Empowering Astrology: Don’t let anyone sentence you

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

I have noticed too often people being anxious about their natal chart, about what they read on Astrology websites, or about what an Astrologer once said to them. I myself experienced that and spent evenings wondering what have I done to deserve my natal chart / transit chart. I’d like to seize this opportunity to help with that. No planet is a curse, no aspect has the same meaning for every one of us, and no Astrologer should make you feel like a natal aspect of yours means you’re cursed to misery. Please always keep in mind that at the end of the day, regardless of your natal chart, you are the one in charge of the decisions you make.

Astrologers –including me- are guilty of a shortcut that can leads to confusion: We talk about Astrology aspects like if they are independent elements forcing us to act in a certain way. Aspects, planets, positions, are not “making us” do anything. Astrology is only a reflection of you. It’s a symbol, a representation, not a cause.

Challenging positions and aspects talk about lessons that need to be learned. You come in this world with strength and weaknesses, with failures and success, and with lessons to learn, skills to master.

These challenges, described in your natal chart, are only patterns. Your chart never describes a particular event or non-event, such as “You will never get married because you have Saturn conjunct Venus”. If someone tells you that, please don’t listen to another word. This is not your chart talking, this is just another human being interpreting and sentencing you a little too fast. When someone does that, they take away your own power. They take away from you the opportunity to correct your patterns and overcome your challenges.

Certain placements tend to lead to certain events and behaviours – And this is the very reason why Astrologers “sentence”. They’ve seen it before and they expect to see it again. Does it mean you will do the same? Of course not. Is it easy? Of course not.

This is absolutely up to you, and this should be a great news, because you can do whatever you want!

Why do I post on Astrology placements then? When discussing aspects in the natal chart, there are some patterns that will be into play in the person life. Each aspect talks about different ones, and this is what I try to translate here. A Neptune square Sun will always talk about the same challenges, and what I try to do here is to provide with the essence of it.

There is a lot of possibilities on how the aspect will play. There is some typical events that come with each aspect, typical behaviours. Typical doesn’t mean automatic, typical doesn’t mean mandatory.

I use different possibilities and examples in my articles, to illustrate and help you grasp the essence yourself. However, I do not cover the entire possibilities of outcome, and I do not intend to.

Astrology is about you. What is the point of getting readings and learning about yourself if you become a passive element of your own life? Empower yourself. Check out our services for a full Astro reading, or our self-help book recommendations.

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