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Mars in the signs in the birth chart (Libra to Pisces)

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How does Mars in signs in the birth chart influence the behaviour of men and women? This post is the second part of a series on Mars through the signs. Here we'll cover Mars in Libra to Mars in Pisces. If you want to see the interpretation for Mars in Aries to Mars in Virgo, head here.

What is Mars in the birth chart?

The planet Mars in astrology is often associated with energy, action, and drive. It represents the way we assert ourselves and pursue our goals, and can also reveal our sexual nature and physical stamina. As one of the most powerful and dynamic planets in the solar system, Mars has a significant influence on our personalities and behaviours.

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at Mars in the birth chart for each zodiac sign, exploring how this planet manifests in different ways depending on your astrological sign. Whether you're an impulsive Aries, a determined Taurus, or a passionate Scorpio, the placement of Mars in your birth chart can reveal important insights about your strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies. So let's dive in and explore what Mars has to say about your astrological sign!

Head here for part 1.

Mars in Libra


Mars in Libra is a difficult placement because Mars naturally belongs in Aries, the opposite energy of Libra. Mars is inherently selfish and concerned with oneself. It's the taking principle: I want, I desire, I pursue, I compete, I get, I take, I win. We all need Mars, there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting, taking, being self-interested and self-serving. Of course, there's always something wrong with falling in excess, and that's what the polarities represent: Harmony. Mars without Venus (relating, compromising, pleasing) is tyrannical, selfish and destructive. Venus, without Mars, is passive, indulgent, stagnant and without a proper sense of self. When Mars is in Libra, someone has an innate struggle between Mars and Venus. Whenever they want to do their Mars, they cannot do it without the Venusian principle. Positively, this is someone who really can't over do their Mars and fall in its excess, but commonly, someone with this placement naturally struggles with healthily embodying their Mars.

What does healthily embodying your Mars means, exactly?

Pursuing your goals, asserting yourself, drawing boundaries, dealing with conflict, confrontation, saying no, saying yes, being decisive, driven, energized, motivated, feeling passion and desire, defend yourself, protecting yourself, being independent, self-reliant.

When Mars is in Libra, once again it's very difficult to do Mars without Venus. So you find someone who finds it difficult to: feel energized without a relationship or partnership, someone who finds it difficult to confront, assert, and draw boundaries without constantly taking into consideration how the other person feels.

There can be a tendency to be overly compliant, overly understanding, overly compromising.

Because Libra represents harmony andf the scales of justice, you'll also find that when someone with this Mars placement went overboard with overcompliance, they'll swing the other way around, blowing up out of nowhere, over-reacting.

Because it's hard to do your Mars in a healthy way when you have it in Libra, you will either fall in the Venusian energy, or attempt to embody the Mars but typically, clumsily. People with Mars in Libra will simultaneously under-react and overreact to situations, endlessly trying to find the right way, the right balance, in expressing assertiveness and boundaries.

When Mars is in Libra, the primary DRIVE is relationships. With this placement, it's hard to feel motivated in life if you don't have 1) a primary partner 2) a business partner 3) quality + variety of friends. You'll need at least one of the three and when someone with Mars in Libra is isolated or overall unpartnered (people with this placement tend to have at least one bestie, one partner romantic or business, to do life) will find it very difficult to feel motivated and energized. Mars is your life force and Mars in Libra NEEDS partnership.

This placement is typically motivated by peace and harmony. The least conflict, the better, and Mars in Libra will go to great lengths to avoid conflict and disharmony. One misconception though, is that Mars in Libra is a pushover. Mars in Libra will avoid conflict, try to placate it or inject understanding in the situation, but if pushed in a corner, Mars in Libra will fight for justice and fairness until its dying breath. This is someone who is particularly triggered by a perceived sense of injustice, unfairness and lack of reciprocity or equality. Although this Mars might go about their crusade with inappropriate force (too low, too strong), as a cardinal sign, they will go about it relentlessly until justice and harmony is restored.

