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The Astrology of 2020: Order in chaos

The Astrology of 2020 | LUTS Astrology Blog

Most of us Astrologers had predicted it the severity of 2020 in various ways, and throughout this post, I'll aim to explain what I had seen, what we can expect to see, give some guidance and order as to what we're going through and what are the timelines at stake.

A few things are going on in the sky, which, separately and conjointly, are creating powerful and destructive shifts. 2020 was marked by:

1. Pluto - Saturn conjunct in Capricorn

2. Jupiter conjunct Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn

3. Saturn entering Aquarius

4. Uranus in Taurus.

Let's take them one by one, see how they played out, and what we can expect moving forward.

Pluto conjunct Saturn

Dates: Exact on January 11th 2020, ongoing aspect until October/November 2020.

What I had written about it in the Insider Forecast

(Jan 4th 2020. Insider Forecast)

"We have a mega conjunction Saturn - Pluto, and this in itself could blow up an entire country/government/economy. This is really a powerful conjunction and it's asking to tear down something on a global level - a government, a political movement, a cause, a way of governing. Think - patriarchy, capitalism, democracy, corruption, government. Pretty big deal, not light-hearted."

(29th March 2020. Insider Forecast)

Saturn - Pluto 2.0: Saturn and Pluto are going to flirt again in the summer, but what's even more concerning is that Mars, retrograde in Aries, will be activating this loose conjunction through a square for the better part of the summer. Mars will start forming this aspect around August 11th 2020 and will remain in this dangerous square until October. Pluto and Saturn together talk about a complete destruction of a capitalistic system, of a government, of a society, of a way of doing business, of an economy. I was worried of sounding overly dramatic the first time these two were conjunct, I'm much less shy this time around. Again, this could very well be a second round of COVID19, or it could be a different shocking event, impossible for me to tell so far in advance. But Mars in Aries activating this conjunction is like throwing oil on fire and then fire on oil and then oil on fire. Mars in Aries is: attacks, war, conquest, domination, selfishness, victim/victor mindset. 

How it played out:

Pluto conjunct Saturn in Capricorn spoke of the collective need and impulse to (Pluto) destroy and transform (Saturn) pre-existing structures of government, discipline and rules. This is very much so how I see the recent movement of defunding the police and protesting against police brutality playing out. Of course the current protests go much deeper and speak of a systemic (Saturn) oppression (Pluto) and brutality (Pluto).

I also think that when COVID hit us (I'm unsure of the origins of COVID and don't want to speculate on things I don't have knowledge of) the massive forceful and restrictive political response throughout the world was also to be seen through Pluto - Saturn. There was a massive and never seen before control of populations, and again, without any particular judgement of value on it and from a pure observational perspective, this was very much so never seen before.

If you observe the cycles, the first hit of Pluto-Saturn conjunct revealed itself playing out as a massive control of populations by restricting movements/freedom. On the second passage of Saturn heading towards Pluto but from the sign of Aquarius this time, we had a massive awakening and protest (Aquarius) against police brutality (Brutality: Pluto, Police: Saturn) and the systemic racism in place.

What's upcoming: Pluto and Saturn are two massive and far-reaching planets. Their effects are slow to put in motion but once the ball is rolling there is absolutely no force in the world that can stop its motion. There will be a massive and global collapse of established structures. Capricorn rules business, patriarchy, corporations, power, authority figures, capitalism in general and any type of system that is based off hierarchy power and oppression. Not to depict it with a particular opinion of it, just that it is in essence what Capricorn energy is about - rising to the top and governing those below.

Overall, we can expect to have a complete collapse of our current values when it comes to governance, politics, governments, business, how we work, how we value work and hierarchy/oppression. It's really far-reaching and I couldn't really describe how the world will look once these two are done with each other as it will be something entirely new.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto

Dates: Exact mid-April 2020, end of June by retrograde motion, mid-November by direct motion

What I had written about it in the Insider Forecast:

(March 15th, 2020. Insider Forecast)

Jupiter-Pluto: Pluto is destruction,Jupiter expands everything it touches.Jupiter-Pluto is a massive blowout of this crisis. Unfortunately, it's inevitable. We're in the bubbling phase of it, and it will come back one more time later on in 2020.

