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Relocation Astrology: Interpreting the relocated chart


What is relocation Astrology?

Relocational astrology, also known as astrocartography, is a branch of astrology that focuses on the impact of changing one's location or residence, on their natal astrological chart.

This practice can provide valuable insights into how different geographical locations can influence an individual's life experiences and personal development. To learn everything about relocational Astrology and how it works, you can read this post.

A few words on relocational Astrology reality

Before delving into the details of relocation astrology, there's an important aspect that I'd like to address. Relocating can indeed impact your birth chart and shift your energy, which we can analyze through the relocated chart. However, it's crucial to remember that no amount of energy shift can entirely override the practical realities of a new location.

For instance, consider relocating to a city where the cost of living far exceeds your financial means. Despite what your relocated chart may suggest about your financial prospects in that location, you'll likely encounter significant challenges, especially initially.

Another scenario is moving to a country where your relocated chart indicates a promising love life, but if the cultural and societal environment is conservative and does not align with your same-gender preferences, for example, the theory of a great love life could prove difficult to achieve in practice.

Similarly, if your relocated chart forecasts significant professional success in a new location, but your chosen field of work is either prohibited or struggling to thrive in that area, the reality of finding suitable employment may not align with astrological predictions.

Having previously offered relocation readings to clients, I eventually stopped providing them as standalone services. This decision was based on the observation that relocation astrology often raised unrealistic expectations. How can one reasonably advise a client to move to a place like Artantica just because their Venus line is present there, without considering the practical aspects of such a move?

Similarly, recommending a move to a place like Afghanistan when the individual has no language skills, cultural affiliation, or desire to live in the Middle East, or suggesting a relocation to Japan for someone raised in Brazil with no cultural affinity or language skills, can overlook the real-life challenges of such transitions.

Lastly, advising a move to a country where obtaining a visiting or working visa is nearly impossible may set the individual up for disappointment.

In relocation astrology, it's essential to consider not only the astrological aspects but also the practical aspects of moving to a new location. The two must be in harmony for a successful and fulfilling relocation.

Interpreting a relocation chart: Example

Example birth chart:

Example of a birth chart

In this chart, we have someone Aquarius rising. He appears untraditional and eccentric in his original home. With Jupiter Uranus in the 10th and Saturn - Pluto - Moon in the 9th, he will know some delays in his thorough education and will work in IT.

This person grew up in a family that was broken apart (Chiron 4th square Venus Mars, Venus ruler of the 4th), and his mother was fairly absent as she ended up working a lot (Saturn - Moon.)

Religion is a big part of his life (3 planets in the 9th), but with Pluto in the 9th, he felt the need to move away from his original location (indicated as well by 3 planets in the 9th - Jupiter conjunct Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius in the 11th, we can easily see how he felt compelled to move abroad).

He feels the need to be in a relationship (Libra Sun in the 8th - Mercury in the 8th - Venus Mars in the 7th), yet there are some difficulties establishing a partnership through the square of Uranus and Jupiter in the 10th - He doesn't feel free, he feels like establishing a partnership will cause him to lose independence, and there may be some pressure from the family and the father in particular.

Relocated chart:

Example of relocated chart

Here we have a Virgo rising with an emphasis on Mercury in the 1st House and Virgo Venus and Mars in the 12th while having the Midheaven in Gemini. He appears as someone analytic & quite sober.

Back home he was somewhat eccentric (Aquarius rising), but with differences of culture (9th House planets in the natal) and expectations, he's now more reserved and studious.

As he moved to pursue studies, his relocated Ascendant falls in his natal 9th House and puts the accent on Mercury, communication and writings.

His Venus-Mars are now in the 12th House, representing the secrecy of his relationships to his family (square Uranus and Jupiter in the 4th).

The Sun relocated in the 2nd House shows both the financial support of his father, but also the fact that he is now dedicated to building a life for himself, both in terms of skills and financial assets in his new location. And this is also written through the position of Pluto in the relocated 2nd House, showing that he doesn't necessarily feel he has all the tools necessary to build the financial security he wishes. It becomes an important source of concern and focus for him, which wasn't an issue he had back home.

Saturn-Moon is now in the 3rd House shifted from the 9th, he is experiencing a bit of difficulty communicating as it’s a new language he learned (9th.)

Chiron is now in the 9th, he is experiencing some conflicts between what he is supposed to believe in, and the shift he is experiencing in this new society. He feels a bit at loss about spirituality and religion, which is a conflict that already existed in his soul mission described by Pluto in the 9th. This location highlights this natal issue through the relocation of Chiron in the 9th House.

Uranus is on the cusp of 3rd and 4th, he’s the only sibling that “got away” and he experiences lots of instability when it comes to his housing, moving frequently and making him feel like it's hard to establish a home.

In summary:

Relocation charts are incredible tools to understand how your energy shifted in a new location or to understand how a new location could be for you energetically. Do keep in mind that energies are one thing, and practical considerations are another.

I often receive requests from clients who want to order a relocation reading from me. I do not offer these services as standalone anymore, however, I can perform a quick relocation reading for you as a free add-on to a birth chart reading or transit reading. If this is something you want me to do for you, when ordering your reading, specify in your intake form that you would like for me to look at a specific location or take a look at which locations could be beneficial to you. I'll build your reading by taking some time to look at your relocation for you.

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14 de dez. de 2023

Hello, I tried to find relocation service on your website but could not. I just have a question, what if I move somewhere and Pluto gets relocated to my first house but the sun goes to my 4th house (will I want to live there?)


Stella Moon
Stella Moon
14 de nov. de 2020

Um so I just experienced something strange with the above article.... this is the first time I’m reading about a relocation chart & the 2 people I ran the relo charts on which was through another Astrology website (myself & my partner) match the above sample charts almost exactly. Also both of the descriptions mentioned in the article regarding the backgrounds of the 2 sample people are the almost identical (if not exact) to backgrounds that myself & partner experienced as well. I’m a natal Leo sun w/ Taurus rising, my partner is a natal Aquarius sun w/ libra rising. Our relocation charts have me now as an Aquarius rising & my partners rising is Virgo just like the charts…

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