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Recognizing liars with Astrology through their birth chart

Do not tell lies

Signs of a liar in Astrology

Can you recognize if someone is a liar through their birth chart? Astrology can indeed give you an indication of how someone communicates. and whether or not they have a natural tendency to lie. Each Astrologer has a different perception and philosophy when it comes to the birth chart. Some believe it describes your past lives, some believe it is some curse you cannot lift or a blessing you received gracefully. I don't see it that way.

Your birth chart: A container for your free will

I see the birth chart as a container that defines the scope of your experience. So if you have 4 planets in Libra, this is a container for you. You can express your Libra energy to the highest degree, you could be an incredible mediator, a tactful diplomat negotiating peace in the Middle East, or you could be playing it out in less honourable ways, and display perhaps the flaws of Libra and struggle to rise above it. Regardless, you'd be operating within the container.

This introduction is important for me to make because I think it immediately clarifies two ideas: - The birth chart is a container that defines both your possibilities and certain limitations - You have free will. Astrology is not a curse, it doesn't justify bad behaviours and it doesn't force anyone to do anything. It simply describe natural tendencies and a spectrum of tendencies. With that being said, are there signs in the birth chart that you should look for if you are suspicious someone might be lying to you? Absolutely. Let's dive in.

Mercury square Jupiter: The lazy liar

This is the least worrisome of them all, but it is an annoying one nonetheless. Mercury square Jupiter in the birth chart can definitely be the sign of a liar, but Mercury square Jupiter does not lie to swindle you, to manipulate you or anything like that. Usually, Mercury square Jupiter lies to cut corners, to go faster, to avoid unnecessary discussions and delays.

People with Mercury square Jupiter are typically lying in two ways. Either they exaggerate significantly what they're talking about ("I caught this 6 ft long fish!") to dramatize, catch the attention and make themselves look bigger, or they tell white lies out of laziness and to simply move the plot faster. Is it great? No. But this is an aspect that reveals perhaps bad intellectual ethics more than anything darker and worrisome.

It's possible that this energy also manifests itself with other aspects of Mercury and Jupiter, for example, the opposition or the trine. I find the square and opposition to be more worrisome, but keep an eye out for any aspect and observe.

Mercury - Neptune: The confused liar

I have personal beef with this one, because I have the square myself and I cannot tell you how many times I read Mercury Neptune are liars when I'm so far from it. Again, that's also where free will comes into play but I think I have my 2 cents to add to this conversation that will be valuable. First of all, by experience, Mercury-Neptune is much more prone to lies when it is an opposition or a trine. I know, common astrology literature says "good" aspects are supposed to be "good", but that is a fallacy and you can only understand the true difference between aspects when you understand astrology in-depth (but I also wrote a post about aspects here.) Are Mercury - Neptune liars? People with this aspect in their birth chart tend to have a very vivid imagination, a tendency to fantasize, and a tendency to have blurred lines between reality and imagination. There's also a tendency to escape (Neptune) mentally (Mercury) and find refuge in comforting fantasies. It also creates a tendency to express oneself vaguely, not necessarily intentionally, but because there is such openness in the way one thinks, sometimes, the details are not exactly what's the most important to the person. This can be incredibly handy in other ways, for example, it allows us to connect ideas together that don't seem to be connected, but the subtleness of this energy allows us to see what others might not. Now are Mercury-Neptune people liars? Sometimes, yes. Mercury-Jupiter would lie to cut corners or exaggerate a situation, while Mercury-Neptune would lie more so out of confusion, vagueness, or because they've convinced themselves of a reality that is more so fantasy-like rather than truly tested and accurate. There's also a tendency to seek "escape" and that can include escaping accountability. Mercury/Neptune can be very skilled at throwing glitter at an ugly situation, or simply turning tables when it's time to pay the bill for things that were said or done, like a magician with a wand. One thing about Mercury-Neptune that is quite distinctive of this particular aspect, is a tendency to imagine and get confused about imagination and reality. You do find this aspect in the charts of people who might have a defence mechanism of avoiding, deflecting, and recalling things that did not happen. They can be confusing communicators because they can be confused thinkers. It's the ultimate delulu aspect.

I do want to add a note about Mercury-Neptune. If you have this aspect in your birth chart, surely, check deeply within yourself about your relationship to honesty. But also note this: This is an aspect that indicates a natural tendency to attract gaslighters and people who will see the opportunity to make you doubt yourself. Be very cautious of abusers and people with dark triad traits.

Mercury-Pluto: The strategic liar

Mercury-Pluto is not always a liar, I know a few people who have this aspect who are NOT liars. But I also know plenty who have it and are. In fact, the only people I know who have demonstrated to me that they are pathological liars have this aspect in their birth chart. The distinctive energy of people with Mercury-Pluto is that what they say or don't say is strategic. Pluto is about power and control, and when the planet of thought and community is in aspect to Pluto, you can be sure that they'd rather say less than more. Instinctively, people with this aspect understand that information is power, and they typically choose to carefully disclose exactly what's necessary, nothing more. It doesn't have to mean they choose to lie, but if they do, it's typically not by saying something that isn't true, more so, just not telling the full story. If you want the full story, you have to ask the right questions. And you only have a certain amount of questions you can ask before you're deemed investigative and they shut down the doors of communication.

Mercury-Pluto can give incredible skills at what I call being "political." It can be an incredible asset and if used honestly it represents someone who not only is good at revealing exactly the right amount and nothing more, and also someone who is good at extracting information out of other people without trying hard. But it can also generate distrust in relationships as other people, if intuitive, can feel like the whole story hasn't been told.

People with Mercury in aspect to Pluto can be incredible liars for several reasons. One, they are extremely skilled at reading other people and understanding what makes them tick as well as their vulnerability. 2, they can have very strong defense mechanisms, believing that they are entitled to hide (Pluto) the truth (Mercury) to keep the upper hand (Pluto). This is definitely an aspect that I register as an orange flag, and one that I actively watch for when I see it in a birth chart.

Liars: Asteroids Swindle and Lie

Look for strong conjunction of the Asteroid Lie and Swindle to personal planets. I do know a Sun-Swindle conjunct person who is quite the con-artist, but he also has Pluto square Mars so that adds to the mix. I know a Swindle-Mercury conjunct who is a pathological liar, but he also has Pluto square Mercury. I know a Lie-Sun conjunction guy who lied about every aspect of his life and personality when I met him, And I also know a Lie-Mars-Venus conjunct who is a cheater. Keep an eye open for these two, while always giving people the benefit of the doubt.

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