(March 22nd, 2020. Insider Forecast)

This week has a particularly destructive energy to it, as Mars and Pluto are conjunct, we can expect some sort of blow up or perhaps massive death toll, literally.Pluto rules death, toxicity, shadow, and transformation / rebirth / rising from ashes. We've been in a pretty massively destructive cycle lately, and as the sign of Capricorn and Taurus (for Uranus) announced it, this destruction is more so economical and structural. Mars conjunct Pluto this week is going to further the destruction, but also offers the possibility for reconstruction and transformation once passed. We're slowly going to enter an Aquarius cycle, but as both Jupiter and Saturn will retrograde, we're likely to have to go through a second round of this circus, later on in 2020, before we can fully and truly step into Aquarian values of collective support, brotherhood/sisterhood, equality (including economical or in social rights). Right now, not to sound like a total cliche, but we're in a phase of destruction of patriarchy/capitalism.

(March 15th, 2020. Insider Forecast)

Jupiter conjunct Pluto:Jupiter is still growing its conjunction to Pluto, and Jupiter= expansion while Pluto= death and destruction. As long as these two are still conjunct, we're unlikely to see a progression. The problem is, this is going to happen in folds, and as much asJupiter will have moved past Pluto at the end of April 2020 - it will come back. Jupiter will re-form its conjunction to Pluto by retrograde motion at the end of June 2020, and again in October-November 2020. This aspect could technically affect us in different ways than a new outbreak, after all, destruction and transformation of society, economics and politics COULD occur through a different shape - but given the nature and patterns of outbreaks, we're likely to be re-plunged in it. 

What happened:

The first round of Jupiter-Pluto was centred around a massive death toll and massive regulation and reorganization of society on a legal and business perspective. Our old ways of capitalistic society stopped working as the world was burning down, our "no communism" views in North America also stopped functioning as the world ended up with no income and no survival power, and massive regulations took place to keep the world on its feet. From regulating how many toilet paper rolls you can get to distributing unemployment checks, surely, things massively shifted.

The second round of Jupiter-Pluto is centred around massive protests for social justice, end of excessive force, police brutality, systemic racism (this time around Saturn is in Aquarius in lieu of Capricorn) and rise of COVID cases again.

What we can expect:

The third round has yet to happen, but I would consider that the last passage between Pluto and Jupiter will be one of rebuilding and one that is positive. Pluto transits end on an empowering and rebuilding note.

As aspects must be considered separately and conjointly, Jupiter-Pluto will support the destruction of existing structures announced by Pluto - Saturn and Jupiter will help with reorganizing, putting new legal structures in place, re-expanding society around newfound values when it comes to money, business, politics and governance.

Saturn in Aquarius

Dates: Exact on March 21st 2020 and December 17th 2020

What I had written about it in the Insider Forecast:

(March 15th, 2020. Insider Forecast)

Saturn enters Aquarius: Enters, Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn represents Karma, and Karma is coming. Don't take this as an individual energy, as much as it can happen, it's more so a collective issue being brought up.
As Saturn reached the last degree of Capricorn, we have a complete slow down, if not full stop, of businesses. Quite literal. We should be able to get some sort of relief once Saturn enters Aquarius, but Saturn will go back in Capricorn in summer and you can expect it to have a strong effect. Might be a second round of coronavirus, might be a different material reason, but the effect might be similar economically.
We can expect as a society to start orienting ourselves and developing more rules and focus on:
- Equality for all: Gender, non-binaries, minorities
- Technological invention: Spatial, telecommunications, renewable energies, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies + everything I cannot think of because not existing yet. It's a time of major invention. Perhaps, we can dream big and think science will take an interest in Astrology and systemize it.
- Time of significant progress in science
- Time of complete reorganizing and change in structures of: big companies, governments, and overall, a change in societal organization

What happened:

As soon as Saturn entered Aquarius, we had the social distancing / quarantining. Social matters are of Aquarian nature while distance and seclusion is of Saturnian nature. Quite literal, although I must admit I could never had guessed it.

