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Virgo & Pisces North Node and South Node in the birth chart: Your Lunar Node soul path

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What are the Lunar Nodes?

The Lunar Nodes in the birth chart are considered to be a karmic axis and an indication of the best path forward. The North node represents the direction you should head toward to experience the most soul-fulfilling growth, while the south node represents karma, things you already have as a strength and perhaps baggage, and what feels comfortable for you. If you want more information about the Lunar Nodes and their meaning, I do have a post on it here.

In this post, we'll explore the meaning of having your Lunar Nodes in Pisces & Virgo, both for North Node in Pisces and North Node in Virgo.

Lunar Nodes: Virgo North Node - Pisces South Node

With your South Node in Pisces you're a natural optimist and have a natural capacity to be romantic, infatuated, artistic, constantly glossing over life flaws and seeing the best in everyone. It's a nice skillset and it can surely help with feeling blissful and hopeful, but this time around you are asked to focus on developing more discrimination and capacity for analysis.

With your North node in Virgo, you're learning to criticize and discriminate, but always from this place of unconditional acceptance and forgiveness. Accepting and forgiving does not mean not seeing, or taking into account, and this is what you're here to do: Make informed decisions, by developing your skills of analysis and attention to detail, while always keeping your heart open.

Someone with a North node in Virgo is here to learn how to become more detail-oriented, practical and focused on self-improvement. You could find yourself thriving in activities related to Virgo energy, such as caregiving, helping others build, heal, and rendering things more functional and efficient.

Someone with a North node in Virgo is here to develop the qualities of:

  • Introspection

  • Analysis

  • Attention to detail

  • Humbleness

  • Service

  • Productivity

Pisces North Node - Virgo South Node

With your South Node in Virgo, you are painfully aware of life's flaws and as much as your mind is sharp and piercing, your path is to learn how to develop a more holistic approach to life. You have a natural ability to look at things closely, with a lot of attention for the small details. This is a great quality you have, but sometimes, the tree hides the forest. You're learning how to zoom out and look at things from a more global and spiritual lens.

With your South node in Virgo, you have a strong tendency to analyze, and scrutinize, which gives you a tendency to feel weighted down by all the wrongs and flaws you discover on your path. In your relationships, this can be difficult as you can be acutely aware of the dissatisfying elements of your interactions with others and on the lookout for flaws to fix.

With the North node in Pisces, you're learning how to use your critical mind and put it at the service of higher values: Unconditional love, acceptance, kindness, forgiveness, and empathy. As much as your mind will always be sharp and critical, you can use your capacity for analysis to develop a thorough attitude of humbleness and acceptance. Can you be aware of life's flaws and accept them in all consciousness? Can you use your capacity of insights to realize that, as humanity is deeply flawed, the best path out of it is to cultivate divine qualities of unconditional love and radical acceptance of what is?

You will never be able to just "turn off" your eagle eye, but perhaps you can use this sharpness of spirit to elevate your soul and inspire others to follow you on your path.

Someone with a North node in Pisces is here to develop the qualities of:

  • Compassion

  • Spirituality

  • Unconditional love

  • Sacrifice

  • Empathy

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