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Transits in Astrology: A guide to understanding how to interpret them

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What are transits to the birth chart?

Personal transits are how planets in the sky at any given moment interact with your birth chart. The study of transits to the birth chart allow us to predict events and understand what challenges or opportunities lie ahead for you at any given time.

Understanding Astrology transits

Understanding in-depth Astrology transits take time and thorough study. It's typically best to have a professional Astrologer look into it for you to avoid unnecessary anxiety and misguided predictions. But if you're interested in learning more, today I'll walk you though a simple guide to understand Astrology transits more in-depth.

Step-by-step guide to understanding Astrology transits to the birth chart

1/ Where is the planet transiting?

If you're tracking a transit, you need to know what house it's transiting in your chart.

For example, I've had a Pluto square my Libran planets for as long as I can remember, but Pluto transits my 1st house, so as much as I was terrified "bad things" would happen to me, I was actually the architect of my own destruction and transformation, unbeknownst to me. In retrospect, it was all incredibly needed and helpful, but at the moment it'd be hard to convince you of it.

If you don't understand well or in-depth the houses, you want to take a look at my Astrology courses.

2/ What is the planet transited?

Regardless of the specifics of the chart, if your Moon is affected by transit, your emotional life, emotional responses, and home life, will be impacted. If Mars, you desires, energy, drive; and so on. Another layer will be what that planet rules in your chart. For example, when Pluto was square my Moon, Moon in my chart rules the 8th house, so the cleansing was far-ranging.

3/ The condition of the planet aspected

A lot of modifying factors enter the equation here. Where is the planet located, what does it rule in your chart, and what are the aspects formed in the natal chart by the planet aspected.

The first thing to consider is that every planet has an intent/function. For example, Pluto's intent is to destroy, transform and empower; while Uranus' intent is to disrupt, detach, uproot, liberate, render authentic. So depending on the planet aspecting your chart, there is a given agenda.

If your Moon is being transited by a planet, the planet transiting it will transform Moon according to its own agenda but what is being transformed depends on the natal aspects.

For example, let's say your Moon is square Saturn in your birth chart, you carry a specific pattern emotionally (avoidance, repression, insecurity, fears of rejection - all possible) that will be transformed/released (in the case of Pluto and Uranus) by the appropriate transits.

Knowing that, although you can google up your upcoming transits and will get an idea of the essence of the transit (I do have a few articles on transits), you cannot have a tailored answer to your chart unless a human actually looks into it with precision and care. This is called a transit reading and I can do that for you, but if you're looking at general information and self-learning, this is how you go about it.

For example, if you google "Saturn square Venus transit" you will find a plethora of doom and gloom posts that will describe this transit as a time of being... isolated, old, lonely, unhappy, single or breaking up. Great! Except that, as an Astrologer who has performed thousands of transit readings, I can guarantee you plenty of people meet their life partner during a transit of Saturn square their Venus (or Moon, or Sun.) The truth is: It depends! On the birth chart!


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