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7 tips when beginning Astrology


Well all started somewhere when it comes to learning Astrology, and as my path was paved with anxiety and questions left unanswered, I thought it would be helpful for people who are beginners in Astrology and want to learn to read an article about the things that are helpful to know when you're beginning on your Astrology journey.

Let's dive into 7 helpful tips for beginning Astrology.

7 tips to know when beginning learning Astrology

1/ There is no good or bad aspect

There are some aspects come with difficulties, but it's not necessarily the ones you'd think. Surely, squares are difficult, but they're also extremely rewarding and promote growth, while the holy trine isn't necessarily announcing the blessings supposedly coming with it if you don't actually do something about it. Don't see things in black and white, your chart is actually many shades of grey. Difficult aspects in a birth chart can be really rewarding.

2/ Rulers and houses matter more than anything else

Everyone is pulling their hair out by looking at Pluto in their 7th House, but is Pluto ruling the 7th House or is it ruling something else? (Each planet is the ruler of a sign, for example Pluto rules Scorpio. Having Pluto in your 7th House is an information in itself, but looking at what house Scorpio falls in is even more important). This additional layer of work that comes when you progress a bit in Astrology is often forgotten by the beginners. It's fine and normal, you're learning, but here is an example that there is no need to freak out over things because chances are, you only know like 10% of the whole picture.

3/ Opinions are just opinions

Many people will tell you their truth and what they believe is right, and it's cool, everyone should have their own opinion and should use knowledge, intuition, and experience to form it, shape it, and change it if necessary. Don't let that kill your own sense of individuality and your own common sense. If you read something that you don't agree with, it's alright, keep that in the back of your mind and you'll come at it later when you have more bullets in your gun to decide what is right and what is wrong, according to you. People's truth can coexist and enrich each other point of view as long as it's done with respect.

4/ Nothing can be generalized

There are essences in each sign, planet, energy, signature that can be extracted and generalized, but any life example such as "You mother is awful" or "You will have abusive partners" is out of line. Some aspects indicate possibilities and potentialities, but it's never a hard rule that applies 10 out of 10. There are many reasons for this, and to name a few: Environment, free-will, need the whole chart analyzed to come to an accurate conclusion, aspect played in a different shape.

5/ Astrology shouldn't entertain your anxiety

If reading and learning about Astrology makes you feel anxious, then you may need to either pull back or find someone to teach you or read you so you can deepen your knowledge without dragging yourself down.

You know when you have a cold and you google it and google tells you you're probably having a terrible disease that needs immediate medical attention because you sneezed twice and felt a biz dizzy? Well the same happens with Astrology - You google something and end up thinking you're doomed to a life of misery and pain and it's just not productive nor realistic nor true.

6/ No sign is evil / worst / better / perfect

We all have the 12 signs in our natal chart, and although you may not have any planets in a given sign, you still have a house in there and the sign on the cusp determines how you live this house affairs. All signs have their light, their shadow, their quirk, and you may have personal preferences because you understand some signs better or feel more at ease with some, but you shouldn't deem a sign "worst", as they're fundamentally a part of yourself. We're all in this together.

7/ You will survive the "bad transits" just fine

If you're already acquainted with transits, you'll probably freak out when seeing an outer planet coming to touch one of your personal planet. It may not be a walk in the park, but you will survive and I can tell you something great, you actually have the power to decide how this transit is going to go down. Transits are lessons dispensed by the Universe, and you can decide to learn the lesson on your own to avoid unnecessary drama. I know it because I do it - I know what my transits are, and I just ask myself what is the lesson I'm supposed to learn. Sure, I'm only human I feel stress, anxiety, and all other humans emotions like everyone else, but I don't get the unnecessary drama associated with transits anymore because I comply with the Universe, instead of fighting it. I consider that all the drama associated with difficult transits is only meant to open my eyes, and therefore I just open them wide open well in advance. And you can do the same whenever you're ready.



Nathalie Mathieu
Nathalie Mathieu

Thank you.

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