Mars in Libra is known for its indecisiveness, often rooted in a difficulty with having desires of their own. Because Mars in Libra is energized and motivated by partnerships and others, they tend to only discover their desires and wants through their relating with others. Left to their own device, Mars in Libra can find their ability to emulate specific desires dimmed.

Mars in Libra man

Mars in Libra is a very difficult placement for a man and typically means he has difficulty with making decisions without other people's input. He typically can be wishy-washy, unsure of what he wants, cultivating the art of keeping his options open. Men with Mars in Libra love relationships but they're not typically the type to easily commit to one person. As they get older they can very much do so and can be very fair and good partners, but they typically don't commit in their younger years, because they simply don't know what they want.

This man can be a people-pleaser and be quite good at politics.

His ego is invested in his ability to charm and seduce, giving them natural tendencies to be the casanova type. He typically has great manners and is good at social grace.

Mars in Libra woman

Mars in Libra still has significant challenges for women but much less than for men. Women with Mars in Libra are naturally compliant, compromising, collaborative and conflict-avoidant. As long as you don't treat them unfairly, they tend to be very pleasing and submissive. They're eager to meet people's needs and create harmonious and pleasant environments.

Feminine-identified are attracted to a partner who is balanced, fair, social, but most importantly - beautiful and pleasing. Fortunately or unfortunately, women with Mars in Libra can have shallow attractions and a pretty face will capture their heart. They do want a partner who won't embarrass them in public, someone who can get along with their friends, and someone who can give her a pleasant, conflict-free life. A woman with Mars in Libra is naturally submissive and pleasing, so one of her primary needs for a partner is to pick someone who is more assertive than her, and also someone who will never abuse their dominance or power over her. Because her natural instinct is to compromise while her anger drive is unfairness, she needs someone who appreciates her efforts and won't take advantage of it.

Mars Scorpio


When Mars is placed in Scorpio, someone's energy is intense, determined, and powerful - but quiet. Mars in Scorpio is not direct like Aries, loud like Leo, or impulsive like Sagittarius. It's a way of going about what you desire that is very slow, methodical, strategic, and impactful. The best way I can describe Mars in Scorpio is to describe a hunter in the forest. Once you have your prey in sight, you cannot get distracted, you cannot start pursuing another one, and you cannot get it wrong. One move too fast, too loud, not calculated, and your prey will run away and you won't have dinner. That's how primal and intense Mars in Scorpio is. People with this placement will have a very primal energy in the sense that, once they want something and lock in on it, it's almost a matter of survival to them. With this placement, you absolutely won't find someone who is impulsive or spontaneous about how they go about their goals. Doesn't matter if the rest of the chart is all fire, Mars is how you go about what you want and with Mars here, you will necessarily be preparing yourself methodically before the one and final pounce. This Mars represents someone whose moves are silent (like the hunter) and deadly (like the hunter.) Someone with Mars in Scorpio has for primary drives: Survival and power. Power is a form of survival, and Scorpio is very interconnected to all survival themes (sex being one, along with an intimate union with a bonded partner.) People with this placement are typically good at conserving their energy, meaning, not wasting their energy on things that won't give them something valuable in return, again, this sense of strategy and calculation related to energy expenditure (similar to Taurus Mars in that regard). The interesting thing about Mars in Scorpio is that these people are typically very quiet, they hold on to their energy including sexual + anger. Once they are ready for release though, the display of anger can be quite phenomenal. I remember this one friend who I had never seen angry, and one day at the office, someone crossed him and as much as the anger wasn't directed at me, I was frozen by the intensity and volume of his voice. His whole demeanour just changed and became super imposing and quite intimidating. When it comes to relationships, people with Mars in Scorpio are pretty good at 1/ hiding their desires and/or feelings 2/ getting others to come to them. There is a very mysterious, powerful, alluring draw to people with this placement. They tend to exude something along the lines of danger, power, mystery, sexuality, thrill, depth, and darkness. It's quite an exalted placement for Mars to be, meaning that Mars is very strong and comfortable in this sign. There aren't a lot of drawbacks from this placement (unless of course aspects come modifying this) as it gives someone a strong drive, sense of stamina, self-control, ability to attract others and ability to pursue and execute goals quite naturally. The one drawback I've noticed from this placement is the tendency to suffer from addictions, I think, reflective of the compulsive nature of Mars in Scorpio when misdirected.

