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Nodal Axis: Gemini and Sagittarius

Nodal Axis: Gemini & Sagittarius | LUTS Astrology Blog

The Lunar Nodes in the birth chart are considered to be a karmic axis and an indication of the best path forward. Get your free natal chart to see where the Lunar Nodes fall in your birth chart.

North node in Sagittarius - South Node in Gemini

South Node in Gemini shows that you have a curious, thirsty mind, constantly looking for new information to snack on. There is a tendency to be very open minded, always looking for more knowledge and data. As much as your versatile mind is an asset, don't you feel a little dizzy sometimes?

Your path forward is to learn how to not know a little bit about everything, but to know everything about one thing that you truly care about. You're here to develop the archetype of the teacher, someone passionate about a given subject who assimilates and translates their newfound knowledge to other thirsty minds.

You're here to focus on achieving values of faith and belief. Perhaps, you don't have to know everything about everything before you start believing, a leap of faith is just that: A leap into the unknown. You're here to let go of the need to know everything and leap into your power of faith.

North Node in Gemini - South Node in Sagittarius

Don't you know it all hey? With the South Node in Sagittarius you're a natural preacher, you're a spiritual being, or perhaps more so religious, or simply someone who is very concerned with metaphysical questions.

Your path forward is to let go of your certainties and your powerful faith though, and allow for facts and information to enter the realm of your consciousness. As much as the power of faith and belief is undeniable, for you, the challenge is to learn how to consider other perspectives and factual information which could change your mind ... or faith.

Letting go of your certitudes to leave space for curiosity is a huge part of your growth as a human being, and the more you can practice being open minded, non dogmatic, and open to facts and perspectives, the more you'll find a natural and seamless growth happening all around and within you.

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