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Transits to the Ascendant: What to expect?

Transits to the Ascendant | LUTS Astrology Blog

What is the Ascendant?

The Ascendant is a major component of a chart, but somehow gets labeled as a "mask" or a shallow layer of our personality. I don't agree with this statement and have found the Ascendant to be a major point in someone's chart.

The Ascendant has to do with our instinctive way of interacting with the world, it shows how we present ourselves surely, how we see ourselves, but also how we go about asserting ourselves and taking actions.

Transits to the Ascendant

When outer and social planets transit the Ascendant, there are some major transformations at play. Our sense of identity, our sense of who we are and how we go about our lives, relationships and goals change. In a sense, we ARE changing. Let's take a plunge in how each planet transiting the Ascendant affects us.

Pluto transit to the Ascendant: Destruction of identity

When Pluto transits the Ascendant, drama necessarily follows. There is an urge to develop inner power and strength which necessarily involves attracting some difficult events in your life. Strength never comes out of being coddled, and usually, this is a time during which you will be tested.

Events come in your life that tend to shake you to your core, and the thing is ... you might be the one instigating these events! With Pluto conjunct the Ascendant, you are the destructive and transformative force in your life, and so as much as drama follows you, often, you tend to stir the pot through your actions, attitudes, or perspectives.

The transit is helping you step into your power and you might have to go through a period of adjustment. Typically, someone overcorrects and ends up being overly pushy, forceful, and dominating. As Pluto advances in your first house, you learn how to balance this energy and come from a place of power and strength, without having to overcorrect.

Typically, relationships become a central part of your life, and this is probably where you exert this push-and-pull dynamic of dominance versus submission. You can attract people who have a strong Pluto energy, or you can attract relationships that have strong Pluto aspects in the synastry. Typically, relationships will tend to be more intense than usual, being the catalyst for the growth Pluto on your Ascendant is offering.

Transit Pluto conjunct Ascendant:

This is a potent and transformative aspect, often indicating a period of profound personal change. The individual may experience a significant shift in their self-image, identity, and how they relate to the world. There could be a sense of intensity and empowerment, as well as a desire to delve deep into one's inner self. This aspect can bring about a powerful, magnetic presence, but it may also be accompanied by challenges and the need to confront and overcome personal issues.

Transit Pluto square Ascendant:

The square aspect can bring about tension and conflict, indicating a period of challenge and change in the individual's self-image and relationships. There might be power struggles, both internal and external, as the person grapples with the need for transformation. This aspect could lead to confrontations with others or situations that force the individual to reassess and redefine themselves. It's a time of growth, albeit a challenging one, where resilience and adaptability are crucial.

Transit Pluto opposite Ascendant

With Pluto opposing the Ascendant, relationships become a focal point, and power dynamics within them may come to the forefront. This aspect may bring about profound changes in relationships and a deepening understanding of the self. If you're single, you could meet the love of your life. If you're in a relationship, drastic changes in power dynamics could occur.

Transit Pluto sextile/trine Ascendant

When Pluto sextiles the Ascendant, there is a chance for transformative experiences that are easier to integrate into one's life. The individual may have increased insight into their own motivations and a greater ability to express their authentic self. It's a time of constructive change and personal empowerment, where the individual can tap into their inner strength more effortlessly.

When Pluto trines the Ascendant, there is a natural flow of transformative energies. The individual may experience positive changes in their self-image, and personal growth is facilitated with less resistance. It's quite common when you meet a potential life-long partner.

Neptune transit to the Ascendant: Butterflies and unicorns

Welcome to dreamland, where clouds are made of candy and unicorns transport us to heaven where we work as angels of love. Neptune blurs everything it touches, and when Neptune reaches the Ascendant, the keyword is confuzzled. This transit is referred to as "ego wipeout" and that would be a correct assertion.

Neptune transit to the Ascendant comes dissolving who we thought we were, and there can surely be a sense of hopelessness, groundlessness, and depression, that comes with this aspect. It's not a given, but it happens often as a lot of our mental and emotional health comes from our hope in a better tomorrow and a belief in a path, while Neptune in aspect to the Ascendant comes destroying slowly but surely who we thought we were and where we thought we were going. There is a sense of losing touch of where we are, and often, it's for the best.

