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The Astrology of 2021: Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and friends

Desert new energy

I usually reserve my predictions for the Insider Forecast, but as I did a blog post in retrospect about the Astrology of 2020, I decided to follow up with a post about what we can expect out of 2021.

There are several players that deserve our attention in 2021. Let's start by identifying the planets that require our attention:

- Jupiter enters Aquarius on December 19th 2020

- Saturn re-enters Aquarius on December 17th 2020

- Uranus turns direct in Taurus on January 14th, while forming square to Jupiter and conjunction to Mars!

- Saturn will be square Uranus several times over the course of 2021 and 2022

2021 clearly has a strong focus on Aquarian values, as shown by the fact that Jupiter and Saturn are both in Aquarius. However, here's the deal - Saturn restricts, and Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) in Taurus, are going to create a strong resistance to Aquarian values. So we're heading towards Aquarius, with our two heels dug in the floor.

Aquarian values are about progress, change, innovation. Aquarius is progressive, humanitarian, focused on equality, brotherhood, sisterhood, and anything that involves newness and open-mindedness. As I had forecasted in the Insider, Saturn in Aquarius brought to the forefront the question of race, minority, sexism, and it will continue to bring all of these topics that have to do with:

- Minorities

- Sexual gender and identities

- Sexism

- Racism

- But also any other type of political and societal subject that involves equality, progress, human rights, and I'm fairly sure we'll touch on controversial and progressive subjects such as free housing, homelessness, universal income, voting system, government systems, corruptions, medical access.

This is all great, but as I said, we do have Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius, which both speak of reluctance and conflict/resistance in embracing these newfound values and legal standpoints. Jupiter in Aquarius will bring about very innovative regulations, innovation in legality, and we can also expect to see the travelling industry to do much better once Jupiter enters Aquarius.

Now I've seen a lot of text being written about Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, and I'm actually not so concerned by it as Saturn is highly functional in Aquarius. What catches my attention much more is the fact that Uranus will turn direct in Taurus on January 14th, while heavily activated by Jupiter (square) and Mars in Taurus (conjunct). What is this about?

Very clearly, it's about economy, stocks, trades, and possible legal interventions that significantly alter the rules and regulations around economy and social rights. The last time a planet was conjunct Uranus was in March 2019, when the stocks reached their lowest point. Now the difference this time is that the conjunction is occurring while Jupiter and Saturn are square to Uranus.

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius which therefore puts much more strength on this specific configuration. Uranus in Taurus is difficult, I spoke about it since 2018, it's a transit that speaks of shaking the unshakeable, shaking things we thought were immovable - Zoom meeting anyone? Working from home anyone? Vegan diet anyone? The real estate industry anyone? Cryptocurrency? Food supply disruption? Those are all things that had been forecasted and things that all happened pretty much all at once, and they all have in common that those are things we thought were safe and unchangeable.

Enters Uranus.

Jupiter rules medicine and law while Saturn rules restrictions, control, government-imposed obligations. I find it likely that Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius will represent a mandatory vaccination campaign and/or government-imposed restrictions for whoever does not comply with vaccination. I'm thinking these themes could start kicking in as early as January 14th, which could very much so explain how it would be tied up to the stock market and overall economy.

The struggle between Saturn and Uranus will last until February 2021, but there will be a second stint between the two in May-June 2021, and again in December 2021, which is when Jupiter will leave Aquarius for good.

Saturn square Uranus is likely to represent a very strong struggle between progressive ideas and movements, and conservative attempts to keep things as is. It can represent a clash of titans between:

- Those who want vaccination for all, and those who refuse

- Those who want to promote very innovative and progressive political actions, and those who fight to preserve some traditionalism/conservatism

Let's not forget that Aquarius values are about the collective good, but, as you can witness in a lot of ideologies, the "collective good" often means that when applying these ideologies, we're not against breaking a few eggs. We're not against destroying businesses, personal rights, if that means the collective benefits from this loss of individuality/right/freedom.

Aquarius energy cares about the greater idea, and if it has to turn ugly in the details of it, so be it. Of course, this can be incredibly dangerous and tyrannical, or this can be incredibly progressive with surely some side damages, but necessary ones. Which of the two outcomes will we get? We will have to wait this out to find out.

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30 Mar 2021

Thanks. So insightful and scary, especially about mandatory vaccination esp for those who believe that it is an elite-conspired movement for profit and one government. You touched on the humanitarianism of Aquarius however could you elaborate just a little more where Aquarius stands on individuality, privacy and fairness... after all, Aquarius is highly individualistic too?


03 Şub 2021

I'd like to get in touch with whomever wrote this. I heard its from fridaylongs? This was so accurate with everything in recent events. This truly blows my mind.


Pinky Willis
Pinky Willis
09 Oca 2021

Reading this now with what the US is going through makes this time even more scary.


mark rautenbach
mark rautenbach
23 Ara 2020

Saturn is at home in Aquarius.

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