)

They're very nurturing though, caring and giving, but the giving can come with strings attached. They can be very moody and volatile, and they typically pursue sex as a way of creating emotional connection - which tends to be unsuccessful if they aren't committed to someone. They can really end up in situationships where they are seeking to get their emotional needs met and it can be very confusing for their partner as they tend to be very sweet and nurturing.

A Man with Mars in Cancer can be a little bit of an eternal baby, but he's also fundamentally driven to be a family man and once he grows into his maturity (if ever) he truly enjoys being part of a family unit.

Mars in Cancer woman

Women with this placement are much more at ease than men, but it does mean they tend to seek men who are family-oriented and more tender than the usual type. Women with this placement are attracted to a man who will be a good father to their kids, and if they don't want kids, a man who will be a good man to build a lasting relationship with. The key attraction point here is someone who can provide emotional security. Women with this placement don't have the same attachment to their mothers as men, but there is quite often some lingering anger toward her. They do have a volatile disposition, typically, but they are extra nurturing and caring.

Mars in Leo


This is a Mars placement that plays very differently in men and women. Mars in Leo is someone who is ego-driven. Ego-driven is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as it remains healthy and moderate. People with this placement are proud, confident, and assertive. They know what they want, and they pursue it. They have a lot of confidence and drive, and yet, also a lot of heart and generosity. No matter how prideful they can get, they typically have a lot of friends around them, because of their ability to demonstrate integrity, honour, warmth, heart, and generosity.

People with Mars in Leo are often driven to "impress" others and can spend an incredible amount of energy looking impressive, and luxurious. Others display their ego needs by being creative, expressing themselves through performance or entertainment. It also tends to represent people who are hospitable + overall friendly. Their confident energy tends to attract people around them.

What angers a Mars in Leo is disrespect, an insult to their pride. They can be quite passionate and theatrical about expressing their frustration, almost with the intent of making it "a play" or pushing on the theatrics so that it gives a lasting impression to the person who slighted them - an incentive to not have it repeat itself.

Mars in Leo man

Men with Mars in Leo are very attractive to feminine partners because they tend to exude a very masculine energy. There is a peacock energy to them and because both Mars and Leo are archetypes of the masculine, these are typically people who are on an overdose of testosterone and ego-drive. I do find that men with Mars in Leo, not always, but do lean toward having a very commander-type energy. Depending on their birth year, you also want to watch for whether they have Mars in aspect to Pluto.

Because men are much more identified with their ego energy, this is a placement that can really tip the scales off. They can be impetuous, domineering if not just dominant. They can expect adoration and "obedience" and yet, because of the ego drive, they tend to choose partners who are a "challenge" to them.

Besides the warnings and excesses I just described above, it gives a very confident, warm, commanding and dominant energy to these people.

Mars in Leo woman

Women with this placement are typically hot - no matter how they look like. They're quite good at exuding confidence, adorning themselves, and being radiant. They're typically attracted to very traditionally masculine types, people who are very strong in their yang energy. Because women are conditioned to be much less in their ego energy, this placement does tend to express itself much more healthily. They tend to be focused on doing something creative, hosting, and generating an aura of royalty around them.

A woman with Mars in Leo expects a man to court her the traditional way, and she expects him to take the lead like a "king". She expects exceptional treatment and she's usually good at attracting it. When angered, she can be quite dramatic and attention-seeking, not one to shy from reminding her partner if he doesn't step up to the plate, someone else will.

Mars in Virgo


This placement is an interesting one. Virgo represents mind + analysis, while Mars represents actions + drive. When Mars is located in Virgo, one might easily fall into the trap of thinking and analyzing instead of taking action. I have had my fair share of clients with this placement who complain about "analysis paralysis" and find that they struggle with making decisions or with pursuing the things they really feel like pursuing. Virgo is a naturally anxious sign and represents the virtue of self-analysis, humbleness, attention to detail and "problem areas" that need fixing. Someone with Mars in Virgo is naturally going to spend a lot of their energy focused on spotting things that are not quite great yet, things that could be improved, worked on, refined, purified. Someone with this placement will naturally spot everything that is "wrong" and want to work on it, but they will also find it difficult to take actions on the things they REALLY want, because of the embedded attitude of: "I must find the perfect, fool-proof way of going about this so it can be perfect and successful". The process of making something perfect and successful comes from taking a lot of actions, which will inevitably contain errors, and along the way, fix problems and course-correct. Someone with Mars in Virgo is VERY good at course correcting, problem solving and attuning, but they typically find it almost impossible to take that FIRST step. For this reason, a lot of people with Mars in Virgo do very well in any situation or activity where, something is already started, and their role is to improve, course correct, fix problems and overall "perfect" an already started project. If you have Mars in Virgo. you have two solutions: Working against your instinct and jumping in despite your mind telling you all the ways in which something could go wrong, or, choosing the path of least resistance, and orientating your life toward bettering what others already started.

This placement gives a very caring and nurturing Virgo is naturally going to seek a lifestyle where they can be "helpful", "useful" and improve their environments.

Mars in Virgo man

A man with Mars in Virgo is typically profoundly domestic and happy to be in a partnership. He loves to help, fix, problem-solve and feel like he's being useful to someone. He likes to be a part of something greater than just himself, and he's typically very humble. He's a great partner, albeit not particularly sexy in a traditional masculine sense, but he's a good companion and a reliable shoulder. Men with this Mars placement do tend to shoot themselves in the foot by picking partners who need a lot of help. They can have a rescuer fantasy and can also sometimes view others as problems to be solved, even when that isn't the case.

Their ego is invested in being perfect, and so they sometimes can be very sensitive to criticism, wrapping themselves in a suddenly found pride. They need gentle handling and a reminder that they are good enough.

Mars in Virgo woman

With Mars in Virgo, if you're feminine-identified, you tend to be attracted to partners who are humble, intellectual, domestic and helpful. You can be very focused on the details and perhaps even nitpicky. You thrive when you feel like you are helping, improving and caring for others in very practical ways. You can be quite critical and must remember that you attract more bees with honey than with vinegar. Your standards are sky-high and you expect people, and especially partners, to behave in saintly ways. You have a strong aversion for low-ethics and dishonesty. To read how the rest of the Mars signs behave, head to part 2.


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