Now is a good time to reflect on the kind of ego-stories you have surrounding who you are as a person, let Neptune dissolve them, and allow for a gentle redirection. Neptune will help shed the ego and let you get closer to your soul, which involves dropping these ego stories of who you are. If you're someone spiritual, this will feel confusing and can bring a sense of grieving for the loss of who you were, but if you're not spiritual and someone much more grounded and attached to the material and physical plane, this can feel really disorienting. At this time, plunging in spiritual practices will most definitely help alleviating pain and grief.

Relationships can be confusing at this time, and the chances of taking a frog for a Prince are really high. Not to say, you might really meet someone who embodies everything you've dreamt of - but before you commit to anything, make sure you're committed to your soul. The problem with relationships at this time is that you're shifting from an ego-based life to a soul-based life. If you pick a partner at this time and early on during the transit, you might realize later on that your Prince is not aligned with the new you. So it's best to declare to your suitors or partners that you are at a spiritual time in your life, and are seeking to take things slow. You might feel attracted to Piscean/Neptunian people at this time or people with strong Neptune in your synastry. It's a time of floating and surrendering to life, don't push so hard for a given outcome, practice high vibes mantras such as "I desire what is best for me. I want my life to be better" - which allows you to focus on the journey and the higher outcome (a better life) rather than a specific outcome (which might turn to make your life worse!)

Transit Neptune conjunct the Ascendant:

This conjunction can bring a dreamy, idealistic quality to the individual's self-presentation. There may be a heightened sensitivity to the environment and an inclination towards artistic or spiritual pursuits. On the positive side, it can enhance charisma and a mystical aura. However, there's a potential for confusion or a tendency to see things through rose-coloured glasses. It's a time when the individual may need to be mindful of boundaries and realistic expectations. Typically the person can feel boundaryless and confused about who they are.

Transit Neptune square the Ascendant:

The square aspect can introduce challenges related to self-perception and identity. The individual may struggle with confusion, uncertainty, or a sense of being lost. It's crucial to be cautious about potential deception, either self-deception or dealing with deceptive influences from others. This aspect might encourage the person to confront illusions and find a more authentic expression of their identity, although the process can be uncomfortable.

Transit Neptune opposite the Ascendant:

Evasion through a highly fantasy-oriented relationship, which could be the greatest love story or the greatest disappointment.

Transit Neptune sextile/trine the Ascendant:

Neptune sextile the Ascendant can enhance the individual's intuition, creativity, and ability to connect with others on a deeper, more empathetic level. It's a time when spiritual and artistic pursuits may flourish, and the individual may find it easier to express their authentic self with a touch of inspiration. This aspect can bring a sense of ease and flow to the process of self-discovery. It's possible to meet a soulmate at this time!

Uranus transit conjunct the Ascendant: New phone who dis?

Who's in the mood to turn their life upside down and become an entirely new person? You! Uranus transit the Ascendant is a time during which you seek to completely revamp who you are and/or how you appear in the world. There is a sense of freeing yourself from a previous identity, image, ego-story. Whoever you were up until now does not have to define who you'll be from this moment on, and you're absolutely aware of it.

Typically, when Uranus hits the Ascendant there is a very powerful sense of freeing yourself from your own shackles. Very much so like the devil card in tarot, now is a time during which you are freeing yourself from the slavery of your own ego. Who do you want to be? You have the complete freedom to choose, so choose something that make you feel free and authentic.

Sometimes, relationships break during this transit, but that's not a given. I know a lot of anxiety comes from reading about transits to the chart and the potential effects on relationships, but do note, people have been married for decades ... for centuries, and Astrology transits have been in effect since the beginning of time. Uranus will tend to break relationships that have been suffocating your true expression. If you are currently in as relationship that supports your growth and who you are as a person, there is absolutely no good reason for Uranus to take that away from you, as the intent is simply to allow you to break free from a restrictive and false sense of self.

At this time though, you'll need more freedom, a longer leash - if any. You might act in ways that seem uncharacteristic, like deciding to dye your hair blue or leave your job spontaneously. Why not? Removing, shackles! To hell norms and conventions, what about some refreshing authenticity?

Transit Uranus conjunct the Ascendant:

This conjunction brings a strong emphasis on individuality and a desire for freedom. You may experience a significant shift in self-perception, seeking to break free from conventions and express their unique identity. There could be a heightened interest in progressive ideas, technology, and unconventional ways of living. I've seen people do unexpected things to their appearance, like going from blonde to blue-haired, getting multiple surgeries, or suddenly getting tattoed all over!