Mars in Scorpio Man

Men with this placement are typically ultra-masculine and "alpha", unless the rest of the chart is particularly feminine. In this case, they might not be the typical alpha male, but they will for sure have a powerful sexual energy and a striking intense energy.

They tend to be broody and hypersexual, although with Mars in Scorpio you could find someone who is compulsive about their sexuality or very disciplined and choosy about it.

Men with Mars in Scorpio can be secretive and guarded, even when committed. They do have a desire for control and power, and can be quite strategic at making sure their mate remain committed and under their thumb.

They typically use their emotional intelligence to get what they want, as they are master at understanding what makes someone tick and what people are hiding underneath the surface.

Mars in Scorpio woman

Women with this placement tend to attract partners who embody Scorpio qualities + tend to have a very "femme fatale" energy, sexual in a way that can be understated yet very easily felt. A woman with this placement is very sexual, and just like men with Mars in Scorpio, they tend to be either very promiscuous or on the completely opposite token, very selective with who they choose to share intimacy with.

A woman with Mars in Scorpio is very unwavering in the pursuit of her goals and very secretive about them. Don't kiss don't tell is definitely the motto, and they can be very skilled at attracting what they desire by, seemingly, not lifting a finger. Their aura tends to be electrifying and magnetizing or terrifying and intimidating.

Vengence is definitely a key theme, for both genders but perhaps more so for women. Learning how to release grudges is a key component of this Mars sign.

Mars in Sagittarius


Mars in Sagittarius is ultimately someone driven by passion. The greatest quest for someone with this Mars is to feel something - anything.

This placement tends to have an almost naive approach to relationships, thinking that if it feels good at first sight, if you feel passion, of course, you should go for it! Sagittarius is well-known for its impulsiveness and spontaneity, driven by a sense of adventure. This placement gives a sense of naiveness to someone (although of course the rest of the chart will tell you more) and, maybe gullible is too strong of a word to describe this placement, but there is a bit of a fool energy here, where someone is jumping into situations driven by optimism, spontaneity, faith and passion. Mars in Sagittarius acts on impulses and thinks about it later. Woops. It does carry some significant drawbacks, but at least, things get done! The greatest desire for Mars in Sagittarius is to explore, expand, feel passion, and have their visions come to fruition. Someone with Mars in Sagittarius, no matter how refined the rest of the chart is, is going to have a tendency to do things either: Clumsily, loudly, impatiently, or spontaneously. You typically find people who swear a lot with this placement, who have their temper flaring up (although it also typically calms down rather quickly). Big words are spoken, maybe a few swear words here and there to really mark the spirits. Again you have to remember that Sagittarius is passionate, with all of that entails.

Someone with Mars in Sagittarius is ultimately someone who must be leading a life that is rooted in passion and growth. Even if your daily job is something redundant and something you're not particularly passionate about, then this job must be at the service of a greater vision you have for yourself. Maybe you're an accountant, but your salary is going toward a mortgage for a dream house you have that will host your family - or a fast track toward building wealth. Maybe you hate your job as some corporate executive, but it allows you to travel 2 months a year and that's what really fuels you.

Mars in Sagittarius is driven by vision, passion and meaning. It's not a placement that's particularly materialistic (although of course the rest of the chart will tell us more), and it's more so someone driven by a desire to have a passionate, exciting, adventurous or meaningful life.

Mars in Sagittarius man

Men with Mars in Sagittarius are often characterized by a love for adventure and a desire to expand their horizons. They possess an energetic and optimistic outlook on life, approaching challenges with a sense of humor and a belief that every experience is an opportunity for growth. This placement suggests a passion for learning, travel, and a broad-minded approach to various aspects of life.

In relationships, Mars in Sagittarius individuals may express their desires through shared adventures, intellectual stimulation, and a sense of freedom. They appreciate partners who share their love for exploration and are open to new ideas and experiences. Commitment may be approached with an emphasis on maintaining independence and mutual growth.

