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Mercury in Libra in the birth chart: The diplomat

Scales of justice

Mercury in the birth chart

Mercury in the natal chart shows by zodiac sign, Astrological house and aspect how someone communicates, how they receive information, filter information, how they think and process. Mercury represents the cognitive process and can tell you a lot about how someone's think and talk, and can even indicate if someone is prone to lying.

Mercury is traditionally said dignified in Virgo & Gemini. But Mercury in Libra would definitely argue about that. Let's see how Mercury in Libra shows up in the birth chart.

Mercury in Libra option 1: The Lawyer

Mercury is very at ease in this air sign. If you know someone with this placement, chances are their nickname is The Lawyer. They will defend one opinion & its complete opposite. They’re the defence attorney, the prosecutor and the judge; all at the same time. People with Mercury in Libra in their birth chart can be quite passionate about intellectual matters & they can be absolutely brilliant. Regardless of their level of education or their intelligence, they will always be skilled at arguing just about anything. They usually do very well in higher studies because of their ability to write and speak with a nice flow.

Mercury in the zodiac sign of Libra in the birth chart is strong & weak for the same reason: They see both sides of the same coin. They have strong analytic skills; they can see all the angles and all the points of view. But they can lose themselves in their thoughts because, well, how can you choose a side and take a stand when left AND right make so much sense?

They are not only good at arguing, they low-key love it. Being their friends or partners can be quite exhausting if you don’t share the same aspect. You think they’re looking for a fight, they’re just having the time of their life debating whether or not waterbed mattresses are the best for your back. You think they’re ruining the atmosphere by having an argument, they don’t quite get why you’re not enjoying this energetic conversation. Arguing is a sport for a Libra, and you’ll be disappointed to hear, they’ll probably win.

Mercury in Libra option 2: The peacemaker

Some people with Mercury in Libra are on the completely opposite token, not argumentative. If the rest of the chart is more agreeable and soft, this position of Mercury in the birth chart can play out very differently.

Mercury in Libra can use indirect communication. They will drop subtle hints, wrap their message in candy paper and you’ll be absolutely clueless about what just happened. It's definitely a smooth-talker energy.

Having Mercury in Libra in the birth chart does also indicate a strong sense of fairness. People with this placement of Mercury tend to be open-minded individuals who will listen to what others have to say and take into account their perspective. They tend to be great mediators, able to find a common ground between two opposing sides.

On the flip side, Mercury in Libra can also be a bit indecisive. Those with this placement in their birth chart might find it difficult to make decisions, as they’re often torn between two different options. They can be overly accommodating, trying to please everyone instead of standing up for what they want.

Overall, having Mercury in Libra in the birth chart can be a great asset. It can indicate a person with strong communication skills, great diplomatic abilities, and a strong sense of fairness and justice. Keep this in mind when looking at your own birth chart, and if you have Mercury in Libra, remember to use your diplomatic skills to your advantage!

Bear in mind, aspects to Mercury can greatly modify its interpretation. For example, if you have Mercury in aspect to Pluto or Mars, you will find yourself relating a lot to "The Lawyer" archetype. But if your Mercury is conjunct Venus, for example, you won't at all relate to the lawyer archetype and find yourself to be the ultimate "Peacemaker."

Ultimately, if you want to understand yourself with precision and depth, nothing can replace a birth chart reading by an expert, except perhaps learning Astrology from an expert :)



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