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Black Moon Lilith: What fear is driving you?

Moon and clouds

What is Black Moon Lilith?

Black Moon Lilith is widely misunderstood and ignored, but discovering Lilith in your natal chart is a very empowering moment.

Most people tend to describe Black Moon Lilith as a dark spot in our natal chart. Don’t get me wrong, it is. But from darkness comes light, and once you explore your own Black Moon Lilith you allow yourself to grow and overcome whatever shadow Black Moon Lilith brought unto you.

Black Moon Lilith: Myth

According to various traditions, Lilith is said to be Adam's first wife before Eve. She is depicted as a strong-willed and independent woman who refused to be subservient to Adam and was cast out of the Garden of Eden. Lilith is often described as a seductress and a symbol of feminine power and rebellion.

In astrology, Lilith is sometimes associated with themes of feminine strength, independence, and sexuality. Its placement in an individual's birth chart is thought to represent areas where one may rebel against societal norms. Black Moon Lilith is also linked to taboo subjects and the darker, more hidden aspects of the psyche, with similar themes to Pluto.

Black Moon Lilith: Shadow work

Like Pluto, BML indicates a process of death and rebirth. Although always seen as negative, Black Moon Lilith only takes us to the underworld to show us who we are in our subconscious and let us grow as a more conscious being. With the Black Moon, what we judge and hate in others is what we refuse in us. BML is all about projections & subconscious drive. It represents our core subconscious fears, what motivates us our instinctive and primitive answers such as yelling out of the blue, running away from a conversation for no good reasons or burning bridges a little too fast. Any overreaction that we can’t really explain rationally comes from a place of fear.

We all know those moments, when you reacted to something really quickly, but after the facts you’re left wondering why you chose to act that particular way. And you move on, because that’s what humans do, we get very briefs moments of light, and we chase it away because we’re afraid of the answers and what we might discover about ourselves.

Lilith: A mini Pluto

Black Moon Lilith manifestations are for example when a specific pattern keeps happening but you can’t figure out why. People always leave you the same way and you can’t find any logic explanation, or maybe you keep leaving people over and over and although you find a justification to it, you know deep down it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

BML is a mini Pluto. Its effects are really powerful only as long as we ignore the message. It’s powerful because it’s living your life with one particular drive, and not knowing what this drive is. Once you understand Black Moon Lilith in your natal chart and really grasp what it tells about your own personal story you can start making decisions from an intellectual base rather than instinct base – Which is usually a way to deal with things that doesn’t make you cringe afterwards.

Knowing about your BML is not going to produce a magical solution, nor an instant enlightenment for every single one of you, but it’s an introduction to your shadow self and hopefully it will resonate enough so that you keep that in mind in your daily life. Now that we know what BML is about, let’s see its manifestations in the natal chart by sign placement.

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25 Haz 2020

Hi! Really glad to say that your article is very useful to me. I recently began to study astrology at https: // and would like to clarify my understanding of Lilith. It is neither good nor bad in nature, but it contains those dark secrets that they usually prefer to hide. However, if I do not accept this side of myself, it can lead to reprisals, and no one can predict what the result will be?

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