What are your dominant signs & planets and why do we care?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

What’s the significance of dominant signs and planets?

What’s a dominant sign ? It’s the sign that holds the most energy within your chart, and that is appreciated depending on several elements : How many planets are in this sign, in the house of this sign, what is the planet of this sign doing, what’s its strength, how many aspects does it form.

An experienced Astrologer weight this out naturally in their mind; when I look at a chart the first thing I do is appreciate where everything is and how it all comes together. But if you aren’t experienced, you might find it hard to judge or you might not even be aware that there is such a thing to do.

This is when a Pullen report comes handy. A pullen report is a technique of calculation that was invented fairly recently and that basically has its own math to decide what are your dominant signs, and planets.

Now before I show you how to do that exactly I want to explain a bit the value of knowing such thing because people tend to become so attached to the answers and so obsessed with it when there isn't really a reason for it.

You might be a Cancer Sun with a Sagittarius rising and Moon, and you’re thinking : I AM Cancer and Sagittarius. Truth is, Astrology is much, much more complicated than that and we actually all have the 12 signs within us and we're all the full zodiac wheel.

But we have them at different strength and in different areas of our lives, different expression, and some of us are rather balanced in terms of energy and others have huge predominance. You have to understand that everything in Astrology is a symbol, and so for example although I do not have any planets in the sign of Aries, I do have an Aries - like energy, and that is because Aries is not only a sign, it's also a planet (Mars) and a house (1st). Everything is energy - And when you focus only on Astrological signs, you're basically looking at not even a 1/3 of the picture.

Knowing what are your dominant signs is important because what ? Because as you learn how to read your chart, instead of having to weight this out yourself and trying to guess WHAT is the most powerful in your chart, you’re given the results : We know which energy is strong and dominant, and so when you look at your chart you have a better idea of how things imbricate with each other.

It also means that if you’re learning Astrology, you’re working backwards : Instead of being given rules and trying to understand the results, you’re given the results and are now trying to understand how this result was achieved – Which I find super cool, but that’s just me.

I’ll give you a few tips though for those who are curious. Pullen will calculate your dominant based on different factors :

- The numbers of aspects a planet forms

- Planets in houses (each house is associated with a sign)

- Planets in signs

- Planets located in their own sign have more strength (each planet is associated with a sign)

- Planets on Angles (MC / AS)

Ok now that I have tortured you, here is how to pull up your Pullen report :

1. Go on Astro.com

2. Sign up

3. Enter your birth data. You’ll need your time of birth yes.

4. Go in Extended Charts.

5. In « Sections » click on the tap Pullen/Astrolog

6. Select « simple chart delineation by Walter Pullen »

7. Click « show the chart » and scroll down until you find these info

And that's not it - You might find that Aries is your least dominant sign, but if Mars is in the dominant (Mars rules Aries), you're going to feel pretty Aries - like. Now, also good to keep in mind: A Pullen report is only one way to look at energy and decide which one holds more weight. Overall you don't have to agree with it, you don't have to use it, but it's something you can refer to and keep for observation purposes.

Now once you have these info in mind, go on my Instagram and go check out my memes – You’ll understand why you relate to signs that you don’t necessarily have.

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