Saturn in Aquarius continued its journey and immediately focused on the questions of equality, races, gender, and these themes should continue for as long as Saturn resides in Aquarius.

What we can expect:

We're likely to further our journey on the questions of equality and progressive rights and social justice. We're also likely to shift towards innovative/scientific matters as Saturn continues its journey in Aquarius. We're likely to see a lot of technological innovations, and even perhaps the incorporation of Astrology in science? Jupiter will be conjunct Saturn and enter Aquarius in Dec 2020 so this will definitely be an increasing focus.

Uranus in Taurus

Dates: Exact on March 6th 2019 until 2025

What I had written about it in the Insider Forecast:

(Insider Forecast, March 2019)

"Uranus is entering Taurus on Wednesday March 6th, and you can expect not only to feel the shift, but you can expect tremendous changes in the world.
Uranus is not comfortable AT ALL in Taurus, Uranus wants to change, innovate, it's very sudden, spontaneous, impulsive, electric, and well ... You know Taurus, pretty much the antithesis of that.
What it means for us collectively is that, the Universe wants us to make a significant leap forward, and yet the way this leap is going to be done is in struggle and hardship. Powerful forces are going to oppose each other, refusing progress, refusing change, refusing to change their positions, and we're going to enter a time of high conflicts.
Uranus entering Taurus is going to bring a wind of change on all the key themes I mentioned above. We can expect:
Significant innovation and changes in the way we eat: For example, the end of the food industry as we know it now, significant innovation in the way we eat food. But remember, it's a change done in struggle, so we're likely to see significant opponents to these changes, and these opponents are likely to be motivated by a money war (Taurus). Food penury around the world are a likely outcome of this transit, which could be the result of power struggles in between nations (change done in struggle).
Significant innovation and changes in the way we use money: Uranus in Taurus is announcing the reign of cryptocurrency, for sure. It's likely that cryptocurrency is going to replace entirely our current paper money and current banking system. As much as I'd like to explain to you cryptocurrency I'm afraid I'm going to do a poor job and so I'll let you research that and see how it amazingly fit the symbolism of Uranus, but we are going to change our financial system to a way of processing information and money that is instant, decentralized, anti corruption, and this is going to change the face of the world and as you can imagine - a lot of people are not going to want that to happen. Again, this change is going to happen in struggle and money as we know it is about to disappear. For example, paper money could lose its value, creating economic difficulties.
Significant innovation and changes in the way we own: I'm not entirely sure how this one is going to pan down just yet, but Uranus in Taurus announces a complete revolution in the monetary and banking system, and it also announces significant changes to the value we give to property. I do think it's a possibility that we're going to make some serious adjustments to the capitalistic system, but it's a bit too early for me to foresee how this is going to happen. This transit is going to last until 2026 so, don't expect everything to unravel on Wednesday; but the trigger is pulled.
Earthquakes & natural catastrophes: Uranus is symbolically "shaking", and Taurus is symbolically "earth". Uranus in Taurus is announcing a highly seismic period for the whole world and is going to bring significant earthquakes. Note that, "earthquake" is a word we use both for the natural catastrophe and for events that are so shocking and powerful that we attribute this word to them. Uranus in Taurus is quite literally going to "shake us down".

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Sam Clay
Sam Clay
Jul 22, 2020

I study astrology at and I think that the lunar eclipse falling on the birthday of the USA seems to indicate dark times, however this reading shows that the American experiment could have a rebirth. Americans might decide to become a family again, to ignore that which divided us, and to work toward a more inclusive future. I will be rooting for that.

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