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What happens when you move to a new location? I explained relocation in this article, but let's take a chart example here to see how it works.

If you were born in the Middle East for example (case I'm studying below), and moved to the USA, you can easily see how your life won’t have the same patterns. The problems you experienced in the Middle East won’t most likely be the same as the one you’d experience in the USA. Your family may still be back home, the culture is different, your access to many resources (jobs, housing, friends) is different. Even if we talk about a move from one state to another, your life will be different of the one you would have if you stayed where you were born. So how does a relocation chart looks like? Everything stays the same, except the angles and houses. An interesting thing is, especially if you use Placidus as a House system, chances are you have intercepted signs in your chart. You can "liberate" signs through relocation.

In this chart we have someone Aquarius rising. He appears untraditional and eccentric in his original home. With Jupiter Uranus in the 10th and Saturn - Pluto - Moon in the 9th, he will know some delays in his thorough education and will work in IT. This person grew up in a family that was broken apart (Chiron 4th - Venus Mars ruler of the 4th), and his mother was fairly absent as she ended up working a lot (Saturn - Moon).

Religion is a big part of his life (3 planets in the 9th), but with Pluto in the 9th, he felt the need to move away from his original location (indicated as well by 3 planets in the 9th - Jupiter conjunct Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius in the 11th, we can easily see how he felt compelled to move abroad).

He feels the need to be in a relationship (Libra Sun in the 8th - Mercury in the 8th - Venus Mars in the 7th), yet there are some difficulties establishing a partnership through the square of Uranus and Jupiter in the 10th - He doesn't feel free, he feels like establishing a partnership will cause him to lose independence, and there may be some pressure from the family and the father in particular.

Here we have a Virgo rising with an emphasis on Mercury in the 1st House and Virgo Venus and Mars in the 12th while having the Midheaven in Gemini. He appears as someone analytic & quite sober. Back home he was somewhat eccentric (Aquarius rising), but differences of culture (9th House planets in the natal) and expectations, he's now more reserved and studious. As he moved to pursue studies, his relocated Ascendant falls in his natal 9th House and puts the accent on Mercury, communication and writings.

His Venus-Mars are now in the 12th House, representing the secrecy of his relationships to his family (square Uranus and Jupiter in the 4th).

The Sun relocated in the 2nd House shows both the financial support of his father, but also the fact that he is now dedicated to building a life for himself, both in terms of skills and financial assets in his new location. And this is also written through the position of Pluto in the relocated 2nd House, showing that he doesn't necessarily feel he has all the tools necessary to build the financial security he wishes. It becomes an important source of concern and focus for him, which wasn't an issue he had back home.

Saturn-Moon is now in the 3rd House shifted from the 9th, he is experiencing a bit of difficulty to communicate as it’s a new language he learned (9th).

Chiron is now in the 9th, he is experiencing some conflicts between what he is supposed to believe in, and the shift he is experiencing in this new society. He feels a bit at loss about spirituality and religion, which is a conflict that already existed in his soul mission described by Pluto in the 9th. This location highlights this natal issue through the relocation of Chiron in the 9th House.

Uranus is on the cusp of 3rd and 4th, he’s the only sibling that “got away” and he experience lots of instability when it comes to his housing, moving frequently and making him feel like it's hard to establish a home. This was a quick run down of how to interpret a relocation chart. To learn more about relocation charts, read this article.

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