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Moon in aspect to Mars: Let me be your warrior

Xena the warrior

Volatile, vibrant, courageous, active - the list of words to describe people with Moon and Mars in aspect is long and colourful. Let's see how Moon in aspect to Mars in the birth chart influences individuals.

Moon in hard aspect to Mars: Moon conjunct Mars, Moon square Mars, Moon opposite Mars

The first word that comes to mind is "emotional reactivity". When someone has Moon in hard aspect to Mars, there is a very strong and quick reaction between an emotional trigger an emotional reaction. These people can be incredibly quick to snap back, quick to react, and quick to act. They're the people with incredibly fast reflexes and those who can be rather cheeky or snarky in the way they react to perceived aggression.

Moon is emotional perception, Mars is aggression. When you have Moon and Mars in aspect, especially so in the hard aspect, there can be a very high sensitivity to aggression, as well as a tendency to be hyper-vigilant, always in threat-detection mode. Of course, this goes hand in hand with a tendency to be reactive, there is also a tendency to have a low threshold for what constitutes a threat. Often, the person had a childhood which felt aggressive and competitive, and there could have been a conscious or subconscious feeling that some people/energies in the household were dangerous.

It tends to give a sensitive nervous system, someone who is rarely ever "safe." Naturally, it tends to manifest in people who are very good at defending themselves as the idea that they might be under attack is ever present.

Moon and Mars in hard aspect often stands for someone who is, put simply, emotionally immature. Often, the person is stuck at a young age emotionally, no matter how mature or brilliant they can be in other areas of their life, the emotional response is often rather knee-jerk and immature. Don't throw stones at me, I'm only the messenger!

As any other hard aspect, there is most definitely the capacity to work on this natural tendency for immaturity, and we can find people who actively (Mars) work on their emotional development (Moon), so this isn't a life sentence, more so a lesson that comes with this aspect.

The upside of this rather youthful approach to emotions is that people with Moon and Mars in aspect are very often rather honest and direct when it comes to expressing themselves, their anger, and their emotions. You often wish they would be LESS upfront about what's going on for them, and especially so for the case of the conjunction and fluid aspects, there is usually no shame or restraint in expressing anger and desires, when overall as a collective we're rather shy on owning and expressing anger, Moon - Mars is usually comfortable with it.

As much as the emotional expression is often sincere and straightforward, it can surely be brutish and aggressive, and anger is often the main mode of communication. Sometimes, we find people who express their emotions exclusively through anger and passion (you'd need to look at Mars' sign to learn more about this), and you sometimes find people who use emotions as weapons, not necessarily so in a malicious way, more so as an immature way of coping with emotions.

There is for sure a tendency to be brave, ready to fight, for selfish causes or for selfless causes. Moon Mars gives someone who has a very short space between their emotions and their actions, so to get this person moving and acting, the only thing you need to do is to elicit an emotion. Naturally, these people also release their emotions through movements and through taking actions. If you have this placement and are feeling overwhelmed by an emotion, you know that taking actions is usually what soothe you, which at times can lead to impulsive and regrettable actions. It's important to be aware of this mechanism as it is both your key to self-soothing and your key to destruction, so being aware of it is an important part of regulating yourself emotionally.

There can be some competitiveness or resentment when it comes to the feminine, and I've witnessed that especially so when the aspect is a square, and when the person is a male. There can be a tendency to feel anger towards women and towards feminine values, and it's often very connected to unprocessed emotions when it comes to the primary caregiver. It can also give people who work (Mars) with women (Moon), more so in the case of a conjunction.

There is a very present instinct of survival that pushes them to react quickly in situation of danger. They are combative, extremely loyal, and also very volatile.

On a physiological level, with Moon Mars what we have is a really high fight or flight type of reaction, adrenals can be overactive, adrenaline is regularly high, this is someone who's on survival mode all the time. The person might be jumpy, reacting really fast to any surprising events and definitely the first one to fight -or flight- when a "dangerous" situation occurs.

How this aspect will manifest can vary greatly depending on the sign and house it's located in, what else is going on in your birth chart as well as your life circumstances. You can book a reading with us to explore your birth chart in-depth, or you can learn how to read your chart like a professional with our Astrology class.

Moon in soft aspects to Mars: Moon trine Mars, Moon sextile Mars

Moon in soft aspects to Mars I would sum it up as bravery. Here you have someone who tends to be a hero, something we would also notice in the harsh aspects but perhaps in more dysregulated ways that we would see with a soft aspect. Moon and Mars is someone who is brave, straightforward, honest, and act quickly, in an honest but often blunt manner. It gives a strong love and admiration for women, regardless of the gender of the person, and a tendency to work well with women or in usually women-related fields.

There is most definitely an instinct of a fighter, a hunter, and someone who is capable of acting quickly on their emotions, working with their emotions. We do have a strong potential for emotional regulation with this aspect, and when the nervous system becomes overflooded, taking action and getting in movement is the number 1 self-soothing method.

The potential for emotional immaturity and jerkiness is present as well with this aspect, but it's usually much more tamed and easy to work on for the person. There isn't the same element of trauma that is associated with this aspect, compared with the hard aspect.

Often, emotions are fuel for actions and actions are fueling emotions. The most striking component of this aspect I would say is bravery, straightforwardness, and positive combativeness.

How this aspect will manifest can vary greatly depending on the sign and house it's located in, what else is going on in your birth chart as well as your life circumstances. You can book a reading with us to explore your birth chart in-depth, or you can learn how to read your chart like a professional with our Astrology class.


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