However, a challenge for men with Mars in Sagittarius may be a tendency towards restlessness or a reluctance to settle down. Finding balance between the need for freedom and commitment can be an ongoing theme in their personal lives.

Not the most loyal of all Mars signs unless the rest of the chart indicates otherwise, they're very good at sweeping their love interest off their feet, but typically struggle with keeping the same energy once the infatuation phase is passed.

Mars in Sagittarius woman

Women with Mars in Sagittarius lead a very active lifestyle. They feel a strong need to be active every day, pursuing goals, working, pursuing fitness goals or even just keeping the house organized! It doesn't matter what their work life is, this woman must keep the show going, whatever that show is. Passion is fundamentally a drive and they can be addicted to seeing progress.

Women with Mars in Sagittarius often dedicate a large part of their life travelling and/or learning, and they can be quite spontaneous in how they do things. It doesn't matter if it's done right, if it's done with a purpose, it must be done!

Of all the Mars signs, one of the most reluctant to commit is probably Mars in Sagittarius woman. She's not particularly eager to commit officially to one person, unless the rest of her chart is more traditional. It doesn't mean she doesn't want a companion, it's just that for her, the legal part of a union is not something that inspires her. The possibility, as slim as it might be, to be able to leave whenever she sees fit, is a big aspect of her being able to stay.

She speaks her mind bluntly and can have a language that is colourful. She's usually quite fun and adventurous and eager to socialize.

Mars in Capricorn


Mars in Capricorn is surprisingly ... horny! Although Mars in Capricorn is definitely an indicator of what you'd expect, a very ambitious and hardworking person, Mars here does seem to play out as a very sensual placement. When someone has Mars in Capricorn, there's just an air of authority to them. There is an energy of self-control, authority and priorities that just pushes them to focus their energy on other things than trivial bickering. I've yet to see someone with Mars in Capricorn lose their cool. I have seen though, time and time again, people who are consumed by work and spend a good chunk of their time working and letting work consume their life.

When someone has Mars in Capricorn, there is a sense of being in control and in authority of themselves, of their actions. There is a sense of being disciplined, strategic, enduring and persistent. Surprisingly sexual, Capricorn surely cares about building and heading "somewhere", but when it comes to the bedroom, people with Mars in Capricorn can be very earthy and sensual, akin to a Mars in Taurus.

Mars in Capricorn man

Men, specifically, find their masculinity by embodying this energy of provider and feeling their masculinity when they're able to build success and achievements for themselves - to the point of sacrificing leisure, family time and social life for it. Mars in Capricorn definitely gives a tendency to lean in controlling tendencies, of course, especially if reinforced by the rest of the chart, but I've seen men with this placement really embodying this paternal energy. Capricorn being an archetype of the masculine polarity, this placement does play out more strongly/archetypally in men than in women. With this placement, the main drive is prestige, success and "legacy" - something to leave behind, something to let the family be safe and provided for.

Mars in Capricorn woman

When Mars is in Capricorn in a woman's birth chart, it bestows upon her a focused, disciplined, and goal-oriented approach to life. She is motivated by a strong work ethic, ambition, and a practical mindset.

Women with Mars in Capricorn are often characterized by their determination and persistence. They approach challenges with a strategic and patient attitude, steadily working toward their goals. This placement suggests a strong drive for success in both their professional and personal lives, and they are willing to put in the necessary effort to achieve long-term stability.

In relationships, Mars in Capricorn women may express their desires through a need for structure, stability, and reliability. They appreciate partners who share their commitment to hard work and are supportive of their ambitions. While they may not always be overtly emotional, their love is often demonstrated through practical actions and a steady, reliable presence.

A potential challenge for women with Mars in Capricorn may be an inclination toward self-imposed pressure or perfectionism. Balancing the pursuit of goals with self-care is crucial to maintaining overall well-being.

