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Transits of Jupiter to the birth chart

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Transits of Jupiter

Transits of Jupiter to birth chart planets are fun but they can be somewhat unpredictable if you don't know how to interpret them. Before I go into the cookbook interpretations of how transits of Jupiter will affect you, it's story time!

Transit of Jupiter: Story time

I was talking with a friend about Jupiter transits and how finicky they can be. He was telling me “Jupiter is conjunct my Mars in my 10th house right now and nothing is going on, that’s odd”. And so I went and shared my story with him that I now want to share with you :) Back in 2017, Jupiter was conjunct my Sun, Mercury, Midheaven, Moon and Mars! Conventional astrology wisdom will tell you it’s a time of growth, expansion, success and luck. I was so looking forward to it. And then the transits happened, and absolutely nothing. I was let go of my job without explanation, I was lost and with no luck, in anything, I was trying really. Jupiter then went retrograde, again, passing over my Mars, Moon, Mercury, MC, and Sun.

And then one day I woke up and said “Enough, I will never work for someone ever again.” I sat on my couch and said “I”m gonna start an Astrology blog”. From there, it all unravelled quite quickly and somewhat effortlessly. I did put in a lot of work, but, all the efforts I was putting in were paying off instantly. Guess where Jupiter was when I had that impulsive (Sag rising) epiphany to start my blog? Right on my Sun. It had just turned direct and it was about to go over all my planets + MC for the last time. The first passage of Jupiter which produced only bad luck and poor results were the seeds being planted. I had no idea, but I was being redirected on a path that would actually be my luckiest and most fulfilling path ever. In the interpretations below, I did not include Jupiter transiting the outer planets (Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto) because they greatly depend on other factors in the chart such as houses and rulerships. You'd need to study your chart in-depth to comprehend how it affects you and I don't want to give you misleading info - so I kept it short and sweet.

Jupiter transits: Experiences

- When Jupiter was opposite my Venus I went on a ton of dates and got super spoiled + met people who really helped me grow. - When Jupiter was trine my Moon I became obsessed with decorating my home + travelled to see my family. - When Jupiter was trine my Mars I slept less than usual yet had energy + worked an insane amount of hours happily.

- When Jupiter transited my 10th house I started my business.

Jupiter transiting the houses:

Jupiter transiting the 1st House: Self-development, expansion of self, more interest on self and on personal goals.

Jupiter transiting the 2nd House: Development on finances and possessions, spending more, earning more, focusing on developing one's values, increased focus on security

Jupiter transiting the 3rd House: More communication, more contracts, more sales. Focusing on developing one's mind and one's skills.

Jupiter transiting the 4th House: Focus on home, development, renovation, expansion of a home. Growth is focused on family and private affairs.

Jupiter transiting the 5th House: Focus on self-expression. More abundant love life, focus on having more fun, more joy, more creativity. Possible period of time for pregnancy.

Jupiter transiting the 6th House: Focus on self-analysis, and self-improvement. Time to scrutinize one's habits and cleanse them. Focus on careful work, and service work. Can be a time of revamping one's diet or routines.

Jupiter transiting the 7th House: Focus on relationships. Growth to be experienced in all types of relationships. Can be a time of having an abundant love life and/or learning lessons through them.

Jupiter transiting the 8th House: Focused on shadow work. Could be a time of lust or abundance of intimate affairs. Good time to receive fundings, loans, or generous gifts.

Jupiter transiting the 9th House: Time of "training", formally or informally. One is training themselves to reach their professional goals. Time of focus on legal affairs as well, such as immigration or marriage. Could be a time of abundance for travel/journeys.

Jupiter transiting the 10th House: Boom in career. Typically a time where someone receives honors, promotions, or start their own business. Enhanced opportunities.

Jupiter transiting the 11th House: Growth of one's network and/or social media presence. Focus on using groups, communities, networks, to grow and promote one's ambitions and ideals.

Jupiter transiting the 12th House: "Invisible" growth. Time of cleansing the subconscious, escaping habits and self-undoing habits. Time of spiritual awakening + growth. Results will be "visible” when Jupiter crosses the Ascendant. Oth

Transits of Jupiter by aspect

CONJUNCTION: Jupiter expands the planet touched by magnifying its natural energy, creating more of its energy and more events related to the planet. Ex: Jupiter conjunct Venus = Lots of love, affection, beauty entering one's life.

SEXTILE: Jupiter offers gentle support and development of the planet touched in terms of energy and themes Ex: Jupiter sextile Venus=Love themes are supported and could see a gentle growth.

SQUARE: Jupiter expands the planet touched by creating tension. Ex: Jupiter square Venus=Lots of love entering one's life but it's distracting and causes disorganization and indulgence.

TRINE: Jupiter offers strong and effortless development of the planet touched. Ex: Jupiter trine Venus=Lots of love entering one's life and it's so natural and effortless you might not even see it and/or take it for granted.

OPPOSITION: Jupiter expands the planet touched through an encounter with someone else. Ex: Jupiter opposite Venus= Someone enters your life and help you develop your Venus themes (love, affection, money, values).

Jupiter transiting planets

JUPITER TRANSIT TO SUN: More confidence, more ego, more recognition, more appreciation. Meeting someone who is hubby/wifey material. Circumstances that help you feel more confident and flourished. Stronger sense of yourself + where you're going. More optimism - too much optimism. Expanding one's sense of self.

JUPITER TRANSITS TO MOON: Feeling nourished emotionally., experiencing more emotions, expanding one's sense of home or family, redecorating, spending time with family, traveling to see family, expanding one's heart. Overall period of emotional growth + nourishment.

JUPITER TRANSITS TO MERCURY: Abundance of thoughts and ideas, seeing the bigger picture, having greater foresight, increase in thinking + communication. Typically a period where someone produces lots of content (blogging, journaling) and/or signing important contracts.

JUPITER TRANSITS TO MARS: Increase in energy, drive, ambition. Need less sleep, more energy, more drive to workout! and expand energy. More ability to set goals + execute them. Can signify a change within a job, a new job, a new opportunity, or a promotion.

JUPITER TRANSITS TO VENUS: Typically bodes very well for meeting someone romantically or progressing a relationship. Can suggest an abundance of prospects or one very important one. Can also signify more beauty and abundance entering someone's life but can also indicate more spending. Be mindful not to indulge too much, although it represents a popular/active social life.

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