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Timing new relationships with Astrology: My personal experience

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Timing new relationships with Astrology

As a Libran Astrologer, a lot of my mental space goes toward relationships, ah. I already wrote a general blog post about the typical markers of new relationships by transit, but today I've decided to use my own personal experience and observations to help you with timing new relationships with Astrology.

Here are my observations, based solely on my personal chart and the transits that were occurring at the start of the relationship.

1/ Juno

At the beginning of every long-term relationship I have had, Juno was most commonly exact sextile Venus, and seldom conjunct/sextile Sun. What I found to be surprising though, is that when I looked up the transits during which the relationship broke down, I also noticed a high occurrence of Juno in aspect to Sun. This tells me that Juno seems to time beginnings and endings when in relation to Sun, whereas Juno-Venus is only found in promising beginnings, in my personal experience.

2/ Ascendant & chart ruler

For every important relationship, North node was either in aspect to my Ascendant, or my Ascendant ruler. An important information to note though is that my Ascendant ruler is in my 8th house conjunct Venus, so it does give it a natural inclination towards signifying relationships.

This note aside, for every important relationship, I either had North node conjunct AS, square AS, or opposite chart ruler.

3/ Saturn to personal planets

For every long-term relationship, Saturn was either conjunct or sextile Moon & ruler of the 4th house. One relationship did not feature this aspect, however, Uranus was opposite Moon and ruler of 4th, which happened to be a very accurate description of the relationship: Very on and off! I also had a relationship while Saturn was opposite my Venus.

4/ Chiron

Chiron was prominent in all relationships by transit, once trine Sun, once opposite Venus, and once square Ascendant. By far the best relationship was the one that started on the opposition to natal Venus while indeed the most painful AND healing one was the one that started on Chiron square Ascendant.

5/ Jupiter

Jupiter was triggered in every long-term relationship. Granted, Jupiter is my chart ruler and is located in the 8th house so again, this isn't necessarily a rule that can be extended to any chart. By transit, long-term relationships started under the transits of South node to Jupiter, Pluto trine Jupiter, Jupiter trine Jupiter, Jupiter square Ascendant, and Uranus trine Jupiter.


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