Mars in Aquarius


When Mars is placed in Aquarius in the birth chart, the main drive is freedom and creativity. With this placement, you often find people who work contracts, freelance, entrepreneurship and online/tech activities. I've seen this placement time and time again in the charts of people who are driven to build a life on their own terms - whether or not they achieve it or how they achieve is told by the rest of the chart, but it's quite a potent energy with this Mars. With Mars in Aquarius, we find someone who tends to march at the beat of their own drum. The way they go about their goals and desires tends to be self-taught and quite innovative. Here we find people who, driven by a desire to be "free", teach themselves whatever skills are needed for their path. It's quite common with this placement to see people who taught themselves how to do something on YouTube, learned a skill through some unconventional means and of course, a thirst for knowledge that pushes them to read a lots of books. When they're not a book nerd or some self-taught genius (you would find this energy with Mars/Uranus, by the way), there's definitely a tendency to pursue things in a way that is self-reliant and in some way, unconventional. The desire to break free from how "things should be" is often strong. Aquarius is often referred to as a sign with "commitment issues". I don't know if that's fully true as Aquarius is actually often found in the charts of people who have very long-lasting marriages (and equally with Uranian placements). The thirst for freedom can definitely give a commitment-shy energy, but more than commitment being a problem with Aquarius, I think it's more about finding a way to pursue freedom at all cost. Bear with me. There's a lot of philosophy written about how commitment is at the root of freedom, when exercised wisely, as not committing to anything means not choosing anything, and if you don't choose anything then - are you really free? To be free to pursue what fulfills you, you must necessarily exercise choices and commitments, and through healthy commitment is found true freedom. I think for this reason, Aquarius energy can more than others commit to things, with the understanding that true freedom requires committing to things/people. Now that this has been explained: Is Mars in Aquarius commitment-phobe? It can, if the carrier of this Mars has not yet understood the true meaning of freedom, or, if they haven't found something worthy of commitment that WILL enhance their freedom. This placement in a chart though does mean that although the person might be comfortable with commitment, it's always with the end goal of achieving purpose, freedom and elevation. If not harnessed properly, you can find people who always have a TON of ideas, but difficulty with following through on them - and we'd be circling back on the root polarity commitment/freedom. Although Mars in Aquarius can be stubborn and rebellious, mostly, those are people who are governed by reason and can be rather compromising, if demonstrated the value of it (lol). Aquarius is not a particularly sexual sign, but it's one of exploration and discovery! Sexuality is often rooted in a desire to discover uncharted territory. This can surely lead to promiscuous behaviours, but more often than not, it's more so about being intellectually stimulated and open to discovery.

Mars in Aquarius man

A man with Mars in Aquarius is idealistic and desires to build freedom for himself. This is typically the type of man who would not think of settling down if the feels like he hasn't yet built a comfortable life for himself, or if he feels like the partner he chose would be restricting his freedom.

He's not necessarily the best at compromising, unless the rest of his chart tells otherwise, as he often finds that his ego is invested in being the one with the higher knowledge. He does value intellectual rapport in relationships and will treat his partner with the utmost respect for their individuality and right to remain a free individual.

He's not particularly the type to anger easily, unless he feels like you're attempting to restrict his agency and autonomy. He's also not particularly the casanova type, unless he decided to turn his seductive pursuit as an experience to test! Mars in Aquarius is approaching everything as a test of what works and what doesn't, just like an engineer looking to find how everything works.

Mars in Aquarius woman

Women with Mars in Aquarius are often characterized by their independent and visionary approach to life. They possess a strong drive to break away from tradition and explore new and avant-garde ideas. This placement suggests a passion for social causes, a love for intellectual pursuits, and a willingness to challenge the status quo.

In relationships, Mars in Aquarius women may express their desires through a need for intellectual connection, freedom, and a sense of individuality. They appreciate partners who respect their independence and share their passion for innovation and open-mindedness. Commitment may be approached with an emphasis on maintaining personal freedom and contributing to a larger social or humanitarian cause.

A potential challenge for women with Mars in Aquarius may be a resistance to routine or a tendency to detach emotionally in certain situations. Navigating the balance between independence and emotional connection can be essential for their personal growth.