Transit Uranus square the Ascendant:

The square aspect can bring about tension and challenges related to self-expression and identity. The individual may feel a sense of restlessness, a desire for change, and a need to break free from perceived restrictions. While this can lead to personal growth and innovation, there may also be conflicts with others who resist or find the changes unsettling. It's a time of navigating between the urge for individual freedom and the need for cooperation. New relationships do often begin, but their longevity is not guaranteed.

Transit Uranus opposite the Ascendant:

Uranus opposing the Ascendant may create tension between the desire for independence and the demands of relationships or societal expectations. There could be a push and pull between the need for personal freedom and the need to compromise. This aspect encourages the individual to find innovative solutions to maintain their autonomy within the context of relationships. A sudden breakup is quite common. People you meet during this time often have something unconventional to them.

Transit Uranus sextile/trine the Ascendant:

The person may find it easier to express their authentic self without encountering significant resistance. Can also mean it is a good time to unexpectedly meet someone!

Saturn transit to the Ascendant: Responsibilities

When Saturn transits the Ascendant, we have someone who reached maturity. Regardless of the age, you're in for a sobering time in your life. You're not seeking fun or excitement, you are at a time of planting roots, building, maturing, being more serious.

Typically though, it's not something that is experienced as a doom and gloom period, it's more so a time during which you become acutely aware of the things that need to be done, carried on your shoulders, and the responsibilities you must take, in order to achieve your desires. The key word is - sobering. When Neptune on the Ascendant is a shot of opium, Saturn on the Ascendant is a cold shower after a wild night out. Now is not the time to mess around, you are slowly pushed to make reasonable and conscious choices.

Now depending on your personal chart, this might be a breeze or a doozy. If you already have a chart that shows earthy, practical, responsible tendencies, you will feel a sense of structure, discipline, and organization in your life. Personally, I adored this transit. However, if your chart is more so one that shows tendency for adventure, dreaminess, and a distaste for responsibilities, this is going to be a more difficult transit for you.

Now is the time to commit. Whether you want it or not, situations will show up that require hard work and commitment. Should you shy away from them, you'll simply feel a heavy sense of stagnancy. Should you take on the opportunities, you will achieve tremendous discipline and growth, but at the cost of hard work.

Typically, this is a time during which a stable relationship can enter your life, as you are disposed to do what it takes to be in a long-term relationship. If you have been in a relationship that was not suited for your long-term plans, now will be the time you have the energy to let it go as your commitment to yourself and your future will be higher than your commitment to fun and excitement.

You'll have a stronger appeal for routines and predictability. It can represent a period of "drying up" physically, which can show up as a weight loss for example, or a change of style - more business like, or more mature, more adult. No more forever 21, y'all.

It's also a "drying" aspect, so you might find yourself shrinking, losing weight, and experiencing dry skin.

Jupiter transit to the Ascendant: The world is my oyster

What a fun transit to have! Jupiter to the Ascendant is a time of endless possibilities. Usually, it presents itself as a moment of outward growth after an extended period of time working on yourself in the shadow. There is a sense of having the possibility to expand yourself, either through a journey, a relationship, a job, or all of the above.

We often find someone who becomes more charismatic, joyful, confident, and it's often very much so related to the fact their relationships, romantic or else, are allowing them to feel like they have more opportunities and more support around them. Typically we find someone who has a stronger social support at this time, and whether the confidence is the source of more friendships or if the friendships are source of more confidence, there's often a beneficial circle at play during this transit.

This is a time of increased optimism and spontaneity. What about a Yoga retreat to Bali? Hell yeah! And what about we dip into our savings to finance a 6 month road trip? Sure! What if I take this job I'm mildly under-qualified for and figure it out on the way? Ouh yeah. At this time, your optimism is allowing you to take chances you probably wouldn't in normal times. As much as there is such a thing as excessive optimism, as humans often tend to lean on the cautious side as it is wired in our DNA to protect ourselves, and so often there is just enough gambling at play to allow you to experience great new adventures.

It's a time of expansion, and very much so in everything you do, growth and expansion will be at the core of your motivation.

Unlike Saturn which dries us up, Jupiter expands. If you're not looking to gain a few pounds, best to watch out during this transit as you will naturally tend to size-up!


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