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Pluto in Aquarius: 2023 and onwards


Pluto entering Aquarius is a huge shift, that you will very soon get really tired of hearing about.

I can't spare you the details because it is, indeed, one of the greatest Astrological events we will have in the next few years.

A refresher on Pluto

At the time, the entire Astrology community knew something huge was coming up, and we knew some sort of massive destruction was going to happen to the world. I personally believed that we would have World War 3. A pandemic did not cross my mind whatsoever. What was the most misleading for me was that Pluto conjunct Saturn in Capricorn represented some sort of worldwide collapse, destruction and control, and nothing else than a war explained this massive process, in my mind. I took this example to show you how extremely powerful the shifts of Pluto are. Pluto does not play, and it has very far-reaching effects. The first thing to know about Pluto entering Aquarius is that it is going to be a LONG process as it will dip in and out of it for more than a year, so what will describe below might begin in 2023 but won't come into full effect until the very end 2024 and early 2025. Pluto= Collapse, destruction, death, annihilation, transformation, rebirth.

Pluto was transiting the sign of Capricorn (= traditions, authority, traditional authorities, business, economy) ever since.... 2009. The year of the world economical crisis and ultimately collapse.

Pluto is now leaving the sign of Capricorn, at a time when we are all wondering if we're about to re-experience the economic collapse of 2009. And interestingly enough, we do have a very common saying in Astrology: Planets have the strongest and most dramatic impact when they enter and when they leave a sign. This is not a coincidence :) Is the economy going to collapse? I do not know. It does look likely from an Astrology perspective, just based off the fact Pluto is leaving Capricorn and Uranus is in Taurus.

The outlook of Pluto in Aquarius

Now Pluto will enter Aquarius 3 times, March 23, 2023, January 20, 2024, and November 19, 2024. Pluto= Collapse, destruction, death, annihilation, transformation, rebirth.

Aquarius= EVERYTHING tech, digital, futuristic, networks. Also ideals for humanity and social contracts/rules. Before I dive into the possibilities of Pluto in Aquarius, let me clarify a little what Aquarius energy is all about. Aquarius is extremely idealistic, but it's also extremely cold. It's not an opinion or a judgement of value, but a fact. If you have to kill 10 people to save 1000, do you do it? Aquarius (not as in people who are Aquariuses but the archetype of the energy itself, in non-human form) says yes without any hesitation. Aquarius does not care about the feelings and consequences of individuals, it cares about the common good.

This energy is extremely valuable and needed, we do need to have certain principles, ideals to aim for, to improve society, without necessarily any regards for individual rights. But it's easy to see how this energy can have very negative consequences, and it's often something we witness when we look at how pure ideologies were applied in the past (I won't name any to not get political, but I'll let you reflect on this.)

The questions Aquarius is posing are wide and far-reaching: - If cloning is going to improve society as a whole and ultimately prevent death, do you allow it? Is is ethical? What are the consequences for individuals?

- If Artificial Intelligence is going to better humanity as a whole, do we run the risk of it becoming a species of its own? I'm not here to offer opinions on the questions, but as an Astrologer, I'm describing the types of questions and dynamics that Aquarius is going to ask and be concerned with.

AI is not new, ethical questions are not new, innovation isn't new. Humanity has been innovating for as long as we've existed. But now, enters Pluto. As I said earlier... Pluto is death, destruction, annihilation, transformation, rebirth. A tall order. So how can we expect Pluto in Aquarius to impact us? Everything that is related to Aquarius themes is going to run the risk of going through complete annihilation, at least temporarily, and ultimately go through a transformation.

The problem is that we do live in an Aquarius era - we rely on the internet, digitality, innovation, and tech, to do approximately everything we do. I can't really imagine as of now how this is going to look like in the details of it, but what's for sure is that we have a complete Tech revolution upcoming and ... It looks like this revolution is somehow connected to annihilation.

One area that does seem to make a lot of sense when you put these thoughts and key words together is the era of very advanced technology wars. As Pluto rules destruction, usually, actual death or destruction is involved in tangible ways. We're likely to see a huge rise of very advanced war weapons involving technology that does not exist yet. And not only we're going to see them being produced, we're also likely to see them being used... We're about to experience the kind of futuristic technology we've seen in movies for the last decades, and after an annihilation period that will occur in some shape or form, we will experience the good sides of futuristic technologies!

Pluto also rules nuclear energy and with Aquarius, comes a time when we're going to have to solve the question of what we do with all this nuclear energy, but also, what are we doing with lithium and other materials I'm not familiar with but fit the category of innovative destruction.

Now more positively, we are definitely about to experience the greatest leap forward when it comes to everything related to AI, tech, scientific breakthroughs, robots and everything related to these. If we're ever able to accomplish miracles thanks to technology, it will be now and when Pluto leaves Aquarius ... in 2044!

Another interesting aspect of Pluto in Aquarius is that Aquarius represents social dynamics, social rules, social "etiquette"; and it also represents everything related to identities, genders, and individual differences that makes us "us". Aquarius is the representative of "networks", both your internet network, your network on LinkedIn, and overall how people organize themselves in groups, communities, castes, political parties.

How do you put together complete annihilation AND those themes? We've definitely seen a movement over the last few years that started blowing up the lid on things like genders, pronouns (=things that make us "us"), and we're going to see a continuation of this movement but at a much larger scale and much greater impact.

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Jan 21

Its very simple really, the death of billions and World War 3.

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