Mars in Pisces


Mars in Pisces in the birth chart is one of those placements who can be quite a coin toss. On one hand, Mars in Pisces in the birth chart gives a profound quest for love, romance, poetry and art. With this placement, I can only picture the tarot card "the knight of cups" - someone profoundly romantic, seeking to offer love to the world in any means possible. Pisces energy is one that is slippery: Kind, empathic, compassionate, soft-hearted, tender, selfless and loving. But this divine energy can be difficult to embody in our humble human bodies, and can oh so quickly fall in dangerous territories. Mars in Pisces wants one thing and one thing only: To live in the divine world. One where there's no hate, no ugliness, no harshness or cruelty. A kind quest, but one that is difficult to pursue in this world. Given the tall order of this Mars, it's easy to see how "slippery" this energy can be. Some people with this placement will find beautiful ways to express it: They sing, they dance, they write, they love and they play. They build their own little Eden garden however they can, and they thrive on art, creativity, and they display a kind, innocent energy.

But Mars is the masculine principle, the warrior, the hero. How does one express an inherently aggressive and driven energy, in a sign that wants NOTHING to do with these things? The most elevated way this plays out is truly what I've described up until now: People who create, who are artists, lovers, people who volunteer, give selflessly and love unconditionally. But this perfect picture is not a given for everyone - certain settings must be in place so that someone can remain in such a soft-hearted energy. What happens when, environmentally speaking, you're not able to play the knight in shining armour? You escape the ugliness of the world, and you retreat in your Piscean bubble. Mars in Pisces can be a profoundly escapist energy, which can play out in difficult ways. The most common manifestation of an unhappy Mars in Pisces is profound escapism: Living in a fantasy world, video games, drugs, substances, or self-defeating romances. Not taking responsibility or accountability for one's life, and drifting away, floating, aimlessly. Pisces is a sign that can end up a "victim". Sometimes, truly, sometimes, because it is a sign that struggles with ownership and responsibility. When Mars is in Pisces in the birth chart, there's really the need to ask yourself the following question: Am I playing the martyr? Am I playing the victim? And if not - do I still find a pattern of ending up in these situations? Because the Piscean drive is to escape (the ugly, and join the divine), one must truly ponder what are ways they are using to escape, and if these ways are functional (art, creativity) or dysfunctional (substance abuse, victimization).

Mars in Pisces man

Mars in Pisces man is profoundly romantic, sensitive, kind and loving. But he often is shy and unsure of how to assert himself as a man. He tends to have a more feminine essence, enjoying "going with the flow" which is typically women's worst nightmare.

He's often creative, artistic, and he yearns for a beautiful love. Is he willing to do what it takes to achieve it though? That's often the difficulty. Pisces energy has high yearnings and ideals but often struggles with taking responsibility and doing what's necessary to achieve the results they seek.

A man with Mars in Pisces will sweet talk and appear to be the perfect lover you always yearned for. When comes the time of taking responsibility and following through on the spoken words though, he could come empty-handed.

Unless the rest of the chart shows accountability and more structured themes, Mars in Pisces man is not the most loyal. He might not cheat physically, but his definition of boundaries are often loose. He needs someone who has similar views and can let him have room to fantasize.

Mars in Pisces woman

Women with Mars in Pisces are often characterized by their empathetic and intuitive approach to life. They possess a strong drive to contribute to the well-being of others and are drawn to creative and spiritual pursuits. This placement suggests a passion for artistic expression, a love for dreamy and idealistic endeavours, and a willingness to explore the depths of emotional experiences.

In relationships, Mars in Pisces women may express their desires through a need for emotional connection, romantic expression, and a sense of unity. They appreciate partners who understand the nuances of their emotions and share their artistic or spiritual interests.

Commitment may be approached with a focus on emotional intimacy and a desire to create a profound, soulful connection.

A potential challenge for women with Mars in Pisces may be a tendency to be overly sensitive or prone to escapism as a way of coping with stress. Establishing healthy emotional boundaries and finding constructive outlets for their creativity and compassion can be important for their overall well-being.

In summary, Mars in Pisces contributes to a woman's character by infusing her with a compassionate, imaginative, and emotionally attuned approach to both her personal relationships and creative endeavors.

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May 24, 2023
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thanks for this, i love it! my mars in cancer feels understood!

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