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Relocation Astrology & Astrocartography: How to use it


Have you ever experienced a sense that your current place of residence is weighing you down? Have you felt an inexplicable connection to another location? Perhaps you've noticed that the energies in different places vary significantly. Or, maybe you've undergone a profound transformation since moving to a new area.

Relocating to a different place can indeed alter the course of our destiny, and in astrology, this transformation is reflected in what we refer to as a relocated chart. While the planets in your birth chart retain their signs and aspects, the angles change.

Consequently, when you move to a new location, your Ascendant, houses, rulers, and the overall energetic landscape shift.

In this article, I'll provide a concise interpretation of how a relocated chart can shed light on these transformative changes.

What is relocation Astrology

Relocational astrology, also known as astrocartography, is a branch of astrology that focuses on the impact of changing one's location or residence on their natal astrological chart. This practice can provide valuable insights into how different geographical locations can influence an individual's life experiences and personal development. Here's an overview of relocational astrology and how to use it effectively:

How to use relocation Astrology

Relocational astrology begins with your natal chart, which is a map of the positions of the planets at the exact time and place of your birth. This natal chart remains constant throughout your life and reflects your inherent qualities and life path. The relocation chart can never replace the birth chart, it simply represents a shift in your energy and adds a layer of understanding.

In relocational astrology, we astrologers create a "relocated chart" by repositioning your natal planets on a new geographic location. Each planet's position in this relocated chart corresponds to how it influences your experiences in a particular place. Your energy remains the same, but the area of focus shifts.

We astrologers often use astrocartography maps to visualize the influence of different planetary lines over the Earth's surface. These maps show the areas where specific planets or angles from your relocated chart intersect with your current location.

The relocation chart never replaces the birth chart.

Your natal chart serves as a blueprint, outlining the inherent patterns you were born with, akin to your unique DNA print. It paints a vivid picture of your personal story and the environment that shapes your life.

However, when you make the decision to relocate to a different region, whether it's abroad or even a significant move within your home country, you are essentially rewriting your present and future. This shift encompasses changes in opportunities, conditions, environment, challenges, laws, society, culture, and more. These alterations are profoundly reflected in what we call the relocated chart, a unique astrological perspective tailored to your new location.

It's essential to acknowledge that even the act of transitioning from a citizen to an immigrant or simply moving within your homeland from one city, state, or province to another, presents its own set of challenges. These changes manifest in the relocated chart and are a testament to the evolving nature of your identity and life circumstances.

Your birth chart remains a constant presence, always influencing your life. However, the relocated chart highlights the new conditions and areas of focus you encounter in your revised surroundings.

To illustrate this, let's consider an example: Suppose you have a stellium in the 10th house in your natal chart, signifying a strong connection to family dynamics and a deep involvement in public affairs and politics within your home country. After relocating, your stellium may now occupy the 2nd house in your relocated chart. As a result, your social circle might predominantly consist of Taurus individuals, reflecting the altered energy in your life. Furthermore, you might experience a notable shift in focus towards material and financial matters, while your political interests wane.

This transformative process extends to other planetary placements as well. For instance, having Jupiter and Venus in the 12th house of your relocated chart could spark a newfound fascination with spiritual exploration and a heightened comfort in solitude, enriching your life's tapestry.

It takes time for the relocation chart to come into effect

Do relocation charts energies apply even if it is during a brief week-long vacation, or does it necessitate a deliberate and permanent move to a new location for it to fully blossom?

There's no straightforward answer to this query; however, what has been observed is that the relocated chart requires time to fully manifest its influence.

Initially, the most apparent change you'll notice in your relocated chart is the relocated Ascendant. This shift in your Ascendant is highly significant, as it directly impacts how you perceive the world and how the world perceives you. It operates on a conscious level, making its impact readily noticeable.

Contrary to the misconception that a relocated chart primarily revolves around the Ascendant, the truth is more comprehensive. Over time, every planet and house in your relocated chart will manifest distinct qualities, ultimately presenting a nuanced view that differs from your natal chart. Yet, this transformative process is not immediate; it unfolds gradually, evolving over the years you spend in your new location.

Consider it in the context of cultural adaptation: When you move to a foreign culture, you don't instantaneously shed your past habits, values, or cultural identity. It takes time to acclimate and become an integral part of your new society. Similarly, your relocated chart gradually gains prominence and power as you continue your journey in the new location.

My mother is a well-traveled individual, having explored numerous continents. However, her experience with Turkey was unique. The first time we vacationed in Turkey, she instantly fell in love with the place. The people, the cuisine, and the landscapes captivated her, and she felt an inexplicable sense of well-being there. While practical considerations might not lead her to live there permanently, she eagerly anticipated our annual trips to Turkey. Remarkably, the city we visited in Turkey happened to align with her "Jupiter line," positioning Jupiter on her relocated Ascendant. It was an astrological revelation that explained her deep affinity for the destination.

Interpreting a relocation chart.

When delving into a relocated chart, it's like interpreting a natal chart but with a twist. You not only interpret the relocated chart in isolation but also consider how it relates to the original natal chart. Think of it as a cosmic meet-up between the old you and the new you. This entails exploring the house overlays, which can be a goldmine of information about the relocated chart.

If you skip this comparative step, you might miss out on some valuable insights that the relocated chart might not spell out on its own. So, it's like reading two stories that intertwine, revealing the tale of your journey in a new place. I interpret a relocation chart in this post.

The best places to move to according to astrocartography

Relocation astrology can be a bit like having a variety of good spots to choose from, some objectively good and others subjectively so.

In the astrological realm, it's often suggested to explore or even consider living in places known as "Venus lines" or "Jupiter lines." Generally, if a location aligns your Venus or Jupiter with a significant angle (we often favor the Ascendant), it's deemed a promising destination for you.

Indeed, that's a great guideline to follow. But, as life tends to be, things are rarely as straightforward as we'd like. The real answer is a bit more nuanced.

The ideal location for you, purely from an astrological perspective and without practical considerations, hinges on two main factors: your goals and your birth chart.

Suppose you seek a place where you truly feel at home, one that resonates with you on a deep level. In that case, it's beneficial to go for a location that emphasizes your 4th house. Whether it's Venus, the Moon, the Sun, or even Saturn, these can be positive indicators.

For instance, my mother found an instant connection to Thailand, despite having no apparent ties to the country or culture. Coincidentally, this location aligned with her Saturn on her IC (Imum Coeli), showing how powerful this astrological aspect can be in shaping our sense of home.

On the other hand, if you're looking to advance your career or achieve success, you'd aim for a location that highlights your MC (Medium Coeli), your path to career fulfillment.

A clever twist in choosing a relocation spot is to consider what may be lacking or challenging in your birth chart and then select a location that can balance or offset these natural tendencies. So, it's a bit like astrological problem-solving for your personal journey.


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