Relocation chart: Questions and thoughts

Have you ever felt that the place you currently live in drags you down? Have you ever felt really connected to another location? Have you simply noticed that when you travel the energies are different? Do you feel like a whole new person since you moved away?

When we move to a new location, our course of destiny is modified and this can be seen in Astrology through the relocated chart.

Although the planets in your chart don't change signs or aspects, the angles change and therefore you get a new Ascendant, new houses, new rulers and overall new energies. I do a quick interpretation of a relocated chart in this article.

Does the relocation chart replace the natal chart?

No, it does not - Although its strength depends on each person and situation.

The natal chart is going to describe all the patterns you were born with, it can be seen as your DNA print. It describes your story, your environment.

When you decide to move abroad or significantly away from your natal home, you do change your present and your future in terms of opportunities, conditions, environment, challenges, laws, society, culture; and this is reflected through your relocated chart. The simple fact that you go from being a citizen to an immigrant represents a challenge in itself that shows up in the relocated chart. If you move within your home country, changing from childhood home / environment to a new state, city, province changes a lot of your daily life for sure as well. You get a new identity, and it's reflected in Astrology.

When does a relocation chart start to have effects? Is going on vacations enough to feel the effects of the relocated chart?

A relocation chart indicates a redirection of our life; therefore the question is, when do we change the conditions of our lives? When we go on vacation for a week or when make a conscious decision to move somewhere else? There isn't a straight answer, however what I have noticed is that it does take time to see the relocated chart gaining its full power.

At first, you'll notice the relocated Ascendant, this is the main change of energy you'll notice and it makes sense as it is how you experience the world and how the world experiences you, it's very conscious.

I here some people saying that a relocated chart is mainly about the Ascendant, it's not true. A relocated chart will eventually be in full power and all the planets and houses will have a different color than in the natal chart, but it takes years to see it unravel. The longer you stay in a relocated place the more your relocated chart gains in strength.

See it this way: When you move in a new culture, you don't instantly shed your past habits, values, culture, and as it takes some time for you to become a part of your new society, same goes with your relocated chart: It takes time.

Should you interpret a relocated chart as a natal chart?

Yes, you should, but you also need to interpret the relocation chart in comparison with the natal chart (see an example of interpretation)

I look at it in two different ways; first I look at it on its own, then I look at it as if I was performing a synastry between the old self and the new self, between the natal chart and the relocation chart. You can study the houses overlays which will give you precious information about the relocation chart. If you don't do this work of comparing the natal and the relocation chart, you miss out on important information which the relocation chart itself doesn't give.

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