Saturn square Mars: Endure and persist

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Saturn square Mars is very often described as being stopped in your actions and having difficulty with consistency. Although it holds some truth, it can also be quite the opposite.

Squares are very often described as a bad aspect to have; but nothing creates as much energy as a square. It’s a conflict; it’s two forces struggling with each other. But conflict can also produce wonderful energies when mastered.

A square will challenge you, get you out of your comfort zone and make you work hard to overcome the difficulties on your path. Yes, it’s not all bunnies and butterflies, but success and great rewards also come with the squares, given you put in the work. This is not curses but only lessons to learn in this life.

Saturn square Mars is exactly about that. It describes someone that struggles more than other to get things accomplished. The lack of focus & the tendency to want to take up on too much work at the same time lead people with this placement to meet many obstacles. They may struggle keeping up the work when the rewards don’t come instantly, they may have problems with finishing projects. The reason for this inconsistency is the fear (Saturn) of not achieving their goals (Mars). They are high perfectionist and they also struggle with confidence.

This usually goes back to childhood, when the father may have been someone violent, harsh, and tyrannical. The father is usually someone with impossible high standards and the child grows up with a feeling that, whatever he may do, the father will never be proud.

And here again you find the pattern of the square: The father’s attitude is the reason why there is a lack of confidence, an impossible perfectionism; and it’s also the very reason why the person will develop a relentlessness to achieve their goals.

There can be a ruthless attitude, hard sides inherited from the image of the father. They could be holding other people to the same impossible standards they were raised by, and show their disapproval by having harsh words.The negativity of this aspect depends on the whole chart and on the person's will to manifest the higher energies of this transit.

Any Saturn aspect ease with time and maturity, and these people make take more time and efforts than others to get what they want in life. But when most would have give up in front of such adversity, Saturn square Mars will continue to persist until they have what they want. This is especially true with the trine of course, but the square has the same capacities.The square will put many difficulties on the individuals path, and they'll learn how to develop the endurance and strength they may not have been blessed with to begin with.

Mars also represents sex, and there may be some inhibitions around this area. If Mars is in Virgo it would be even more pronounced as it's generally an inhibited sign. There is a lack of self-confidence and a problem either with sex drive or with sexual expression. The key here is to feed and nurture your confidence, by setting up for yourself small goals leading to bigger goals.

Saturn square Mars has a lot of ambition, and there is a risk of chewing on more than they can, leading towards a feeling of failure.

Those who mastered this transit know the saying: The only failure occurs when you stop trying.

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