How to use Astrology to help with depression & anxiety

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Astrology is a marvelous tool and it can be used to help with anxiety and depression. But often, we tend to use it in a way that is completely counter productive.

This is the reason why I insist on calling the Astrology I practice empowering. This isn’t just a trendy word I throw in the pot, it’s a real point of view and shift that I saw in myself and that I strive to share with you.

When you suffer from anxiety and depression, you tend to use Astrology as a mean to take contro (Pluto)l. You’re trying to control the outcomes and overall you’re just making yourself even more anxious. But guess what, there are things that we can control (us) and things that we can’t control (all the rest).

I know this because I used to do it myself, and instead of feeling empowered by my new found knowledge, I was just stressing myself out even more by worrying over aspects, positions, my future, my transits.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, and I also know this because I did shift: You can use Astrology in a more healthy way and sure there’s no quick fix to it but it isn’t impossible either (I'm the living proof).

So what purpose does Astrology serve and how can you use it as a positive tool for yourself?

1. Find your weaknesses and strength.

Whether you’re doing it with a professional Astrologer or on your own, reading a natal chart serves the purpose of understanding your psychological patterns and identifying what serves you and what doesn’t. You’re understanding that you came to this world with a past and a future, and everything revolves around achieving it.

By identifying your strengths you can rely on it to help yourself, and by identifying your weaknesses you can learn how to recognize negative patterns and strive to stay away from it.

2. Understand that everything is temporary

Transits charts are great for this, because you realize that sure, your life goes through ups and downs, and yes there will be other downs (you can’t control this we already talked about it) however you can control how you react to it, how prepared you are, and how your own mindset changes your future and potentialities.

3. Understand the meaning of things

Things that happen to you serve a purpose, helping you achieve growth and overall happiness. By studying Astrology and reading your chart you can get a grasp of it, and you can switch from feeling passive in your own life, watching events happen to you, to feeling active and feeling like you’re a part of the process and that sure, things go down sometimes, but there is a reason for it and you know it.

Astrology shows you that your life isn't cruel, your life is actually very kind as it's looking out for your best interests. By doing Astrology you're participating in the process and you're actively looking for the lessons to learn. By learning the lessons actively, you avoid yourself unnecessary trouble.

It goes without saying that Astrology will never replace a proper treatment or medical attention, but it does help with providing psychological insights as well as a spiritual perspective.

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