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The Saturnian personality type

Work harder neon sign

Saturnian personality

The Saturnian is typically easily recognizable as it presents as someone very serious and sober, contained and structured.

Saturnian personality: Main characteristics

Work ethics

The Saturnian personality type is someone who has incredible ethics, very concerned with leading by example and doing the right thing. There is a strong sense of discipline and seriousness to the Saturnian who is probably the most capable of delaying gratification, always keeping in mind the higher goals and the need to remain in control.

The Saturnian is hardworking, they're always working at something and if they aren't, you bet they're being pretty hard on themselves about it. The Saturnian is someone who has a strong sense of discipline and also someone who can be quite critical of themselves. Their values revolved around excellence and discipline, so if they aren't performing at their best, doing their best, fulfilling their own (known or unknown) need for excellence, they're likely to be feeling unfulfilled and critical of themselves.

Harsh inner voice

The Saturnian is hard at work and/or hard on themselves. My students and I refer to this type as the "inner drill sergeant". They have a strong sense of duty and obligation and known or unbeknownst to them, they tend to seek responsibilities and commitments.

The Saturnian can be stern, but what you see is what you get. Do remember, personality types are a question of dominant personality traits and you could very well have two or more combined. You could be a Saturnian with also a Neptunian dominance, which would give you a layered personality.


The greatest difficulty of the Saturnian is to release their expectations (mostly of themselves) and learn how to enjoy just being, for who they are now, for what things are now. The key word of Saturn is "dissatisfaction" of anything that isn't of the utmost excellence. It's easy to see how crushing that can be to not "be there" constantly or even worse - be "excellent" at everything and going through the constant process of staying there.


The Saturnian suffers from criticism and rejection - typically, self-imposed.

The Saturnian is incredibly reliable, bosses love them, friends and family love how reliable they are, but the Saturnian tend to be crippled inside. They are motivated by fear, whether they stay small or whether they achieve endlessly, the motivation and/or blockage is fearful. The leading belief of the Saturnian tends to be - I am not enough. It can be a source of great accomplishments, but it is nonetheless difficult internally.

When fully embodied, the Saturnian is fearful yes, motivated by inadequacy, yes, but it can also be someone incredibly accountable, responsible, hard-working, consistent, reliable.

If you're wondering what your personality type is, the first thing I recommend is to read them all and feel out which one you feel is representing you. In my Astrology classes I teach my students how to first FEEL what they intuitively relate to, before they look for the paper answer. Once you've done that, you can learn how to recognize your personality types. I've written about it here, and this is something we learn how to do (and so much more) in my Astrology class.

Example of a famous Saturnian: Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson birth chart

On top of my head, when I tried to remember a famous Saturnian I knew, Michael Jackson popped up for me.

With Saturn conjunct the Midheaven, we have an exalted position of Saturn.

He has the following Saturnian aspects:

- Saturn square Ascendant

- Saturn square Moon

- Saturn trine Venus

- Saturn trine Mercury

As you can see listed on the slide below "Are you Saturnian" he pretty much hits all the notes for Saturnian signatures. I'm by no means an expert on Michael Jackson + we know there's a lot of controversy connected to him and his history but, these things aside, a few things stand out when reflecting on his path when it comes to Saturn:

- Working tirelessly

- Started working at a really young age

- Had a rather authoritative/tyrannical father figure

What to do from here:

  • Check out my recommended books for Saturnian personality types

  • Check out my blog posts here and here about determining your personality type

  • Check out my Astrology courses to learn how to read a birth chart in-depth and suss out personality types at a glance

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