The Lunar Node axis in the birth chart: Leo & Aquarius

The Lunar Nodes in the birth chart are considered to be a karmic axis and an indication of the best path forward. Get your free natal chart to see where the Lunar Nodes fall in your birth chart. Today, we'll explore the Leo & Aquarius axis.

North node in Leo - South Node in Aquarius

With the North Node in Leo, we are learning how to fully embody the self. How to shine, take space, be seen and heard. The soul mission is to become comfortable with the spotlight, become comfortable with being seen for all that you are. There is a pull towards performance, whether it's because you're learning how to show the world a special skill, talent, craft; or because you're learning how to enjoy the simple pleasure of expressing your individuality and creating.

The purpose of this North node is to be fully present, in your body and in your heart, and to learn how to give: Give of yourself, of your presence, of your light, of your energy, of your heart. In order to do that, you must learn how to connect or reconnect with your own self and with your inner child. The path is to become the most authentic version of yourself, so that you can share yourself with those you love.

South Node in Aquarius shows that you already acquired the skill of being able to connect with others, you can appreciate people's uniqueness and their differences. You must now use this skill of appreciation to foster your own authentic difference and expression.

North node in Aquarius - South Node in Leo

With the North Node in Aquarius you are here to be a trailblazer, a rebel, someone who forges your own path. As for every other North node position, the house placement will give a lot of information about where this energy is applying in particular, but with this North node your purpose is to become acquainted with your uniqueness.

With the South Node in Leo, you have a natural inclination to do what gets you approval, appreciation and validation. You can be quite loving and creative, and enjoy being part of social dynamics where you are praised and cherished.

Your purpose is to learn how to enjoy this social love and validation, while fostering qualities of uniqueness and individuality, cultivating the qualities that make you unique, even if these qualities are not socially approved. You're learning that the best type of approval is the one that appreciates and approves who you are at your core, who you are when no one is watching, who you are when you aren't concerned with approval or social conformity.

The more you pursue your natural instincts and qualities, no matter how "odd" you deem them to be, the more you find yourself attracting the right kind of experiences in your life.

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